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The Great Unfuck starts with you

In front of you is a big puzzle & all information is here to process & step into the new paradigm as a collective.


See you on the other side, yes.


Are you ready for the new paradigm?

Do you have a script that is exactly what you want?

Start writing it, it’s your life. And rewrite it, if it sucks, again & again till you master it completely & walk the talk, again & again.

Master Life and Remember Who You Really Are.

Be a Member of the Remember Movement.

The Great Unfuck & The Great Reset Yourself to Source Code Movement will all result in The Great Awakening inside of you.

The Great Unfuck starts with you and know, it's everywhere. It's all in plain sight, again & again.

Believe it or not, we are in The Great Beautiful End Game.


It can't go wrong, so just do it and believe in yourself, again & again, you are AWESOME.

The choice is yours, as always.

Things are ramping up, real quick, again,

so you have to make a choice, again & again.

It's time to remember who you really are, again.
Nothing is impossible.

With Unconditional Love, Sjoerd Alblas

There are two fields you can choose from to create reality, the conditional field and the unconditional field. 

But, the conditional field is a field of destruction reality as it is, it fools itself that it creates, but it manipulates everything and only takes what is there and breaks it down. It's full of scarcity thoughts because it is not our true creation ability tool. It's a delusion.

Only an unconditional mind can create something new and create a new field of creation. It adds something new and creates out of abundance. If you observe nature, you can clearly see that it works this way.

We find ourselves in The Beautiful End Game of this delusional mind and if you can see again with a free mind, you see we are at the end of this breakdown of reality, you see that this paradigm of destruction is at its end.

And with this observation you know there is a new beginning. We remember, again. We will create a new paradigm because we innerstand what we are and return to The Great Source Code, again.

There are two options, return to source code in this physical reality, or you will transition and return to source code, again.

The choice is yours.

And the beauty about everything, it can't go wrong because this is happening, if you believe it or not.


We are doing it as a collective, together.

Where we go one we go all.

See you on the other side.

Remember, you are Awesome, just Remember who you really are, yes.

All roads lead to PUVIDA

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