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Updated: Feb 6

This Documentary is created for the Maestranza Fund and reveals one of the biggest crimes ever perpetrated. The documentary eventually offers a solution that will Flip everything, again with as a result a total recall of the mainstream of everything.

The Worldwide Crimes against the collective, is one of the biggest mind games and destruction we experienced in our collective history.

It's so epic and huge, that the mind almost can't comprehend this delusion. But, if you Really Pay Close Attention in all the details, you get a clear view of reality and fiction and with that, epic Mental Breakdowns. All The Biggest Worldwide News Illusions are in The Great Code 56 Let's Go Gatsby

Mental Breakdown

Ment = Lying (in French)

Ment All Break-Down =

All Lies Break Dow

Call to Action that will change everything

The simple and possible solution is presented in this manuscript that you are reading now ‘’as we speak’’ and it all starts with the individual, who is aware of the problem. But more importantly, is living the solution by simply stopping to expect that the same system, that created all the problems in the first place, will offer a solution. Because that is a new Mindfuck. No, the solution is to create the solution together and step out of the problem.

The way is presented here and we invite you to be and live the solution, just by ‘’walk the talk’’ in the solution and separate yourself from the problem and share this solution everywhere.

The Catalog in The Documentary

This collection of information about this manipulation game, designed by the Hunger Games Designers of The Conditional Delusional Controllers, has all resulted in a manifestation with huge consequences for the Worldwide collective.

Download PDF • 746KB

With this documentary, we get a clear view of how they did it, why they did it and how we reveal them and make them accountable.

We haven't seen anything yet and what we already can see is shocking to every core of existence.

Download PDF • 5.70MB

The Why

This Documentary is here to create The Great Flip Effect and a Global Domino Effect to Flip everything of this total lunatic game into one big epic solution, and the beauty about knowing what is totally not working is that you can start with the solution and there lies the opportunity for us as a Worldwide Awesome Great Collective of Creators.

The corrupted rigged system

Everything the system offers is corrupted, nothing is done to stop this and everything is done to block solutions. Then you know one thing very clearly: We have to completely separate ourselves from these structures and create a new one.


And: We don't tolerate The Great Censor Phenomena anymore and find ways, as a Worldwide collective, to inform the uninformed.

In order to speed up everything, we must let go of everything that doesn’t serve us anymore. We find ourselves in This Great Epic Time and The Great Separation is part of this time. This will result in The Great Epic Separation at a pace that the mind can not comprehend. Let go of controlling this flow, because if you let go of the control you become like water. Uncontrollable, and this is Unconditional Love, uncontrollable.

This is the only way to go. If you reset yourself to Source Code completely, you become uncontrollable. People around you will probably all go, let them. Don’t try to hold on, let the Great Separation happen in an uncontrollable way, so you are like water.

Be willing to let it all go, everything and everyone.

The Great Separation will result in The Great Awakening inside of you and will open everything inside you, again. This is The Great Reset To Source Code. You are the expression of Source in physical form. You Remember everything, see everything and know everything that you need to know for The Great Awakening.

Every day becomes a present and you know where you are going and you play with all the elements, you don’t manipulate your way through The Great Storm, you anticipate what is there at that time, so you always make the right decision because you trust everything, again. You trust your intuition completely.

You are everything, again in a separate physical form.

Be like water. Watch The Water

The second part of this new way of operating as knowers: The Great Sailors

Know, to get to your destination you have to be flexible, like The Great Sailors you have to tack and play with the elements. If you don't have The Great Tacking skills you're going nowhere.

Sometimes we feel stuck and the reason is, that we have to learn The Great Tacking skills, so we become The Great Creators, again.

Because we have a flexible mind that knows the destination, but also knows that energy is flowing unconditionally, it moves in an organic way and never adjusts to the conditional ways of The Great Delusional Monkey Mindset.

Be The Great Sailor in life and let go of control as this will get you nowhere and keep you stuck.

And this is how we win this crazy game, to be The Great Sailor again, because the monkey's mind can't adjust to our repeated speed of adjustments.

We are always ahead of their game, because we are invisible to the monkey's eye.

So be also unconditional with yourself, so you can adjust accordingly if needed.

Be like water. Watch The Water The Mind and the Options explained:

How is this even possible and how can we fix the mind, so we can flip the problem in ourselves, into a solution in ourselves and by that: live the solution. A great manuscript about the mind and everything about our potential is in this link, as an individual and we as a worldwide collective, is presented in this easy-to-read manuscript.

Living the solution is way more fun than continuing to support or complain about the problems. And we can flip everything, that is a fact. No matter what they throw at us, we (individually and collectively) can flip everything.

We’ve Got This:

Maestranza Fund | Unconditional Infrastructure

The New Digital & Physical Infrastructure of the Maestranza Fund will help us discover what we already have and bit by bit we will leave this Digital & Physical Infrastructure of the Maestranza Fund, to refind our inner world and with that heal what is broken and flip this in the advantage of the whole, to serve the worldwide collective as a whole.

– Architects of The Maestranza Fund: Sjoerd Alblas and The Greatest Team of Individual Legends Meaning Maestranza in Spanish: people who are around you, helping.

Maestranza means both mastership and employee. Principles Maestranza Fund Collective dance

We are in a sort of hide-and-seek playing field, but if we leave this playing field, we will see everything again, in detail. As a result, we see the deeper meaning of it all and make a clear distinction between everything again. The choice is ours, but we have to make a choice.

Because we didn’t see before what was there in plain sight, but now we do and we make the Flip possible on a Global Scale. This is the start of a new beginning for the Maestranza Fund.

Why the Maestranza Fund?

As presented by the Trump administration in Executive Order 13818—Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption there will be an aftermath because this whole pandemic and vaccine story is already proven to be so dualistic, that it is inevitable that there will be consequences. The consequences will be mainly for the supporters of all of this, who made it possible and were behind it. If the ones involved decide to continue on their current course, according to our calculations they will lose everything. Not by us, but by previously mentioned outside forces.

The choice is theirs, but if they don't make the choice now, eventually someone else will make the choice for them. And we know that that is the reality of Executive Order 13818 On both sides of the spectrum: Nothing can stop what's coming.

Meaning and similarities of Code 56, all News Illusions boxed together.

Project Looking Glass | Nothing can stop what's coming

Believe it or not, Trump and the Q team will break the whole system down to the ground and there will never be a BBB of the conditional grid, again. The conditional game is a done paradigm, forever, on this beautiful Planet Earth. It’s an off button they will push; with that, it’s done. There is one piece missing and that will come soon: Military is the only way. But the Q Team gave everyone a choice, also the bad guys (The Great Delusional Conditional Mindsetters) have to make a decision, what side are you on? You can choose from only two fields and make it bigger: The Great Conditional Field or The Great Unconditional Field. The Great Unconditional Field can only create. The Great Conditional Field is only in The Great Demolition Control Mode & destroys reality in epic form and manipulates everything. All cards are on the table, but everyone can make a new decision, again & again & again. Everyone can make a new choice in the great now: Till the time is up. Because we have to move on and won't tolerate the destruction any longer by The Great Conditional Mindsetters. The choice is yours, but if you don't make the choice now, eventually someone else will make the choice for you. On both sides of the spectrum: Nothing can stop what's coming.

All Roads Lead To PUVIDA But first, start with The Total Recall and Turn The Mainstream into the only right direction, again and start a Movement Maestranza Fund See you all on the other side

More information about the Movement | Maestranza Fund:


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