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The Orchestral Theme 2024

Updated: 4 days ago

The Orchestral Theme To all the conditional Cult-leaving individuals who already left the great conditional hunger games, You Are Awesome and Legendary. Guardians of self and all that exists Let's form an Orchestra and a Worldwide Movement in this new year 2024, and let's break down this conditional way of life by just being our true unique uncensored selves without any compromise and say collectively out loud ‘’Fuck You’’ conditional cult members and delusional Monkey Mind setters, we know what you are doing and how your crazy mind is operating with your tactics and strategy to attack us, and we know you are too afraid to leave the conditional way of life, but we have left the crazy lunatic conditional way of life and are true Walk the Talkers, eat that bunch of losers.

It’s a big club of fools living the conditional craziness

Everyone still in the club of nonsense and in the system of the conditional way of life are basically full-time scammers and full of shit.

I say to you all of you, going into the new year, Fuck You, and I will reveal to you all what you are doing and sponsoring. "Cat and Mouse" and "Hide and Seek"

Monkey Delusional Minds are into it all on steroids.

Trust & Allowing Trust and/or Allowing are the same thing and the delusional conditional Monkey Mind operating fools have no clue what they trust or what they allow in themselves or outside themselves.

Insanity Sprayers without showing the way out

Basically, all insanity sprayers are into it, creating a hologram of hypnosis and are not way showers other than showing insanity, and the insanity they show is forming new layers of insanity.

All insanity sprayers have no clue about the solution and don't want to share the solution because they are part of the problem and living the problem as a way of life themselves.

Watch them and observe them, all these insanity-spraying so-called truthers, are not assisting or helping, they create a new form of craziness. Black & White Magic?

Black Magic is manipulation and all advertising marketing is black magic, without exception

If they have a business model in advertising marketing, they are Black Magic operators and huge manipulators.

Walk the Talk or full of shit

Our way out of this worldwide madness is simply writing our own individual scripts and playing in our own movies, and my script is Puvida. All Roads Lead to Puvida Puvida is an individual Script Writing infrastructure in physical form and digital form. It's changing the total worldwide landscape of reality because all the rest is full of shit and a design from the conditional hunger games designers of the PayPal Mafia and a huge conditional game of destruction. It's a damn shame that the lunatic majority of the global population, didn't even sponsor this Puvida Movement or share it or to even make it possible to add some amount of value to it. I Prove my point all over and the delusional Monkey Mind is doing it on purpose It's because they didn't even touch the surface of the epic problems and still have no clue about how huge this conditional craziness goes and how we can get out of it.

The craziest reality is that the global population knows that they create their own foolery over and over, but admitting that is something that the majority isn't willing to do because otherwise, they themselves have to admit that they own nothing and play the victim role as a way of life.

Manuscripts as a way out for the worldwide collective 

Nevertheless, I do, and Puvida is our ticket out, and all the manuscripts are already there for the whole worldwide collective to implement into their own life as a gift from me to you all, but everyone is just sitting there and doing nothing with it.

Fuck you all and see you on the other side when you discovered how easy it all is bunch of Monkey Mind Morrons. The Fall of The Conditional Mind and Conditional Ways of Life is inevitable

Hasta La Fuego,

Sjoerd Alblas

This post ''The Orchestral Theme 2024'' on Telegram makes it easier to hop between all the epic layers.

Play List on Spotify to start playing and dancing and reprogram the program into your original uncensored script and unconditional program and unconditional way of Life as an awesome individual that has found its way back to itself. Enjoy

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