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Start writing your script, it's your life

Updated: Aug 27

Write your script and live it, if you don’t like it, write a new one or edit the old one, again & again.

Write as many as you want, till you live in the movie you want.

There are endless movies, so try to get a 10 on IMDb.

Don’t be that boring movie, just be the best out there, The Great Original You, again.

You can copy-paste everything & fake it till you make it, but that’s boring. Copy-paste the parts you like and make it better, again. Master it, again.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel all by yourself, know that for a fact. Ask for help if you are stuck and let The Great Separation plays out, if people don’t like your movie, fuck them, and let them go. Most people hate people who do something new and Original, again. Because you show them how fake they are.

So try to write one that is you, The Original You, The Great Creator inside of you. You can get inspiration from others, and use it and change it so it’s The Great Original You, again.

And Pay it Forward.

The Great Pay it Forward 2.0 The Script for the PUVIDA Movement & The Great Unfuck is here.

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