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Principles Maestranza Fund

Updated: Nov 18

Our total focus is on healing all that exists

The mind of the worldwide collective is the base of all the enormous global problems we face today and goes a long way back in time. That’s the only reason why we face a massive collapse in the natural phenomenon and also of the existence of the worldwide collective.

Resets happened and continue to happen because of this loophole in the destructive mindset. History is full of resets and this loophole of destruction is the root of our collective problem, but we can flip this problem into a solution if we just observe the mind.

Fix the mind and its condition

The real problem is our collective mindset and its condition, that’s the real virus, the real sickness and the real disease.

Maestranza Fund

We heal the collective mind and change the mindsets of the global collective.

Tactic & Strategy set our Principles in motion

A tactic is a set of actions towards that goal. A strategy is difficult to change once it has been set in motion. A tactic can easily be adjusted according to changing circumstances. A strategy determines which tactics are appropriate, and not the other way around. We've provided a concise and accurate distinction between tactics and strategies. Here's a breakdown of the key points we mentioned:


  • Tactics are specific actions or steps taken to achieve short-term goals or address immediate challenges.

  • They are more flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances. When the situation evolves, tactics can be adjusted or modified accordingly.

  • Tactics are often the means to implement a strategy and can be thought of as the "how" of achieving objectives.


  • Strategy is a long-term plan or a high-level approach designed to achieve overarching objectives or goals.

  • Strategies are typically more difficult to change once they are set in motion, as they are based on long-term vision and involve significant resources and planning.

  • Strategies determine the broad framework and direction within which tactics are employed. They answer the "what" and "why" questions of achieving objectives.

In summary, strategies provide the overall direction and purpose, while tactics are the specific actions taken to realize that direction. Strategies guide the selection and use of tactics, and tactics can be adjusted or adapted as needed to stay aligned with the strategy. It's essential for organizations and individuals to have a clear innerstanding of both tactics and strategies to achieve their goals effectively.

Monkey Mind

Our in-depth knowledge as a group of individuals, as members of the Maestranza Fund, know the Mindfucks that the global collective is operating in and we have freed ourselves from these delusional monkey mindsets.

Our knowledge and overview of The Great Epic Monkey Mindset will keep the Maestranza Fund Movement free from infiltration of these fools and we will never allow this delusional mindset in. We protect our movement from being hijacked by these fools and the foolery these crazy minds are operating on. Ambassy | Maestranza Fund

That is why, as an ambassy, ​​we create an umbrella of protection around our members. We look after each other to protect our individual role that we have chosen ourselves and we respect this self-chosen role, this manuscript, this script of life by funding this with the Liquidity that this individual needs to unlock its potential. We create a movement based on this self-chosen role in life.

We provide the infrastructure in digital and physical form, the building blocks for connection and the liquidity so that everything can happen and together we make this happen, all based on the principles of the Maestranza Fund and based on the individual role that this individual has chosen in this collective healing process. How can everyone apply to participate in the Maestranza Fund? We only allow ‘’walk the talkers’’ with a proven track record, so we know this individual is who they say they are. Check is in check when checked.

Meaning Principles: A fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behaviour or for a chain of reasoning. It’s all in the Name We call The Flip Movement ‘’Maestranza Fund’’ Meaning of Maestranza in Spanish: people who are around you, helping.

Maestranza means both mastership and employee. The Pink Elephant in the room and we are not operating on this delusion as the Maestranza Fund Team:

Maestranza Fund | Unconditional Infrastructure The New Digital & Physical Infrastructure of the Maestranza Fund will help us discover what we already have and bit by bit we will leave this Digital & Physical Infrastructure of the Maestranza Fund, to refind our inner world and with that, heal what is broken and flip this in the advantage of the whole, to serve the worldwide collective as a whole.

Sjoerd Alblas, Architect of The Maestranza Fund Information flow We make visible what needs to be seen

We reveal what was hidden

We give space to what may be revealed

We connect what was fragmented

We let it flow so it finds its place

We make connecting the dots easy peasy lemon squeezy WORDS THAT FLOW ORGANICALLY, ARE THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF THE NEW PARADIGM Maestranza Fund Media Center

An idea in the mind of an individual is a seed of creation itself

The digital space and physical space of the total Maestranza Fund are designed to give this a place so this idea can be created by the individual.

An idea in the mind of an individual is a seed of creation itself. Our unconditional infrastructure in digital and physical forms holds great respect for these expressions of the individual, making it possible to nurture and reveal them. This script that these individuals have chosen to live as a way of life and aligns with the same goals as our Movement Maestranza Fund, has a home in our Movement so it can be. Examples of the destruction of information:


With the Maestranza Fund Movement, we will overgrow and overcome these lunatic ways of sharing information. How? By living the example: Maestranza Fund | Media Center As seen above, Advertisement Marketing is the killer of information and by definition, colours everything and discolours the message. Therefore it is by definition a form of manipulation that should not take place under any circumstances and will not take place in the Media Center of the Maestranza Fund and the information we share in our infrastructure. Disclosure of source Or we reveal this sponsoring within the description of the information in detail, so we know what the sponsoring is and on what base in detail and can see if the information this individual is sharing is based on experience by success or is offering a success to his individual bank account and this individual is just sponsoring his bank account, again. Organic Marketing

Organic Marketing is the inspiration game and is a way to take what someone has discovered as a solution and give it to someone else, free of charge and without any financial interest because they personally think it's valuable and haev personally experienced that it is valuable. Maestranza Fund | Let’s Go Gatsby

The most important thing “Let's Go Gatsby”


If the collective knows what Organic Marketing is, they use all the powerful conditional digital information grids that The Hunger Game Designers of the PayPal Mafia created. The collective will then start painting the conditional digital information grid with the solution and stop painting the conditional digital information grid by only showing all the insanity.

