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The Message from Pascal Najadi in this statement is clear & I received an email from Pascal Najadi

Updated: Nov 26

I sent Pascal Najadi an email about my Maestranza Fund and the role I want to play on a global scale with the Maestranza Fund, as a solution for all the worldwide problems we face today and as an infrastructure to make this possible. Disclosure I shared a private message with Pascal Najadi in an email about why I even started this Maestranza Fund in the first place. I will disclose his email to the public in this manuscript, presented here in front of you. At this moment I feel the point of time is aligned to share this with the worldwide public on a global scale. So it's clear how this global Movement Maestranza Fund will be funded and who will fund it, to make everything possible.

Gmail - Pascal Najadi I Sjoerd Alblas _ see you
Download PDF • 323KB

The Message of his statement is in this Manuscript

Pascal Najadi replied to my email, which I think is an automatic reply, but the disclosure is something that I want to share with the woldwide collective. This was his reply:

Note: Everything in this green colour is what I individually added for more disclosure and to connect the dots more easily.

Dear Sjoerd,

Many thanks for your distributing our clear video message to the other side. This film was expensive to make, the full version will be released by me, in about three weeks when people are prepared. This document of historic value is solely dedicated to the more than 20 million killed and injured victims, the curve is unfortunately now going from linear to exponential and you know what this means. We will lose about 1.5 billion Humans and countless children over the next 3 to 5 years.

And now the time has come. If you noticed two things. 1) Below my name is not my title like "Swiss Investment banker" or the likes, but something else. I let you discover this and type it into the browser. This is not a news or opinion element, but a disclosure package, legal blueprints and its timing is part of the current global Military Ops and PSyOps targeted to the other side. It is not a warning but a simple signal that I know that they know that I know what is next for them. In short, they have reached their end and the Deep State is being obliterated, globally. The disclosure site also fact-checks and explains as to why President and Commander in Chief Donald J. Trump is the Commander of all US Military Branches now centralized in the C&C under the US Space Force that he implemented into existence in late 2019 as the 45th President of the United States. Trump is the current and actual 46th President and is at the same time the current and actual War Time President. The only thing that can reverse this is the War Time President himself.

Here is a little amuse-bouche for you:

  1. Please type into your browser

  2. The search function type in: 13848

  3. See the date of its extension, Trump's Executive Order 13848 was authored, signed and enacted on September 12th 2018 (he authored signed and enacted 10 others that all are also extended and in force today)

  4. This EO 13848 was signed by which Mister (see below)

  5. Question: Why is the title President missing and why would a Democrat (who publicly hates Trump) extend a Trump EO and a handful of others that maintain him as the War Time President and Commander in Chief (CIC), the ultimate superpower of the United States?

  6. Answer: I think you now realize what game we are playing, a 5-D chess framing all the Cabal worldwide. Military Justice US Military Codes of Court Martial and the War Law Manual are in Force, globally and the United States is officially at war and commands and coordinates 33 foreign nations Military Generals. CIC Trump and the US Space Force command the operation through 200 active service Military Generals right now.

  7. Executive Order 13818 — Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption

The Operation is #Storm, and is of course unstoppable (a brief explanation about the #Storm and how the fake media reveals everything) I do not call the shots of course, consider me a simple Guardian of Humanity, a messenger of Light.

I am no longer in business or in material spheres. I have not much time left and use my energy and serve to protect and defend humanity. What is unstoppable will be too much for most, many will not make it but this is the cost to do our Reset, not the agenda 2030, but a so-called hard reset.

Please continue to spread the Film message, we want the perpetrators from around the world to be inundated with it. So far in only one week since I launched it our US friends recorded over 350 million views across the entire global www internet and all platforms. Please distribute this like water and Oxygen for the entire Humanity and in the name of the Victims. No one takes credit and copyright on this film. On purpose for the reasons put on screen at the end of 4 minutes and 44 seconds that describe the entire beyond biblical Democide on the divine Humanity, us. We published the constitutional, legal and Military War Law Manual (military justice) on purpose (under my name in the film) as part of the plan that is now at work, globally. It is Operation Storm. is not an opinion site, nor a news site, it is a Disclosure site for only two purposes: Fact Checking and our PsyOps to instill fear for all the perpetrators and traitors of our respective constitutions. The Cabal is at its final end.

Here is the snake WHO logo, free of copyrights More Snake info in this Manuscript

When President and Commander in Chief publishes his Truth message on his Social Truth platform: "The Storm is upon us.'' (This link will lead to the fake media, but flip their false lies into truth and then you will see the huge disclosure) We can expect a global internet shutdown and a GSM blackout except for security and emergency services in each nation, including a blackout on Television for about 10 to 11 days running. The TV program running will be only one 24/7 showing Humanity the abhorrent crimes committed by all rogue elements, the Cabal. This Film will include horrible pictures and scenes and also show Military tribunal executions of those elements. All on record. The system after this operation will be a different one, militarized and protecting the freedoms and legal frameworks that are assured to protect Humanity and allow it to prosper in peace and harmony. This has nothing to do with any religion. But with much higher authorities in the Universe going back tens of thousands of years. We do not originate from the Ape, that is fake news and I leave it at that.

