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What is a "MOON CHILD"?

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Explained in the Song Magic by Chris Martin of Coldplay

Black Magic

Black Magic is manipulation and manifests destruction by extracting value from something or someone. It deceives both itself and others into believing that it creates, but in reality, it only disintegrates without any regard for the creation or innerstanding of what creation truly entails. White Magic

White Magic is centered around creation. Through inspiration and invitation, it recognizes potential, utilizing the Law of Action and the ability of energy exchange in a respectful manner. It engages with the elements to introduce something new and generate that which does not yet exist.

Black and White Magic may appear similar at a glance, but they stand as opposites to each other.

This distinction is discernible only to individuals who are aware, as they can recognize these two phenomena within the physical reality we collectively inhabit as beings and creators.

As we have the capacity to be and to choose to create, the decision rests with the individual.

Spell | Spelling | Spells However, the question remains: under what spell are you? What does spelling truly mean? What constitutes a spell? And is a spell a form of hypnosis? If so, who orchestrates this hypnosis? Both the Black and White ways of presenting information induce a form of hypnosis. The crucial inquiry is: which hypnosis do I wish to be under?

Furthermore, when we employ words to create a hologram, what does this hologram look like? Is it conceivable to alter our words and, in doing so, modify the hologram, consequently transforming the reality we collectively inhabit and share on a global scale?

Source What is a "MOON CHILD"?

(A Quick Thread)

I feel like this concept has been romanticized by some people, probably unintentionally, but it's important to understand just exactly how and why a MOON CHILD is CREATED.

This is about to get real DARK, real QUICK.

THE GOAL: Capture the "Perfect Soul" via Black Magick. Reincarnation is a core belief in the Occult. The idea is that Souls compete for an an EMBRYO. The Black Magician(s) creating the "Moon Child" wants the Soul to be the Perfect Monarch Candidate.

Crowley writes, "To produce a Man who should not bound up in his Hereditary, and should have the environment which THEY desired for HIM."

HOW: DEMONIZE and TRAUMATIZE the FETUS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE: Traumazation IN UTERO! The Elites keep it in the Bloodline because everything is passed down GENETICALLY: Generational CURSES, KARMIC RETRIBUTION, Generational Demonic Spirits. Not ALL Souls (or FETUS) can be DEMONIZED!

WHY: To Install POWERFUL demonic entities within in the FETUS while the child is still in the WOMB, Holumuculus. Human Sacrifice and Blood Sacrifice is ALWAYS required for this level of High Magick.

Example: Rosemary's BABY is a MOON CHILD, the Spawn of SATAN. The New Season of American Horror Story is LITERALLY about this topic.

Francis Bacon, Albertus Magnus and Paracelsus were all believed to have captured souls and placed them into BRASS STATUES.

Kind of like Catching the Genie in a Bottle in Aladdin. Understand that song now, too?

IF done successfully, when the child is born, it also has the ability to disassociate AT WILL. This is considered a gift to "THEM". If the child can't disassociate, the child is basically useless to the group. It is a GROUP-MIND, where ALL are working for the "betterment" of the GROUP. The child is tested at around eighteen months if they can't disassociate, they are "discarded". The Demonic Alter should be able to be called AT WILL by the Programmer.

DEMONS walk amongst US, they just aren't exactly what we think they are. Now if Donald Trump or Elon Musk are Moon Children, which I believe they both, THIS should explain quite a bit.

Special Thanks to FRITZ SPRINGMEIER.

Source 0n June 14, 1946, Aleister Crowley sent a letter to Fellow OTO Initiate Grady McMurty about "Father of Rocketry" Jack Parsons & "Founder of Scientology" L.Ron Hubbard producing a Moon Child.

This DATE was a Total Lunar Eclipse or a Blood Moon.

Donald Trump was born on this day.

Below is an Excerpt from Crowley's Letter to Grady McMurty:

"Curse these people who... ...pick up my ideas and try to put them into operation without in the least understanding them or knowing how to bring them to success! — apparently he, or Ron, is producing a Moon Child."

People reveal themselves through their actions

What are the hands of Trump always telling?

#SemperSupra 💫 The Cosmos and all the expansion of options and assistance from the beings in the Cosmos in this transition time we go through as a worldwide collective right now are explained in this great talk.

Space Force and The Galactic Federation The Great Alliance A disclosure In Telegram or on YouTube about these incredible beings from out of this physical reality that assist us in this global transition we found ourselves in as a global collective.

