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Who are you?

Updated: Nov 3

Simply one answer is possible: An Epic Creator and Entrepreneur

The choice is yours: Mind of your own, and reset yourself and total recall to the great original state of mind? Or the collective delusional conditional foolery of nonsense and basically the monkey mindset continuation?

The Canvas What is the figurative meaning of canvas? Bloom

The individual choice of living life the way you want, so you can Bloom

Paintings collectively; sails collectively; tents collectively; also used figuratively to mean

'a wide range, a large expanse.'

It's all in the name

Meaning it's all in the name? Who are you? That's The Big Question? Right? Do YOU | ME | US want to know who we are or do you want to know who you are?

Are You Not Entertained?

The mind is the tool, but what can we do with this tool?

Brazilian Chef Alex Atala describes a dream he had about the meaning of life. From the Netflix series "Chef's Table."

Remember who your really are and: Totall Recall

The ones who did it:

Everyone who leaves the Cult of Society will be killed, or at least the social order that you try to change, will try to kill you. No exceptions, they will give all their intention to break you down. And try to reform you to be the social order, the social Cult they find themselves in. Because you proof them how fucking fake they are and how fucking evil their blocking of potential is.
All Chefs and successful creators have lived through this and proved them all wrong and years later they will glorify the success and eat your success, but from the day you leave the social Cult, the social order, they will suck you into their delusional monkey mindset with all kinds of attacks and mind-bending insane behaviour, or even try to doubt your mental state of mind. Fuck them all and warn them, let me and support me or fuck off.

So don't be scared of these attacks, just prove them wrong, yes. And fuck them, you don't need them. You need the ones who lift you up and assist you, not the ones who disagree with you and your vision and only try to break you. The Big Question now is: When are you going to take it and use it:

And if you want to take it, what is there to use and what is there so you can take it?

It all starts with an idea right?

Cold - Play And the Magic Box of Magic

Fuck being realistic because Magic happens when we trust & allow it. But what Magic do we allow and what Magic has to leave?

How many options are there? What to choose?

The Great Epic Options Catalogue is here, but how to use it? Need help? It's all in The Name, what's your full name? Fill in your name in this option box. Then you hit the wall of all the options:

How to solve that problem of too many options? Simple, just choose one that you like. Another problem hits the mind, what do I like? Next problem, can I do it? Am I allowed, to do it, or even think about it? Yes, you are and yes you can.

Watch The Water The choice is yours. If you need help, just drop me a line in Pay Attention to make the connection and I will assist you with great fun and epic clearance.

With Unconditional Love,

Sjoerd Alblas Just Pay Attention

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