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What is a Burn Out?

Updated: Jan 1

All Burn Outs are, in reality, a mind and body that can't go any longer with living the lies, so it breaks down and falls into a Mental Breakdown. If you experience a Burn Out, just know that this is the best present and moment in time for a fresh new start in life, to play, again.

Mental Breakdown Ment = Lying (in French) Ment All Break - Down = All Lies Break Down

Why is a mind living a lie or lies? And how can we live the truth in everything we do? The simple answer is: Walk The Talk.

There are two options that we can live as a way of life: We can live the conditional way of life or the unconditional way of life. Dualism is the choice of the conditional way of life or the unconditional way of life and basically, it's creation or destruction. That's why you see in Gematria always two options to choose from in this dualistic reality, the conditional or unconditional option.

A conditional way of life is a mind that is living the condition and is conditioned in that way. Deep down, we know something is missing; our potential is blocked in a sense, and we can feel it somewhere, somehow.

The name of this conditional mindset is The Monkey Mind, and this is what it does: The awareness of our own mind and everything that it is capable of makes us aware of where it builds traps, and all traps are basically a mind that limits itself to think endlessly. But why and how does this happen? And how can we overcome and overgrow this limitation and be limitless in our thinking process and, by that, limitless in our own Walk the Talk kind of ways?

The simple answer is: Don’t limit yourself in anything. The limitation starts in the mind and the thought processes the mind can comprehend. Because our mind is limitless by design, it’s only our own idea of the reality of what is possible that blocks out the potential, drawing a line or setting a limit as a perception of what is possible.

But why does the mind set a limitation and where does it come from? Common sense is doing what makes sense, but the worldwide collective is programmed by all the past limitations the collective believes in and is mostly programmed by the conditional way of life of how this reality works. All the different conditional ways of life start with the belief system of the individuals around you, and all these different belief systems come out of an idea of how this world works.

A conditional way of life is called a community, and the community is living in a culture, and this group of individuals forms a Cult. It doesn’t really matter what kind of Cult it believes in - place of birth, family, religion, government, spiritual nonsense, yoga, meditation, or whatever different Cults are out there. There are as many Cults as there are individuals living on this planet Earth. But basically, all individuals who live a life under one form of condition are living a life as a cult member of one or many different cult beliefs out there; just pick one or many out of the abundance of Cults or just stop believing in them at all and free yourself from these delusions; the choice is yours. The Fall of The Conditional Way of Life and The Fall of The Control System How can we set ourselves free from this condition?

Mon Key = My Key = your ticket out, into yourself, again. Come let the monkeys out, so you are you, again, yes?


The upside-down world of the reality of today in a small story:

"Cat and Mouse" and "Hide and Seek"

''Monkey Delusional Mind''

Love is fucking brutal and honest. The Monkey Mind is confused and thinks he is rude, but the heart knows, only The Monkey Mind is wrong; it’s mixing love with evil and thinks he is evil. Monkey Mind rejects everything and stays in The Monkey Mind so ♾

Never underestimate the power of the delusional Monkey Mind. The Monkey Mind likes bending reality so he stays alive because otherwise, he will be revealed that it was always The Monkey Mind that was wrong, but The Monkey Mind doesn’t like to own this because The Monkey Mind feels ashamed, so The Monkey Mind stays in The Monkey Zoo with all other Monkey Minds.

History will repeat The Monkey Mind in epic loopholes, till the true self sees and observes the monkey mind's delusional traps and sets itself free because, for the first time, the true self sees for who he really is, not the delusional Monkey Mind, and rejects listening to The Monkey Mind and tells The Monkey Mind to fuck off.

Then this individual is in full remember mode and knows everything, again and wants to help everyone, but The other Monkey Mind thinks he is wrong and tries to kill him, but true self sees this and knows how to get into The Monkey's Mind and beat the hell out of The Monkey's and start a War with The Monkey's Mind. The Monkey Minds get exhausted from the power of the true self and can't fight anymore, so stays still, and the true self comes up, and for the first time, the person recognizes; it was always me. Monkey Mind Destruction 

If you get your Monkey delusional mind in order and get the shit out, you discover Fuck, this was "easy peasy lemon squeezy"

Why the fuck did we continue with this for so long and here we go again you are back in The Monkey Mind.

Don't try to make sense of insanity, because The Monkey Mind builds epic traps and goes back to the delusion in a heartbeat.

