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TRUMP & The Q team

Updated: 7 days ago

Everything is in the Q Movement and read everything that was there for a long time to see, check all this information in this link and decode this, because this is everywhere.

Believe it or not but Trump and the Q team will break the whole system down to the ground and it will never be a BBB. The conditional game is a done paradigm, forever, on this beautiful Planet Earth.

It’s an off button they will push and with that, it’s done. There is one piece missing and that will come soon: Military is the only way.

But the Q Team gave everyone a choice, also the bad guys (The Great Delusional Conditional Mindsetters) have to make a decision, what side are you on? There are only two fields that you can choose from and make it bigger: The Great Conditional Field & The Great Unconditional Field.

The Great Unconditional Field can only create.

The Great Conditional Field is only in The Great Demolition Control Mode & destroys reality in epic form and manipulate everything.

All cards are on the table, but everyone can make a new decision, again & again & again.

Till the time is up.

And because we live in a dualistic reality there is an abundance of choices you can make, again & again.

The Q team created the Movement of digital soldiers, because Q laid down some questions, and the digital soldiers researched everything to solve these questions and with reclaiming the mainstream, again, we saw the ugly reality that was hidden for a long time. This is still going on ‘’as we speak’’. Thet solved and discover the great News Illusions and all these News Illusions have one thing in common, they have the same value: The Value in Gematria is: Code 56 Worldwide Digital Soldiers at work 24/7/365 proof

Out of this Movement, the citizen journalism Movement was born. They don’t have an agenda other than laying down the truth.

The Great Reclaim movement of the mainstream resulted in The Epic Awakening Movement and billions are aware of what is reality, but there are endless waves of growth and when the Trump team step aside in 2020 (they didn’t by the way), it was our job to research ourselves and discover who we really are, so we can step into this new paradigm together as a collective.

So the invitation here is to make a choice, as a collective.

Can and will we step into this new paradigm that is in front of us?

Are we willing to let The Great Separation take place inside and outside of us?

That’s the big question and when we want the answers, we only have to let The Great Reset to source code happen within us. This will all result in The Great Awakening within us and as a result outside of us through the words we speak, the choices we make and the vision we have for the future. More info: Devolution & listen and Pay Attention at this epic talk ''We Already Won - The ELITE games are over and Trump has played them all!''

All these things are happening or will happen, soon:

Where we go one we go all

Nothing can stop what's coming

Military is the only way

We can’t go back and we won’t

The end will not be for everyone

All Must Be Seen The Truth Must Be Known

Search Yourself And See What Is True

Your Friends From The Other Side

The Storm is upon us

The choice is yours Trump did what he did and Trump always says what he did and when you de-code what he says, do and Pay Real Close Attention you can see everything, again. This is how the Trump & Q team did it and still doing it

Thanks, Reverse Mockingbird for this masterpiece Devolution


Start writing your script because we need you in The Greatest Return To Source Code of all that exists.

If you write your script, write one that you love and don't do it for the money, forget about the money, write it because you love what you will create and only write one that comes from a heart of gold, The Great Heart of Source Code, and know if you write the first line, it will probably scare the hell out of you, because that's what the first line will do with you.

Mine was: ''The End of all Powers, Countries and Political Systems'' back in 2006 and I can tell you, since then I'm all in on this one, and never could go back anymore, the only way was to work on this vision. But when I wrote this book, I was not ready and all the monkeys started to attack me and around 2020 I found a way better book ''The End of All Evil''

We can't go back and we won't, stop making sense.

It wasn't an easy one for me, but at least I did it my way, Fuck the rules.

Stop making sense in a completely insane world.

Maybe it only makes sense if we see clearly that nothing makes sense anymore, and maybe our way back is being the most Original Creator Again. For people around you, you won't make sense probably, that is what I experienced, everyone was telling me, Sjoerd you going the wrong way, and I was always saying, I'm not the one who is driving the wrong way, maybe you should look where you are going.

Enjoy writing your script, it's your life, anything is possible what you want, know that for a fact. It's time. With Unconditional Love,

Sjoerd Alblas

Let There Be Peace Play - List on Spot - Identify

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