Symbolism. Dark blue and white combine to represent the vast recesses of outer space. The Delta Wing evokes historic ties to the earliest days of the U.S. Air Force space community, and symbolizes change and innovation. #SemperSupra 💫

Trump and the Q Team The Greatest Show on Earth (2023) Documentary of Nick Alvear

Trump explanation by Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes Source

  1. Proof of election fraud

  2. The origin of the US Corporation

  3. Return to the Republic of the United States

  4. Why the transition is taking so long

  5. Resistance to awakening: conforming to the norm out of fear

  6. A major tragic event as a trigger for change

  7. Trump has trapped the Deep State

  8. COG: Continuity Of Government

  9. "Q is led by people in the military"

  10. Support from the military

  11. The domino effect of the silent majority


Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes is part of Trump's transition team: "I am very optimistic." Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes (Ph.D.) studied political and social psychology at Stanford University and is an expert in change management. She has guided complex mergers and acquisitions of large and international corporations. Additionally, she served as vice president for Republicans Overseas and worked as a political commentator for various British media outlets such as BBC, ITV, BBC World Service, NPR, and Channel 4.

Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes

Due to her expertise in behavior and change processes and her active role within the Republican Party, she was invited to join Trump's transition team. This task force is part of the Department of Defense and Space Force, tasked with assessing how psyche and behavior impact the transition to the new independent republic.

Evidence of Election Fraud

In recent televised appearances on GBNews last month, Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes made some remarkable statements about the 2020 presidential election fraud. Regarding the evidence, she stated, "I am on a task force at the Department of Defense, and the point is they have 'the goods.' They have the evidence. And Trump knew that if he presented this from the beginning, we would have a civil war, which is why he really felt that people needed to see how bad it could get."

She also referred to Space Force, a branch of the U.S. military responsible for space warfare, stating, "If you think they don't have the real results of the elections, you're fooling yourself," according to Dr. Jan.

Formation of the 'US Corporation'

Dr. Jan is part of Trump's transition team, advising on the transition from the US Corporation to the independent Republic. She mentioned the 2020 elections, stating, "Let me say something about these 2020 elections, that Biden is the legitimate president, but he is the legitimate president of what is now the bankrupt US Corporation."

Referring to the 1871 Treaty and Trump's meeting with the British Queen in July 2018 to terminate that treaty, Dr. Jan explained, "That was an optic to tell us that he would let the US Corporation go bankrupt because since 1871, the Vatican, the (British) Crown, and the US were part of it."

Return to the Republic of the United States

Dr. Jan mentioned Trump's efforts to return America to the original republic, including bringing the Federal Reserve, a private entity, under the US Treasury. She emphasized the task force's role in assessing thoughts and behaviors affecting the transition to the new republic, estimating it would take about five years for the transition to be completed.

Why the Transition Is Slow

Dr. Jan explained that the transition is linked to the Great Awakening, a challenging and lengthy process that cannot rely on mass media. She highlighted the task force's exploration of triggers for awakening and the importance of revealing the truth to people rather than just telling them.

Conforming to the Norm Out of Fear

Dr. Jan discussed the resistance of some individuals to exploring the truth, attributing it to fear and a lack of resilience. She mentioned the need for people to conform to the norm and the existence of "safe spaces" due to an inability to cope with life's challenges.

A Major Tragic Event as a Trigger for Change

The task force is investigating potential triggers to help people awaken, with Dr. Jan suggesting that the revision of the 2020 elections could serve as a trigger. She also mentioned the unmasking of Barack and Michelle Obama as potential events that could lead to greater awareness.

Trump Trapped the Deep State

Dr. Jan acknowledged frustration among awakened Trump supporters but emphasized that Trump has trapped the Deep State. She suggested that the 2020 elections were manipulated, referencing an executive order signed by Trump in 2018, and stated that Trump intentionally lured the Deep State into a trap.

Continuity of Government

Dr. Jan confirmed the existence of a dual presidency, with Biden as the president of the US Corp. and Trump as the president of the republic, operating under Continuity of Government (COG). This arrangement comes into play during emergencies due to domestic or foreign threats, with Trump recognized as the wartime president by the military.

"Q is Led by People in the Military"

Dr. Jan expressed optimism about the ongoing developments and dismissed concerns about Q-anon, stating, "There is no Q-anon, there is Q. Led by people in the military." She explained the role of anons and the positive impact of Q messages in encouraging people to investigate the truth.

