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The Destruction of The Great Conditional Matrix Grid

Updated: Aug 15

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Remember: An Apple is an Apple and will always be an Apple. We reclaimed The Great Apple, again. Nothing can change who we are, we are The Great Creators and we Remember this all again. The Matrix is a holographic construct that is built on control & slavery projecting illusions of freedom to hijack organic consciousness inducing mass states of hypnosis that can be categorized as Collective Stockholm Syndrome.

It creates false implantations of the Self that engage the reptilian brain, which seeks dominance ensuring an entire civilization dependent on false authority and false security.

It doesn’t represent the authentic state of the collective consciousness that is sovereign and whole.

It is the very reason for poverty, chronic & mental illness, war, division, child trafficking, and ALL of the suffering in this world.

It’s not a sustainable system by any stretch of the imagination.

It’s a self-destructing system that aims to disconnect the soul from the collective no matter how much false positivity and false spirituality it bombards you with.

It’s a swindle on the grandest scale.

It will NEVER allow any of its inhabitants to live freely, only in hyperbole fashion.

But what does it want? Simple,

Your Eternal Divinity. Your God-given birthright for abundance and prosperity. We are powerful creators and we’ve been duped into directing our creative power to serve the Matrix as our master rather than our Supreme Creator.

The conditional matrix grid requires a rigid linear 3D timeline for its enslavement system, which like anything that limits true growth inevitably comes to an end.

Many have accepted their ascension (natural evolution of the soul) embodying the sacred principles for conscious living in harmony with nature and all forms of life as an embodiment of New Earth.

Many are still trapped in the hivemind where their consciousness has been hijacked by the matrix and they are waiting for the false authorities to direct them further into misery and death because they’ve lost their free will.

We are watching The Matrix Movie Resurrection End in real-time. (Movies are more real than any news.) Although it can seemingly take years for its completion, but it all can start today, if we choose so.

As the matrix conditional grid continues to collapse (at accelerated speed now) divisions of it are being phased out while higher dimensions are being anchored in.

The controllers (Agent Smith’s) that serve the Matrix are ramping things up to once again hijack consciousness and deliver it to Artificial Intelligence because that is their true master god.

This piece of art is WRITTEN BY Melissa LaReyna My version of this, you can find here, it's a story about The Great Monkey's mind and its immense stubbornness. If we get this, it's done. We got the keys in our incredible minds, just use the key, yes and unlock the greatest potential within yourself, again, in your great incredible mind, enjoy the Mental Breakdown of everything inside of you, yes. And here is an epic story about how to go back to The Great Source Code & The Great Reset of The Mind, The Great Epic mind capable of building epic simulations. The How to make this happen manual: Wealth Transfer 2.0


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