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Pieces of heaven on earth where you can be

Our idea of an office building
How we create values and purpose and start a Movement

La Granja Ibiza | Original Experiences by Design Hotels


– Claus Sendlinger co-founder of SLOW

La Granja Ibiza is a big inspiration for us to create these kinds of hubs where we can meet

How do we design our PUVIDA Originals hubs, what is the DNA?

PUVIDA Originals are places where you can experience pieces of heaven on earth and feel, smell, taste, and experience the depth of awesomeness and come together to just be so you can envision a new reality.​

PUVIDA Originals are places where you can experience the long-term mindset, where you can feel that life can be easy, slow, and make sense. Where you feel that the landscape, architecture, the whole design is a symphony of bringing it all together. Everywhere you look is a pleasure for the eye of detail.​

‘’Music is liquid architecture: Architecture is frozen music.’’

We really believe in the ‘’One Hectare Mindset’’ where you plant at least 300 varieties of different plants so you have great biodiversity of trees, flowers, herbs, and fruits that changes the landscape every season with colors, smells, and sounds so you feel that your senses are in a place to experience all the depth nature can bring. Playing with the abundance of diversity in harmony with its surroundings.

Nature provides the best ingredients to build almost anything, so all those beautiful building ingredients will be used at our place. Only if nature doesn’t have an ingredient will we use something artificial, but in all the other situations we will use raw materials that come right from planet earth.

We embrace designs that have:
- Long Term RAW natural materials that last centuries
- Beautiful well thought out designs
- Easy to use and really enjoyable
- Easy to clean and maintenance-free 
- Long lifespan & holistic business model is more important than price
- Less is more, no Bull Crap and things you don’t need

‘’Great design simplifies a really complicated world’’, so we design everything till it’s awesome.

We don’t play by the rules here, we play a whole new game, we build a whole new paradigm here and this new fresh hologram will be ‘’The Real New Normal’’ and no one can stop this.


Artificial is an old paradigm this New fresh Golden Age is Organic like wildfire and burns all fakeness so we can be real & unconditional in any way and form.

Think outside the box, don't create a box


PUVIDA Originals are in essence portals that assist humanity in the transition to a new paradigm of transforming this physical world into a flowing era. 


And we take this quite radically and multi-dimensionally, so the new paradigm can be experienced in a way that serves the whole into this new era. 


We are not only a place that represents this new paradigm with all the different layers. We are also an academy in physical form and digital form. So this knowledge, that you can feel there, will flow into the world and this new vision can be absorbed.

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