They are all going to be judged, sans exceptions, and this process that is unstoppable is far beyond my influence: I am just a simple messenger of Light, a Guardian.

"We are the #Guardians of #Humanity and our Light obliterates the darkness of evil." Pascal Najadi - October 2023

As you know, all Service members and officers at the US Space Force are officially designated as Guardians. I'll leave it at this ;-)

Please note that I am now on President Trump's Truth Social Network: @najadi4justice

Elon Musk is now being "investigated" as to why his X has suspended me for life. Right after the publishing of our viral Film and my publishing of the Blueprints (Diagram attached here) of the Tedros Berset Marcon Biden Fauci et al (the list is long) WHO WEF Gavi Coup d'etat that was filed by President Trump and the US Military and is now declared as catastrophically failed.

Download PDF • 906KB

Accounts Pascal Najadi on Twitter Blocked By Elon Musk, the conditional game player.

Pascal Najadi @najadi4justice

Here is my Telegram Channel News Link:

With every good wish.

Semper Supra! #SemperSupra 💫


Pascal Najadi

Meaning Semper Supra | always above

"Semper Supra" (Latin for "always above") is the official march of the United States Space Force, composed in 2022 by James Teachenor and Sean Nelson. Semper Supra. English: Always Above. My view on what I think Trump and the Q Team are cooperating with is shown in this documentary, which my partner and I recorded back in 2017. This documentary discloses how the Cosmos is assisting us in this huge transition process we as a collective are witnessing and experiencing at this moment in time and beyond. Short Documentary "Cutting off the Head of the Snake in Geneva" - Released October 19 2023

Interview with Kairos Presse at the European Parliament Press Club, Brussels, September 25th 2023

Public Message on X Live Stream (formerly Twitter) to Klaus Schwab - WEF, October 6th 2023

Interview AlliancesTV, France - October 3, 2023

Speech at the Press Club of the European Parliament - Brussels September 25th 2023

Portrait Art Reportage par Ingrid Hoffmann "LES BELLES PERSONNES" - Paris 2023

Follow me on President Trump's Truth Social:

Message to All Human Beings
Download PDF • 1.52MB

Dr. Peter A. McCullough on Substack about Pascal Najadi: Ex-Swiss Banker, filmmaker, humanitarian activist | The Most Interesting Man in the World About Dr. Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH My personal Twitter account (Sjoerd Alblas) with the statement of Pascal Najadi. It will be updated daily with relevant information about the message of Pascal Najadi and how it is developing on a global scale so that we stay focused together.

More information about the Movement | Maestranza Fund:



Infrastructure Media Center | Data Recovery Center | Total Recall Mainstream De-Code AstraZeneca in Gematria

Meaning Maestranza Fund in Gematria Healing Centers Ambassy | Maestranza Fund


Live your life as a Puppet in the Gladiator Games or live your life based on your individual script?

The statement of Pascal Najadi and the clear disclosure in this document reveals what, in my view, is set and will happen and is already happening. But what is our role as a collective? What can we do on an individual level? The Question is: In what state of mind are you operating and is this state of mind the program from the hivemind, created by the conditional grid, or are you operating from your own state of mind? There are only two states of mind possible, which may sound bizarre, but it’s a fact when you know how our mind is operating. Your own mindset or copy a mindset, which appears as your own, but is basically a slave mindset, running a program from someone else. So my question is: what state of mind are you experiencing? And can we make the distinction between the only two options: the conditional mindset and the unconditional mindset? And if we, as a collective, discover that we have the power to choose a different direction than the one others have set in motion for us, what role do we want to play then?

Wealth Transfer 2.0 This manuscript tells a clear story and shows a roadmap for all options. It's a one-fits-all roadmap and can be implemented by anyone, on an individual level, anywhere on this beautiful planet that we all share in this physical reality and everyone is free to go, regardless of their individual circumstances. Just choose one option at a time and feel the freedom to do it the way you want. Don't give a fuck about what others think or when they try to hold you back with their fear talks or when they come to you with all their bullshit they still think is reality. We must be willing to give up our pathetic way of life and admit that this life we all lived here was so utter madness, so badass crazy, that we can reject it all with everything we are. Can we leave the Cult and Culture ways of life and leave the community ways of destruction of self and others?

New Paradigm Let's start a journey together so that on an individual level we can choose a new way of life and feel fully supported by ourselves and discover the unconditional way of life again so we are free again and trust our intuition, again. Like these birds:


There are two options in life: - Choose your own state or mind and the individual role you want to play. This is the unconditional way of life. - Choose the state of mind that others program inside of you as a state of mind and the role you need to play. This is the conditional way of life. The choice is yours, and everyone can make a new choice every second in The Great Now. We can't go back and we won't

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