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The last battle will be a big one, and the majority didn't prepare at all

The Hunger Games aftermath in plain sight

Remember who the real enemy is

We didn't prepare Nevertheless, it is taking place and will take place more and more in the next couple of days and weeks, with a huge aftermath somewhere at the end of this year, continuing into January 2024.

So we can clean up this physical reality and start a new way of living and get rid of the shit that is only here to sabotage The Great Awakening.

The transition of a huge part of the collective is part of the awakening, and knowing that this will take place and will take place more and more when we enter this end game is part of the great separation that many don't want to grasp or refuse to see that this is already taking place all around the globe.

The downplaying of what is happening in plain sight has only aggravated the situation. In addition, the stubbornness of the collective has brought us into this situation, and all this stubbornness was unnecessary and remains unnecessary. The collective stubbornly chooses stubbornness and continues to do so because they have reached a point where they have long realized how insane this stubbornness actually was. But they don't want to admit that, and the effects are a big final battle with a lot of violence and a lot of loss.

The solution is to get out of these destruction aftermaths that are basically in all cities and places where there are too many conditional operating idiots that have lost their soul contact and have no respect for individual freedom and are in full-time scam mode.

Just find places and individuals that have a broad view on everything and don't trivialize what is there and know what is there in quite detail just because it is there in quite detail.

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