Why we exist

PuVida has the desire to change the way we consume information from fragmented and noisy in meaningful and focused.

As the car industry is going through a transition from the combustion engine power stream to a more sustainable way of power. We believe we need a Tesla in the digital information age as well.

The power stream of the advertisement and OTA industry that powers most business models in the digital world has given us a lot of power, but you can compare it with the oil industry, wasteful and noisy.

We believe that if we change the power stream we can change the way we consume information and therefor enter a quantum leap in our way of thinking about life in general.

We as PuVida will build new products in the digital age where information flows in an organic way, more sustainable and more meaningful.

Our business model is based on low costs subscription, no advertisement, no data sharing, just pure, beautiful, awesome information about real identities.

What Google, Google Maps, Facebook, Instagram, and Airbnb could have been, we are offering, all in one awesome product where you can find, store, curate and share and book/buy directly in the same system.


We will work together with other reliable platforms like DuckDuckGo, Shopify, Spotify, Mapbox and many more.


Where others build empires and ecosystems to exclude competitors and force people in an employee mentality, we build ecosystems to share, collaborate and empower you as an entrepreneur. 

Welcome to the PuVida World