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We know who we are and with this knowledge, we build a digital world together

Organic fertile digital soil

In the real world, seeds need fertile soil to grow into what they potentially already are. The PUVIDA Movement is a mirror of that same principle. We create digital organic soil, so the seeds of the new paradigm can grow organically in a natural environment.

What we know

All that we see, feel, smell, taste, and touch start with a thought. We want to feel good and we want to build a world that feels good to others. So all that we build is a result of that. We know that we are modellers and we can choose what we think and with this tool, we can model our world.

Paradigm shifting

We know that every day is a new day and that culture is built on a belief that we keep on thinking. Change is the way of life and if we change our mindset we can embrace the new and start building new movements, new worlds, new paradigms.


With the knowledge about yourself and that we all are what we believe we are, you only can respect others by knowing that they also have the freedom to choose what they believe.

We are all programmed in a sense and this belief is nothing more than a thought that we keep on thinking.



The word freedom defines what we are and freedom with control is nonexistent. You can't be free if you are in a place where people feel the desire to control. Big Tech from the old days like to control and we, the PUVIDA movement, are the opposite because we believe in humanity and in the beautiful power of freedom. We believe in unconditional love.

Be open-minded 

People who judge don't see the bigger picture and that's okay.


Where others build empires and ecosystems to exclude competitors, we build ecosystems to share and collaborate. Because we have an abundance mindset.

Long-term mission
The use of the total PUVIDA infrastructure will be free forever. This way information flow is identity-based and not polluted with business models that paint the information flow. 

We've got nothing to lose

If this is your mindset your choices and actions are always the best ones. Because you make them based on a belief that it's the best thing to do and that the results, in the long run, will reflect in everyone's benefit.


We will create a payment system within our infrastructure without any kind of commission or control. This allows any identity to send and receive payments without loss and without any complexity. In addition, this will be done out of the sight of any government, regaining sovereignty over our own lives outside the control systems of the LUNATIC banks and governments that stand in the way of any progress for humanity.


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