Support from the Military

Dr. Jan's statements seemed to confirm rumors that Trump was asked by a certain group within the military to run for president. She highlighted Trump's independence and support from the military, suggesting that he had been sought for a long time due to his success and ability to navigate challenges.

The Domino Effect of the Silent Majority

Dr. Jan noted that as the Deep State plays certain games, people are becoming more aware, leading to increased political activism. She described it as a growing movement, with many people silently processing new information and emphasized the importance of waiting to see how things unfold. Dr. Jan encouraged local activism as a way to initiate change, regardless of the chosen issue.

Explanation of Trump's connection to Space Force: Source Dutch article

Video with this article Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes shares the suspicion that all children in Maui have been saved.

The attack on Maui with directed energy weapons was related to an installation of Space Force on the Hawaiian island. The missing children are believed to have been saved, according to Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes, who works in a Task Force of Defense and Space Force. "I have heard the assertion that Space Force has done a good job getting all the children out."

Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes, who recently emerged as one of the 12 members of Trump's transition team — under the Department of Defense (DoD) and Space Force, advising the U.S. military in the current battle against the Deep State — speaks with Steve Shultz about American politics and the attacks on Maui. These are related to Dr. Jan's earlier claim that Space Force had the real election results of the 2020 presidential elections, showing that Trump had won.

When President Trump signed the Space Force Act in 2019, he transferred the communication of all divisions of the U.S. military to Space Force, a task that, according to her, was only completed in the past 12 months. "Space Force initially dealt with cybersecurity and communication, but each military channel handled its own part. Now that has been consolidated."

Deep State attack on Space Force installation

Regarding the attack on the Hawaiian island, Dr. Jan says, "Space Force had a large installation on Maui, and they had heard that there might be a possible Deep State attack. They then removed everything from there and left the island." Moreover, they publicized that they were doing it, "because they thought that if the Deep State or the 'bad guys' knew about it, they wouldn't attack. But they attacked anyway."

On how the attack was carried out, she says, "I have been told that they used remote-controlled drones." Directed energy weapons (DEW) were mounted on these drones. Regarding the rumors about the thousands of schoolchildren still missing, she says, "The school had just started the next day... so I have heard the assertion that Space Force has done a good job getting all the children out." Dr. Jan has confidence that they have indeed been saved. "They didn't find their bodies."

The chosen strategy

When asked why Space Force hasn't been able to stop the DEW attacks, she suggests that the military goal is "to make them reveal what instruments they are using. Because if they don't use them, we don't know that they have them."

According to Dr. Jan, it's a strategy, just like President Trump appointed Deep State players in his cabinet in 2016. "He had to bring those people in because if he had to drain the swamp (a metaphor for tackling corruption), he needed the administrators who would reveal their mindset and actions. How else could he understand them? (...) He fired them when it was time."

Trump's strategy was to let things happen, such as the election fraud that forced him to leave the White House in early 2021. Dr. Jan says he did that on the advice of the military because the many thousands of BLM and Antifa activists on the NGOs' payrolls would cause destructive actions. The risk of a violent civil war was very high. For that reason, it was decided that the Cabal would be allowed to steal the elections so that everyone, including Biden supporters, could experience the globalist agenda firsthand.

Biden has no access to the Pentagon

Dr. Jan confirms that Donald Trump is still the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. military and that "Joe Biden has never set foot in the Pentagon since he was sworn in as president." In a previous interview, Dr. Jan said that Biden is the president of the United States Corporation, and Trump is the president of the Republic of the United States.

Dr. Jan says she doesn't know if there is one or more actors playing Biden, with a hyper-realistic, expensive rubber mask produced by the CIA. She says, "I don't know facts about: 'Who is Biden?', 'Is this Biden?'. You know, we look at the different photos... and we can have fun guessing, but ultimately we know that Trump is the boss of the military. He is the Commander-in-Chief, as Derek Johnson explained so well. It was separated by the Supreme Court; the federal function of president and Commander-in-Chief are completely separate."

American gold reserve was in Vatican City

During the conversation, Steve Shultz plays several video clips with revealing statements that Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes has made in recent months. She again talks about the establishment of the United States Corporation and that Washington DC is a separate nation-state, just like the City of London and Vatican City.

She also explains how the debts from the American Civil War led to the Treaty of 1871 and a financial construct, causing all American tax money to be sent to the City of London via the IRS (U.S. Internal Revenue Service) from then on. The Vatican Bank was the designated banker in this agreement.

