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Welcome to the PUVIDA movement.

With the PUVIDA movement, we play a whole new game in the digital world and as a result in the physical world as well. 

The upside-down world from the morons is a done paradigm, we are the new paradigm for the legends of the new paradigm.

Enjoy the awesome new paradigm.

It's already here.

Let's talk about the NEW


PUVIDA has changed the way we consume information online

from fragmented and noisy to meaningful and focused


An identity can have countless ways of seeing itself and in this abundance of diversity, we interact with each other.


We offer a place where all different identities can be and build tools so they can interact and express in the best way possible.

Reality is created through perception and our perception is created through our thoughts. PUVIDA is a tool to build perceptions, and if you are free to go to build any perception then it's easier to believe in your dreams and you are literally seeing your dream in front of you. So PUVIDA is a tool to build any reality you want, it has no limit in it. Flow is the essence of life and if you have a tool that has all the flow build inside in it, anything is possible. The digital world is a world without any boundaries and full of potential and if we have all the ingredients right at our fingertips, we can build any reality.

Join us in the PUVIDA World


It took 25 years to get us all online

We build empires in a short time with power streams that change the world in many ways

The possibilities seemed endless

Now the question is, what are we going to do with it

Has the internet given us what we want

What kind of world do we want to live in

Is social media really social with their business models based on advertising

And does search give us what we are looking for

Do we really need a world where our data is sold so they can help us more in the direction we want

Do they even know what we want?

Since 8 January 2021, It's clear they don't care.


All the cards are on the table,

BIG TECH, wants to CONTROL, and are literally a complete surveillance tool, nothing more!

The PUVIDA Movement


Imagine a world where you can find, share and collect the things you want in an easy, fast and honest way without the noise and distraction from the advertising surveillance industry


A world where the internet makes the fragmented world more accessible for everyone so you can live life on your terms

Where your identity matters

Where the digital roads bring you from A to B fast, cheap and more meaningful

Where a business model doesn't tear you apart as a commodity but empowers you as an entrepreneur and human being

Join us in the revolution of the digital world where we have redesign the total infrastructure so it’s going to transform our lives

This is PUVIDA and we are just starting to build a totally new digital reality and as a result in the physical world as well.


We want to empower people to find, store, share information and do what they want and help them going to be a global citizen to connect with each other in a simple, fast and honest way.

We want to help people in the way they discover the world.

We want to raise human potential with tools that make missions visible because we love the potential of humans.

Let's fire up the entrepreneurial spirit in everyone.


PUVIDA is an identity bank and we make it easy to store, find and share identity information on your terms, no digital waterboarding or surveillance, it’s all organic by us.


Mission Statement 

PUVIDA stores identities and makes them visible in the digital world on your terms, to find them and share them fast, easy and in a fun way. Our mission is to make it easier for people to believe in their mission.


Vision Statement

We believe in the missions of every human being and provide tools, so they can believe in their mission to achieve them effortlessly.

We want to help people to get more focus and more clarity with our products, so they spend less time online and live a more live life.


Core Values

Organic marketing, privacy, inclusion, low costs subscription-based tools for identities, think big and global, infinite & abundance mindset.

Do what you Love, have Trust in the outcome and Enjoy the ride

Prepare here and let there come over here

upside down world.jpg


Google | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Advertising marketing
The illusion of knowing what people want and manipulate them with your product

Mindset | finite
Prepare there so there come over here
Noisy, complex, fragmented and full of doubt

Fake it till you make it




Organic marketing
Knowing who you are and know that people love it

Mindset | infinite
Prepare here and let there come over here
Calm, easy, inclusion, abundance, and trust


You are, the real reality


Why we exist

PUVIDA has the desire to change the way we consume information from fragmented and noisy to meaningful and focused.

As the car industry is going through a transition from the combustion engine power stream to a more sustainable way of power. We believe we need a transition in the digital information age as well, without all the control.

The power stream of the advertisement and OTA industry that powers most business models in the digital world has given
them a lot of power, but you can compare it with the oil industry, wasteful and noisy.


The landscape of the internet is changing rapidly and most business models are based on an old belief in how this world works and how life works in general. They believe that competition is the way and have a scarcity mindset. 


We believe that if we change the power stream we can change the way we consume information and therefore enter a quantum leap in our way of thinking about life in general.

We as PUVIDA will build new products in the digital age where information flows in an organic way, more sustainable, and more meaningful.

Our business model is based on low costs subscriptions, no advertisement, data sharing, commission-based business models, just pure, beautiful, awesome information about real identities.

What Google, Google Maps, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Amazone, Spotify, Shopify, Airbnb, and, and many more, could have been, we are offering, all in one awesome product where you can find, store, curate and share, and book/buy directly in the same system.

''Great design simplifies a really complicated world''


We will work together with other reliable platforms, that empower the freedom of human beings.


Where others build empires and ecosystems to exclude competitors and force people in an employee mentality and are literally a complete surveillance tool for the elite, we build ecosystems to share, collaborate, and empower you as an entrepreneur and as a human being. 



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