Showing insanity without the way out, is helping insanity to grow.

If the collective figures this out and is aware of this insanity, we use insanity in combination with the way out, and with that, everything can flip with this epic combination.

From Let's Go Brandon to Let's Go Gatsby

When people say “Let's Go Gatsby” or “Go Gatsby”, they mean that it's time to live life to the fullest. To Go Gatsby is to embrace life and live it up because tomorrow isn't promised to anyone. The digital options The digital world is a world without any boundaries and full of potential and if we have all the ingredients right at our fingertips, we can build any reality.

The digital unconditional reality options to infinity | Endless Expansion The digital unconditional reality we create within the infrastructure of the Maestranza Fund, will give the individual the option to play with the elements that are presented and play the role that this individual wants to play in this physical reality that we all share as a worldwide collective. They will take full responsibility for this self-chosen role and make their role publicly known, own it completely and this script of life, as a self-chosen role in life, is possible within the Maestranza Fund infrastructure. This way these individuals can do what they focus on in this self-chosen role and take full responsibility for this self-chosen role. OUR PRINCIPLES

We know who we are and with this knowledge, we Build Back Better a Digital and Physical Unconditional World together. So we can create in the physical world what we laid down in the digital world, as our state of mind and as our present, to serve the whole, to serve the worldwide collective.


Peace of Mind This way we can have our own state of mind, own our state of mind and create what this mind wants to give the collective, as an expression of this unconditional mindset.

The Natural Phenomenon of Creation The Natural Creation process applies to every creation process. When we observe the organic Natural phenomenon in nature, we innerstand the normal way of Life and The Cosmos, again. This way we can Separate Ourselves from The Great Delusional Conditional Mindsets out there, that know nothing anymore and are in complete denial of everything. Maestranza Fund | Healing Centers

''Watch The Water''

As you know, water is always here and is always flowing from one form to another, one place to another, providing the building blocks everything needs, so it can grow into what it potentially already is. Water will never leave, it’s always here, no matter how much you use, it will stay here on Planet Earth.

And if you let it flow, it can give life to everything. Flowing is the key, no flow no life, too much flow and it destroys life, natural flow and you get the circle of life itself.

Water is an infrastructure that can hold many different identities, it’s a technology itself that is neutral, but as soon as you use it, it will transform into the building block you need. Liquidity "quality of being liquid"

Flowing is life itself Be like water

We’ve got this This is The Flip Movement Maestranza Fund, which makes everything possible, again. WELCOME TO A NEW ERA OF FLOWING YOU | ME | US We are one, in separate forms, but as one family of creators

“Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn't.”

Wealth Transfer 2.0

Value Exchange | Total Recall Mainstream | Data Recovery Center

Donations options at the moment: Stellar Address | Maestranza Fund MaestranzaFund* GCHS4JRNZOLG7IYSDMZM2ITZQQJAG4K2UHOOJ2IXUFM4I5ESJEJHAJQN Stellar Expert

Our European bank account:

IBAN: NL18 BUNQ 2099 4583 32

Bank: Bunq


Name: S. Alblas Sjoerd Alblas Founder and CEO Maestranza Fund Why do we use Bunq? Simple and based on their own Quote & Principles and we're going to test it in reality: Bunq is the bank of The Free, built by and created for independent thinkers, people who want every tomorrow to be better than today, for themselves, their loved ones, and for the world as a whole. So I will use it because: ''It Sounds pretty awesome to me and kind of the same state of mindset'' as what I have in mind with Maestranza Fund. And so far I'm experiencing this as a fact and call it Magic. Important Note: Maestranza Fund is not registered in any ''official'' way, and we will never be, because we will be the real official way and create a new unconditional digital reality based on freedom and unconditional love outside of the controlled matrix grid we find ourselves in. We can only create The New World if we build a new digital unconditional grid outside of the controlled simulation and mindsets. We can do that by stopping complying with the system of destruction and by stopping complying with insanity. And so I do because I'm a sovereign awesome Being & Creator. Maestranza Fund Email Address YOU NEVER CHANGE THINGS BY FIGHTING THE EXISTING REALITY. TO CHANGE SOMETHING BUILD A NEW MODEL THAT MAKES THE EXISTING MODEL OBSOLETE.

We are at a Crossroads as a Worldwide Collective and have to Separate ourselves from Evil

In Lak ‘esh More information about the Movement | Maestranza Fund:



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