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Sjoerd Alblas


PuVida Masterplan

What was 2020??


2020 has shown us a lot and when I started this new PuVida movement two years ago, I didn't know what I know now, but more than ever I feel the desire to create a new digital world for humanity, where we can meet and where we are free to create the things we believe in.

PuVida is a place where we build a new digital world and we need your help, we need investments to make this dream a reality. I believe we need investments unconditionally so we can move in the direction we want and are free to go in this direction. Also, I want to be free, because I believe in unconditional love and this needs to be the fundamental start for PuVida, so we are free to move in the best direction for the PuVida movement.

If you feel what I have envisioned with PuVida, please help spread the word and invest in us, so we can build a new digital world that helps us as humans in a new fresh direction full of love, abundance, and freedom.

Your investment will be a prepayment on your subscription, this way you help build the new world. It can also be only an investment because you believe in this movement.

Thank you and I hope to see you soon in reality or online in the new digital world.

You can make your prepayment or investment (anything is possible) at:


IBAN: NL07 BUNQ 2041 6020 07


Also sent us an email, with your name and a copy of your payment so we can add your prepayment to your account later on or pay back your investment.


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