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Our idea of an office building

How we create values and purpose and build a culture

La Granja Ibiza | Original Experiences by Design Hotels


– Claus Sendlinger co-founder of SLOW

La Granja Ibiza is a big inspiration for us to create these kinds of hubs where we can meet

Our team works mostly remotely but we also need to meet several times a year to build culture and figure out and align where we're going.

We will build ''PuVida Original Hubs'' that we use as our temporary ''offices''.


This gives us the opportunity to meet for several days and align our thoughts about the future. All this in an inspiring environment that gives us all the space to work on a new reality. 


When we are all aligned and inspired to build this new reality we can go home and start to create this, in our own hub. This is remote work 2.0 

We start to build the first PuVida Originals Hub in Ibiza and are planning to create these hubs all around the world, where we want to be instead of must be. 

We think that an ''office'' can be a place that inspires you in many ways and doesn't have to be a box.

Think outside the box, don't create a box

The New Digital Reality will help us discover what we already have and bit by bit we will leave the digital world to refind our own inner world.

– Sjoerd Alblas Founder of PUVIDA