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Join the PUVIDA movement and help build a new digital reality that moves us as humans to the next level

Let's fire up the entrepreneurial spirit in everyone


How we create values and purpose and build a Movement

Write your own script

We all play our part in this new reality and within the new game, we write our own script. This makes life way easier and more fun. We love to see your script in this new game of the new digital reality of the free.


Remote work

You have the freedom to work anywhere at any time. We totally believe in remote work and the great benefit of this. For more info, check here.

Decide for yourself what you are worth

You know what you are worth and you bear the responsibility to justify this to yourself. 

No rules
If we know where we are going, you can decide if you want to join or not. If you don't like the way we go, maybe you know a better way, than speak up. If you still don't like it, build a new way or step out and go your own way. That's basically how we form our team. If you decide what you are worth, you have to ad value based on what you promised and what you do, if you stop adding value, let us know.

Freedom of speech
If we know where we are going, then that will be our message to the outside world. If you have your own way of thinking about this, feel free to speak out in any way you like, personally. We enjoy the difference of perspectives and embrace the openness about this unique way of seeing things. Also if this means that you disagree with the way we are going, feel free to speak your thoughts.

Join based on what we are
You can join based on our conceptional being and help make it a reality so the new digital reality can heal the flow of information so it can heal us as humans and humanity as a whole. We can decide how the flowing is flowing based on what we believe.

What you see is what you get

We envision a world where we can be happy today because we believe in tomorrow and beyond. 

You know

We believe that people know what to do if you give them the freedom to make it happen. When we all know where we are going, we can enjoy the ride and make it happen together.

You own
We work with the mindset that everyone is responsible for knowing what they do and that what they do makes sense in the bigger picture of life. You know why you do what you do, and you own it. A total holistic mindset about life in general.

Great things happen when there is balance

Work-life balance is important, so we don't expect a workaholic mindset. Great work happens in the flow, not with big effort. The calm mindset. But if you love what you do, there will be only one stream and that's living life exactly as you want.

Live your life
Feel free to live your life in your unique way, we embrace the different perspectives that we have as humans, that's the beauty about life in general and we hope you feel free to express this as you like on a personal level and in our community PUVIDA. As you know, we have no rules or guidelines, follow your own guidelines will be our advice and do what you love and makes you happy. 

We know one thing really clear: if you are selfish enough to just be whom you want to be, you are in good shape to be authentic and that's exactly what we need.

Note to our future team

For anyone that wants to join to build this new digital reality, please think about what role you want to play in this new game and write it down and make it public in any way or form or on your own website. All cards have to be on the table. Because I think we need to be transparent in every step we make. Because we only can build a new digital world, if we are open about the role we want to play in this new reality. Also, I believe you have to see that the old world is no longer working and that there is a BIG paradigm shift happening in the world right now. We as the new digital world, need people that represent the new world because they are ''the new'' and have a flexible mind that can shift easily. Otherwise, you will be a saboteur in the process to build the new, because you don't get it. So join based on who you are and that you innerstand your role in building the new digital reality and thereby the new physical reality. The ''new digital reality'' is full of trust, love, and a mindset of abundance, so without any control system, because we are unconditional love. 

If you are ready and want to join, send your story about the role that you want to play to

Maybe also really handy to read this book, so the de-brainwash is done before we build a new reality.

It's going to be LIT!

The new is already here, it's just a matter of perception.

See you soon,
Sjoerd Alblas 

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