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The Source Code Original Complete, again

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

“Good artists copy, Great artists steal” It means you may not be the first to try something, but you did it so well that everyone thinks of you when they see that style. Like Picasso, Liechtenstein, Monet, Van Gogh. They may have started out coping someone else, but in the end, they completely stole it, to make it better and more enjoyable as a gift for the collective. Total Recall of the Mainstream

We will reclaim all codes, again, The Great Code of Source. The Great Code of Source, because no one can hold this for themselves, we are all one, so it's ours.

All patents are designed for stealing and building epic fences and wallet gardens to exclude all growth. This maniac manipulation delusional mindset created epic layers of insanity & scarcity & The BIG Crazy tech lords & The Great Big ugly tech world.

We will reclaim everything, again and build The Best Unconditional Love Infrastructure ever created.

Together with the masters in coding, who are back at source code, again.

We call it the biggest reclaiming of sovereignty.

And this will all happen within the PUVIDA Movement.

This way we own our own identity, again.

Watch me and The Greatest Entrepreneurs of all time as The Great Masters of The Unconditional Love Movement.

I'm on the role and will reveal everything, again.

I came here to build epic layers of Unconditional Love, and no one can stop this, again.

I’m The Master 118.

I’m Sjoerd Alblas.

I’m back.

All BIG Tech companies are an idea from all the different 3-letter agencies and probably all founders are just actors in this Big ugly lunatic tech world.

Unconditional Love is coming for you. See you all on the other side. Come Great Coders Come, Start Writing your script in The Greatest Movement of all time & make it physical in the wide open, all cards have to be on the table.

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