What will you find on our platform and what are our products



You matter, who you are matters, what you think matters. Life is diversity and diversity is life. Give it digital organic fertile soil and it can grow organically.



Music is so much more than only song. It's a story about life and this needs a place to express the full story. This is PUVIDA Music



The digital information bank of the world. Here is everything, safe and in a logical place. Know where it is, so you don't have to search.



Residential and commercial
For rent, short and long term, sell and buy.



Reserve and order menu in the app. Walk out without payment, it's done in the app.

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In-depth info about any product, how does it work, and read or write reviews about a product. All together in one place, based on the best info curated by our curators community.



News is just a perspective about something. The New News is without mind-control but from all the different perspectives out there, so you can form your own opinion.



PUVIDA Podcastles are places on planet earth where conversations happen and transformed in a digital form so they can flow organically to the places it wants to absorb and with that new paradigms will arise.

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Creator room to create stories in the cloud and edit with multiple people. Live editing on multiple devices, see & feel what you create instantly. Storytelling is everything.



The revolution will not be televised! All ideas and mindsets need a place, where they can be. Built-In paywalls, you are in control.



Find products more easily and discover brands in a better way. It comes all together in a way that feels natural, organic.



Hotel | Vacation Rental | B&B
Find & Book Direct by the owner or search all OTA in our system.



The origin of wine and all the wineries worldwide, where does your wine come from. Wine ID bank.

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The place for the author. From here you can find what to read, where to read/listen and buy and review/share what you read.



Where does it come from, how is it made and who made it. More and more we step in the origin of everything. It's all about the experience.



Discover the world in a new way and get directly the info you need in a profound way. It's all connected.



Every human being is self-taught, what you see is what you can. The future of learning: choosing your own way to discover the world.



Crowdfunding is a tool of flowing that provides ideas the energy it needs to manifest what they have envisioned and within our infrastructure, there is no commission, no control and you can use it anywhere, anytime.



A trip or experience from people that do what they love. Learning a craft from a craftsman, you name it, our platform is built for interaction with people that just want to have fun.



Recipes from all the good food and drinks. Shop list, prepare instructions, all the info you need and a paywall for creators.

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Storytelling builds perceptions and with that reality. Here it all comes together in a new fresh way. So we can start a new chapter in storytelling.



Label yourself.

You know who you are and people will connect with who you are, not who you pretend to be. Enter the smart world.


E-Commerce | Retail

In a logical place, so you don't have to search for it

Business information | POI

Find all global and local businesses and GO 

Jobs | Freelance | Clients | Events

Personal accounts

Collect and share everything easily and tell your stories

Paywall for creators

We will create different paywalls for creators so you pay directly what you consume

The first Spotify for storytellers

You pay for your consumption so creators can earn a living and we can skip the whole advertisement data-mining surveillance game


Creators can make their own paywall easily
and 100% of the revenue goes to creators

No commission-based business models in our system

We are an Identity bank for personal and business use

We make people, storytellers, and brands visible in the digital world.

It's our belief that in the near future most brands are visible in a platform, with tools designed for them and the whole process happens in this system.

We skip banks, taxes, rules, governments, and all other nonsense that stands in the way of flowing.


Hereby any idea can turn into a visible manifestation and people can easier manifest what they want and people don't have to reinvent the wheel over and over.

And everything is on an identity level with a track record, so people know who you are, the digital world can only be safe if we build it based on identities with a track record.

We will be the first all-in-one platform that makes sense and is designed for all of this.

Websites, SEO, commission-based

and advertisement marketing, are from the old days

Fake it till you make it was old paradigm

New paradigm is for the legends of the real world

We are building flowing systems, flowing systems that let flow the global economy to a greater outcome than ever in human history. We build tools for individuals to let flow whatever they want to let flow, flowing was never easier, every blocking system that blocks flowing, we take out, and everything that makes flowing easier we build in. Bigger, better, and more!


We are in the flowing system business.

Abundance is everywhere.


If we build a world where people are free, everything will flow organically. There is an enormous balance in the universe if you stop blocking the flow. Governments, laws, protectionism, and guidelines blocks flowing and therefore create anti flow and problems, the problems will disperse if you let it flow.

Protectionism is a fear-based mindset, turn it into trust and you will enter a world that is based on unconditional love!

Welcome to the PUVIDA Movement.

The New Digital World of the FREE.