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Turning Point | Documentary on Netflix

Updated: Mar 22

From Luminant Media and director Brian Knappenberger, comes the definitive documentary on the Cold War and its aftermath post the collapse of the Soviet Union leading to the rise of Vladimir Putin. Featuring interviews with prominent politicians, journalists, and the people who lived through history, this series is an exploration of the decades-long conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union framed by current events that reveal the Cold War continues and the world remains on the precipice of nuclear war.

Watch on Netflix: What I see in this flashback in time of these destructive governments

Besides the propaganda in this documentary, we can see clearly who is pulling the strings here and who is the great destructor of everything worldwide. This documentary series will show you more than a century of destruction on a global scale.

I find it fascinating that in this documentary, the breakdown of society always seems to commence with the destruction of independent farmhouses. Consequently, the system initially dismantles all self-reliant individuals who essentially lived according to their own principles outside a conditional framework.

This phenomenon has been observed for over a century, irrespective of whether one finds themselves in a communist or democratic regime; both have employed the same strategy. By eradicating individualism and coercing everyone into dependency on a conditional system, they destroy people's means of sustenance and confiscate their property.

Essentially, all governments function as terrorist organizations that forcibly remove individuals from their own land and coerce them into a system that renders them entirely reliant on said system. Through taxation and subsidies, governments inhibit individuals from self-sufficiency, making it virtually impossible for them to sustain themselves independently.

It's a creation of the Hunger Games, and we see clearly that this strange phenomenon takes place with every start of a conditional system, regardless of whether it is a communist or democratic regime. They all operate on the same bases and use the same tactics.

We can witness this today in Europe, where subsidies for agriculture exceed 55 billion euros annually, and these subsidies go entirely to monoculture farmers. Independent small organic local farmers are excluded from these subsidies. Most of these small organic farms find themselves in a constant struggle with these governments, which obstruct their work and impose nonsensical regulations. It's bizarre that globally, we refuse to acknowledge that governments do this deliberately, and that they have always been deceitful. These days, with their crazy UN SDG goals, we see clearly that they are in a mania of total destruction of everything and everyone.

Our collective way out is simple: purchase a piece of land and stop cooperating with these fools, these terrorist organizations, by refusing to comply with their nonsense. Form an alliance of small local organic farmhouses and protect each other if a government attacks one of these independent farmers. Buy local, sell local Besides the fact that small, local organic farmers are financially successful in producing healthy food, selling it locally can also be financially lucrative. It's important to minimize taxes by selling directly to customers. This enables a healthy, small-scale farming operation to provide nourishing food to customers and offers a diverse range of vegetables, eliminating the need for customers to shop elsewhere for their daily sustenance. With revenues averaging approximately €35 per individual per week, a small, local organic farmer can easily supply the dietary needs of 50 individuals on their own.

The poison-spouting monoculture farmers

All monoculture farmers are doomed to fail, and if only we innerstood the true meaning of words, we would never rely on these monoculture farmers for food production again. Because it's entirely unsustainable, and monoculture is essentially a Cult (mono - culture, mono = one crop a year and cultures are doing the same thing as everyone else, a conditional way of life and food production). Basically, it's a communist way of farming.

Back to the land and our roots

The way back to the land is a way of going back to our roots and being radical about this transition and setting something in motion that is imperative, something sustainable, something beautiful. Yes we can Many individuals perceive growing healthy organic food as challenging or subscribe to the illusion that locally grown organic food cannot sustain our food security. On the contrary, small-scale organic farming is fully capable of meeting our entire food demand while utilizing far less land compared to monoculture farming methods. Utilizing raised vegetable beds with a no-till approach enables the production of substantial food yields on small plots of land with minimal water usage. This approach harkens back to the fundamental principles of nature. By producing a diverse array of vegetables on a relatively small parcel of land, typically around 1 hectare or more, pest control becomes less of an issue. Incorporating flowers that attract beneficial insects helps maintain a natural balance in the garden, allowing for the production of up to 4 crops per year instead of just one. Consequently, the organic farm remains in production throughout the year, ensuring that the land is always productive and never left fallow. It’s up to us how everything is unfolding In short, it is up to us which way it all goes and how we can and want to contribute to a healthy way of life. We can once again become dependent and expect an insane system to come up with a solution, which will never happen because they have already come up with a new problem and never want to offer a solution. Or we will start a small local organic farm ourselves and earn a healthy living. Or we will buy our food from a small local organic farmer and thus support this farmer instead of contributing to a completely sick system of monoculture farmers and a government that would rather us remain completely dependent on them. The choice is ours and from my own experience, I can say that buying food from a small organic farmer around the corner is much more fun, tastier and nicer than buying it in a supermarket. The downfall of the delusional conditional system We can’t go back, and we won’t, but where we go from here is entirely up to us now.

We have to admit that all government systems are at the core of global evilness. Our collective path forward requires dismantling these terrorist organizations globally, simply by withdrawing from them and distancing ourselves from these destructive, delusional systems that have no agenda other than destruction.

It's insane to believe these organizations serve any purpose other than destruction, and it's even more absurd that we continue to depend on them at all

The Lebron Foundation

This is our approach with the Lebron Foundation, to simply inspire everyone to be independent and show the way forward as a healthy way of life, separated from all the madness.


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