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Join our team PuVida and help build a new internet that moves us as humans to the next level

Let's fire up the entrepreneurial spirit in everyone

how we create values and purpose and build culture

Remote work

You have the freedom to work anywhere at any time. We totally believe in remote work and the great benefit of this. More info, check here.

Decide your own salary

You know what you are worth and you bear the responsibility to justify this to yourself. 

Great things happen when there is balance

Work-life balance is important, so we don't expect a workaholic mindset. Great work happens in the flow, not with big effort. The calm mindset.

What you see is what you get

We envision a world where we can be happy today because we believe in tomorrow and beyond. 

You know

We believe that people know what to do if you give them the freedom to make it happen. When we all know where we are going, we can enjoy the ride and make it happen together.

You own
We work with the mindset that everyone is responsible for knowing what they do and that what they do makes sense in the bigger picture of life. You know why you do what you do, and you own it. A total holistic mindset about life in general.