This corporation and financial construct were dissolved by Trump in July 2018 when he visited Queen Elizabeth in Britain. The part of the American gold reserve that the Vatican Bank held in custody was repatriated by President Trump "with 650 plane loads" when he dissolved the United States Corporation.

Transfer of power in Saudi Arabia

When Trump went to the king of Saudi Arabia in 2017, he presented a large amount of evidence of child trafficking taking place in that kingdom. This resulted in a transfer of power from King Abdullah to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and the arrest of dozens of members of the Saudi royal family, according to Dr. Jan.

After the 2020 elections, Trump remained in power as the president of the Republic of the United States and Commander-in-Chief of the military through the Continuity of Government (COG). However, many people have lost hope since his departure from the White House that corruption and the Deep State would actually be addressed.

So much for the Trump Phenomenon, the only question is: When will we innerstand what has been presented here? Who is pulling the strings here?

The Digital Hunger Games Designers of The Digital Reality we all use today on a Global Scale. These players created the biggest Digital Scam and Rigget game with their completely Black Magic Hunger digital Grids and they are responsible for the worldwide madness with their controlling of the Narratives on a Global Scale.

Crossroads | The Conditional Life or The Unconditional Life?

Their Lunatic Digital Reality we all use on a Global Scale

My Take on Elon Musk | Sjoerd Alblas

Elon hops between two mindsets: the conditional mindset and the unconditional mindset. With these two mindsets, he can build epic layers that transform the core of existence and reality into epic form and speed.

But the trail of his hopping between these two mindsets has epic consequences for the global collective. Because one mindset is destruction itself and the other is creation itself.

The worldwide collective doesn’t innerstand creation anymore, so it does not see the distinction between these two mindsets and the subsequent outcomes, which are visible in this physical reality through all the creations that Elon has brought in this physical reality we all share, in the form of SpaceX, Tesla, Neurolink, xAI, OpenAI, Twitter X and many many more.

Creation captured in a timelapse

Elon started his journey of epic attraction and wealth manifestation in the early 2000’s with the creation of PayPal along with his buddies from the PayPal Mafia.

Even today, these key players continue to have a huge ripple effect on the world through all the various tech creations we all use nowadays.

The entire digital reality is basically formed by these players from the PayPal Mafia and the head of these digital Black Magic creations is Peter Thiel. Head of the Snake Peter Thiel That’s the reason that everything in this entire digital world is conditional and connected with the system and the head of this snake is Peter Thiel. The entire Hunger Games design these players created will not help us and does not support us in our collective way back, because these players are all mentally ill and have many different mental illnesses flowing in their minds. All their wealth makes it even more complex because they are totally blinded by these crazy manifestations and the collective sees them as successful creators and doesn’t recognize that they are basically huge manipulators that are in full destruction mode of self and others and even of all there is, in this delusional mindset of them.

Announcing xAI Goal of: The goal of xAI is to understand the true nature of the universe. My take: You can understand as much as you want, but you will never innerstand it because your mindset is still in the conditional way of thinking and therefore you can’t perceive what is what. AI cannot help you with that, because you will program AI in such a way that only brings you much more from reality than you already are.

And that’s the problem with all these tech designers and architects. They can’t perceive it because their mind is not allowing it, they block everything with their own illusion about what reality is. They don’t innerstand creation anymore. The digital reality we all use on a daily basis isn’t designed for us to make connections between individuals. All of these digital platforms are essentially the Babylonian speech entanglement of fragmentation of what needs to be connected in the first place.

X & Twitter X & Twitter Is, was and will always be The Great Conditional field holder, again & always was from the start.

X Is The Great Conditional field holder, it’s a slave field with slave masters and when connected to the other Great Conditional field, crazy Crypto, you get a prison of everything.

Don’t be fooled and act like a zombie, again & again, over & over. We can use it, but it isn’t what we want and Certainly not a great tool, it’s fucked up and all the other conditional platforms out there as well with their crazy lunatic Community Guidelines, just admit it.

Just hear me out and just read everything and process it. You have a great mind, just fucking use it and get the shit out, yes.

I built The Greatest Unconditional field in my incredible mind & it’s just a perception, still, but I know, it all starts with perceptions anyway.

The only difference is, I did it and I held it long enough to see that I was always right, I’m The Great 118.

I know that only legends will see it, because legends will build The Great New World of Unconditional Love, again.

