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The Great Separation Game

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

This Natural Creation process is captured in this Time Lapse, just observe the organic Natural phenomenon so you innerstand the normal way of life again and The Cosmos. This way you can Separate yourself from the great delusional conditional mindsets out there, that know nothing anymore and are in complete denial of everything.

In order to speed up everything, we must let go of everything that doesn’t serve us anymore. We find ourselves in This Great Epic Time and The Great Separation is part of this time. This will result in The Great Epic Separation at a pace that the mind can not comprehend. Let go of controlling this flow, because if you let go of the control you become like water. Uncontrollable, and this is Unconditional Love, uncontrollable.

This is the only way to go if you reset yourself completely to source code, you become uncontrollable. People around you will all go probably, let them. Don’t try to hold on, let the Great Separation happen in an uncontrollable way, so you are like water.

Be willing to let it all go, everything and everyone.

The Great Separation will result in The Great Awakening inside of you and will open everything inside you, again. This is The Great Reset To Source Code. You are the expression of source in physical form. You Remember everything and see everything and know everything that you need to know for The Great Awakening.

Every day becomes a present and you know where you are going and you play with all the elements, you don’t manipulate your way through The Great Storm, you anticipate what is there at that time, so you always make the right decision because you trust everything, again. You trust your intuition completely.

You are everything, again in a separate physical form.

Be like water. Wealth Transfer 2.0 If you want to play your role and want to know what you can do and act in this fashion of the Law of Action, here is The Greatest Manuscript ever created, because someone used his Law of Action in a self-chosen role and on an individual level as a state of mind to offer a solution that anyone can implement all over the Globe, no exception. And start writing your script of life, it's your life:

The Pink Elephant in the Room: “Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn't.”

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