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Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Water is an infrastructure & neutral building block


And as you know, water is always here, flowing from one form to another and one place to another. Water provides the building blocks everything needs so things can grow in what they potentially already are. Water will never leave, no matter how much you use, it will stay here on planet earth.​​

If you let it flow, it can give life to everything. Flowing is the key. No flow no life, too much flow and it destroys life, natural flow and you get the circle of life.​

Water is an infrastructure that can hold many different identities, it’s a technology that is neutral in itself, but as soon as you use it, it will transform into the building block you need.​

The financial system

The financial system is like water, but you have to let it flow. In the past, there were many people that stopped and hijacked the flow, so more and more things stopped and were broken down because it was hard to get the building blocks.​

The cabal

The old banking system, global governments taxation and many global businesses have attracted and sucked out the financial life of almost everything, but it wasn’t gone, it was just stored by people that have a lunatic scarcity mindset.​

The New Financial System QFS

Think mirror

The New Financial System | QFS

This stored abundance will flow into the world again and with that, everything can grow in freedom and with that, it can grow into its potential.

Every shortage is (and always was) created. Abundance is life itself and will never leave.​


And with the QFS, which stands for the ‘’Quantum Financial System’’ we will transform this abundance into a new fresh flowing time. This is why many people know that we are entering ‘’The Golden Age’’​ of mankind.

Within the QFS all currencies worldwide will have the same value after the Global Currency Reset. All transactions will flow smoothly from one place to another within the QFS, without any interruption. In this way, we as a human collective can enter a time of natural flowing, worldwide.

Quantum Financial System

The QFS is a whole new gold-backed financial system for the world and will transform this old conditional and controlled paradigm into a new paradigm of unconditional love.


Interesting to know

Banks come from riverbanks and currencies come from the current of rivers. The financial system is a mirror of the principle of water.

Water | Frozen infrastructure

Water | Infrastructure

Water | Neutral building block

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