It’s bizarre that I’m still alone in The Great PUVIDA Movement with my 👽 friends & that since I started I proved my point over & over & again & again.

We are so fucked in these crazy tech worlds full of illusions, layers of conditions and crazy business models, that for me it baffles me sometimes that I’m still alone in this knowing and holding this concept & perception for so long.

I haven’t seen any concept or perception like The Great PUVIDA Movement yet, and still, we see clearly we need it because we are toasted in the digital world of The Great Conditional dictators and Great Manipulators.

Also, The Lunatic Crypto World, which everyone is falling for, is The Big Next Deceiving Game of these lunatics and for me, it’s the BBB of the same crazy lunatics of The Great Conditional field. And still, everyone is falling for it, again & again & over & over.

If you think I’m nuts, I don’t give a fuck, because I’m not a puppet, maybe you all are, that you all still fall for this crazy big ugly Conditional field, over & over & again & again.

But there is more, why not, I’m on a role here:


If we can't make the distinction between The Great Conditional field or The Great Unconditional field in the now, we repeat the same over & over & again & again.

Focus is our tool, if we use it & our Ticket out of The Great Conditional field into The Great Unconditional field.

All The Great Cards are on The Grand Table in The Now, again & again, but what Great Cards do we Show & Own, over & over & again & again?

The Great Orchestra of Owning The Great Cards we put on The Great Table of The Greatest Reality Show in The Whole Universe, again & again.

The ''what is what show'' is completed in The Great Now, and The Great End Game is The Greatest Return to The Great Unconditional field, because we reset ourselves and everything that exists in this physical reality, to The Great Source Code, again.

The real BBB of The Greatest Unconditional field.

That's The Great Awakening inside of us & outside of us.

See you on the other side,


How? Let’s see:

To build this incredible PUVIDA Movement I created the Manual Wealth Transfer 2.0, just read it, what the fuck do we have to lose anyway.

But we also have The Great QFS, a full disclosure is in this manuscript ''Watch the Water''

But there is more:

Recently I rediscovered the movie “Now You See Me’’ and it’s all about the first wave of Wealth Transfer 2.0, before the second wave, that makes everything possible, again, The Great QFS. But the first wave has to play out first because that’s how we innerstand that we did it, we allowed it, we lined up with it. The moment we own this, we can flip it & use it, again.

Because The Great Unconditional Power is within us, yes.

The movie “Now You See Me” is all about The Great Cards we put on The Great Table of Life in the now again & again, with all the choices we make in The Great Now, again & again & over & over.

The moment we see what cards we put on the table, again & again, on a personal level and innerstand this, we are going to play a totally different game on an individual level and stop complaining about the controllers, because they can only control what we allow in The Great Now, yes.

That’s the reason that if we continue to use the word understand, we continue to not innerstand. The moment we innerstand we are totally within and find everything, again and with that, knowing everything, again.

And from that point of knowing everything, again within ourselves, in our beautiful mind, we can go out, with all we are and know we are one, in a different form.

The Great House of Cards

We can flip it, again & again in The Great Now.

Nothing can stop this flipping of reality, because we are feeling it, inside and with that makes it happen outside of us in this physical reality with all the choices we can make in The Great Now. It’s our responsibility and we can do it.

Let’s make The Greatest Dance together as a collective and do it because we like it and just because we can, yes.

Now read this manual Wealth Transfer 2.0 and get out of your zombie mindset, because that is not who you really are, you are an awesome being. Just do something, something different, again, because we are in it together and we can change everything together if we dance together and step out of The Great Insane Conditional game, yes. Enough is enough, we are milking it because we didn’t see a way out, but now we know, see and feel, it’s time to stop this and end This Great insanity show worldwide.

We are awesome if we stop being a zombie, again & again, yes. Zombies - Time Of The Season HD this link ends with 91118 so 911 & 118

It starts now, good luck and enjoy this Great Separation game from The Great Conditional field, and with that the fall of The Zombie paradigms.

Stop making sense because nothing makes sense anymore, we are building a new way of sense and we are doing it together as a collective.

Black Magic vs White Magic Song Magic by Chris Martin of Coldplay

Cold — Play

Coldplay by Chris Martin on Spotify & YouTube is presenting Manuscripts with all these songs his band is playing worldwide.

These Manuscripts by Coldplay tell a story about our potential as a Worldwide collective of creators.

The Old Paradigm Collapse and the start of something new:


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