It took 25 years to get us all online

We build empires in a short time with power streams that change the world in many ways

The possibilities seemed endless

Now the question is, what are we going to do with it

Has the internet given us what we want

What kind of world do we want to live in

Is social media really social with their business models based on advertising

And does search give us what we are looking for

Do we really need a world where our data is sold so they can help us more in the direction we want

Do they even know what we want

Imagine a world where you can find, share and collect the things you want in an easy, fast and honest way without the noise and distraction from the advertising industry


A world where the internet makes the fragmented world more accessible for everyone so you can live life on your terms

Where your identity matters

Where the digital roads bring you from A to B fast, cheap and more meaningful

Join us in the revolution of the internet where we redesign search and social so it’s going to transform our lives

This is PuVida and we are just starting to build a totally new internet