It doesn't make sense at all that we milked this for so long, we were trapped in our Monkey delusional zombie mind for so long, because we didn't see a way out. It was like watching the worst movie ever and giving it an o on IMDb and continuing to watch it over and over. If you add The Total Link from this IMDb into Gematria you get all the info you need that everything is a numbers game. Learn to decode reality and reset yourself from The Great Monkey Zoo Mind.

The only sense it makes is that our heart is in exploding mode now! Full Disclosure

More layers here in this manuscript of the delusional Monkey Mind; it will set you free from the destructive Monkey Mindsetters and yourself as well if you are still one of them. This full disclosure of this destructive thought process, tactics, and loophole of self-creating endless craziness is the most important part of our collective Awakening and is the biggest part of the Worldwide Awakening process that didn’t even start with it because of its profound craziness and all the layers in this reality we live in; nevertheless, Enjoy The Great Awakening Adventure Journey 🙈🙉🙊🐒

The Great Separation Game The natural part of the discovery of your true self again. Freedom of this discovery is that everyone who frees itself from this delusion will find themselves in an environment that will attack and try to hijack your original state of mind in any way they can and try to talk you out of this discovery into their Cult again. Just separate yourself from these fools and know that most of society is still in The Conditional Matrix of the delusion and is basically like in the documentary "The Matrix," : Your Enemy. Watch this Documentary | The Matrix Resurrections here for free and discover that we are basically in a loophole collectively of creating the same shit over and over, Till we stop with this destructive loophole in our own life and write our own script of life and start playing our own role, rather than a role in the conditional game that is set in motion by the conditional hunger game designers.

Know, to get to your destination you have to be flexible, like The Great Sailors you have to tack and play with the elements. If you don't have The Great Tacking skills you're going nowhere.

Sometimes we feel stuck and the reason is, we have to learn The Great Tacking skills, so we become The Great Creators, again. 

Because we have a flexible mind that knows the destination, but also knows that energy is flowing unconditionally, it moves in an organic way and never adjusts to the conditional ways of The Great Delusional Monkey Mindset.

Be The Great Sailor in life and let go of control as this will get you nowhere and keep you stuck.

And this is how we win this crazy game, to be The Great Sailor again, because the monkey's mind can't adjust to our repeated speed of adjustments. 

We are always ahead of their game of crazy loopholes of destruction because we are invisible to the monkey's mind’s eye. 

So be also unconditional with yourself, so you can adjust accordingly if needed and have trust in your intuition completely.

Be like water Watch the Water

Remember Movement & Pay it Forward Need assistance or someone to explain what is happening and some point of view other than the general views on this awesome phenomenon Burn Out and Monkey Mind? Just let me know. I would love to help and set things in motion, and mostly, finding out what the new view will be, the new canvas of your life. I've experienced various instances of burnout and innerstand deeply what is happening. I recognize that the prevailing views on this topic are not accurate and don't represent what is happening inside you. The story I'm about to share is what I discovered, and it led me to a clearer innerstanding of reality in general and the great awakening in everything. With Love, Sjoerd Alblas

Watch the Water & QFS The Quantum Financial System is a mirror of the natural phenomenon of water, which is unconditional in its way and serves as a neutral building block for life in general and the creation process. This new, unconditional financial infrastructure and liquidity within it will be available for the Worldwide Collective in The New Paradigm, assisting us in our collective journey back in the healing process of us as a collective and all that exists in this physical reality. Enjoy the imagination process of this magnificent time we are entering as a global collective, and let go of the idea of scarcity, which is a lie. Reenter the idea and reality of an abundant world and a world of harmony, with great abundance to share and work with.

Watch The Water & QFS Playlist on Spotify Water is an unconditional infrastructure that can hold many different beings, it’s a technology itself that is neutral but as soon as we use it, it will transform into the building block we all need. Water is Life, Life is Water A Documentary ''AETHER by Marcia Ramalho'' Exploring the technology related to electromagnetic field, ions, fusion reactor, resonator, capacitor, frequencies, sound waves, tuned circuits, torus, tokamak, vortex and coils used in the construction of star fortresses, airships, stargates, teleportation, and White Star Cities by the steam-powered civilization about our Previous Civilization or White Federation & The Grand Tartaria Architecture and the connection with water as living water.

Crop Circles | Stories about the creation phenomena from the Galactic Federation

Encounters | Official Trailer | Netflix

For decades, we’ve relegated alien encounters to the realm of conspiracy, dismissing those who’ve seen the unexplainable. Now congressional hearings on UFOs bringing revelations from whistleblowers about clandestine Pentagon programs and major journalistic institutions confirm that...we are not alone.

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