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The Great Sailors

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

The Great Sailors

Know, to get to your destination you have to be flexible, like The Great Sailors you have to tack and play with the elements. If you don't have The Great Tacking skills you're going nowhere.

Sometimes we feel stuck and the reason is, we have to learn The Great Tacking skills, so we become The Great Creators, again.

Because we have a flexible mind that knows the destination, but also knows that energy is flowing unconditionally, it moves in an organic way and never adjusts to the conditional ways of The Great Delusional Monkey Mindset.

Be The Great Sailor in life and let go of control as this will get you nowhere and keep you stuck.

And this is how we win this crazy game, to be The Great Sailor again, because the monkey's mind can't adjust to our repeated speed of adjustments.

We are always ahead of their game, because we are invisible to the monkey's eye.

So be also unconditional with yourself, so you can adjust accordingly if needed.

Be like water.

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