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Pay Attention

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You don't know what you don't know, but you can know everything again, if you choose to, in the great now.

In the great now you can and must go back to heal what you have done, and this way you relieve yourself from all the things you did. This will set you free and the other(s) too.

This can happen in reality or in your great awesome mind. But if we own everything we did and still do, we can see and know clearly; it is and always was there, we just didn't see it because we didn't know it was there, all the time.

It is not possible to destroy who you really are and that is a fact. Who you really are is untouchable, but you can put a cover on who you really are. This is what we did and many still do and that is the reason we judge others by what they do.

The evilest creators, in fact anti-creators, don't know what they are doing and are completely locked in this insane destruction mindset and as a result, they destroy everything in epic form.

We need to know and we need to put them in the space where they belong, and then we need to forgive them for everything and see from a different perspective why they do what they do.

Focus on this Remember Link Tree and find the way back to yourself

If you pay really close attention you will see everything again and see what's going on. But if you don't pay attention, you won’t see anything at all.

Only the beings who observe everything will find the deep layers in everything and make a clear and focused distinction between the only two choices there are. They choose wisely and consciously, avoid the conditional mindset and conditional way of life and make the collective aware of it.

Because The Great Collective has no idea what’s going on at this moment in time, that's a fact, whether you believe it or not.

Be part of The Great Collectivetarian for The Great Unconditional Grid, so we can assist The Unaware Great Collective because they are our Family and it's our responsibility to be there for them when they find out what's going on and feel completely lost.

Prepare and be there for them with a warm and open heart and know that they didn't know. They didn't know it because they were in a state of great hypnosis and psychosis and we can completely break this Spell if we assist in this Collective Mental Breakdown. In lak'ech.

The Conditional Mindset is like a Black Hole in the Cosmos, only someone else can set them free because clearly, the majority is unable to do it themselves.

It's like falling in the water and you can't swim, someone else has to dive in the water to save you, but the more people are watching you drowning, the more chance no one will save you, Will you be there?

The Remember Movement

The meaning of Pay Attention: to watch, to listen to, or think about something or someone carefully or with interest; If you don't pay attention now, you'll get it all wrong later.

Master your Life, again and Remember Who You Really Are.

Be a Member of the Remember Movement. It’s a Big Movement & you are already in it, but maybe you forget about it, but you can join, again, if you join The Great Movement of Remembering who you really are. You can do it yourself (Remember Link Tree with all the manuscripts that present a big puzzle into you, the original you for free) , but if you need assistance, we will be there to guide you, to you, again.

This is a private Telegram Group of beings who Remember or want to Remember, again.

All information and recorded Live conversations remain in the Private Remember Group, so you can always circle back whenever you want. The larger this group becomes, the more questions and answers are available for the collective of active knowers. More reliable information will be available to guide us as a collective that makes the choice into This New Paradigm, an Unconditional Mindset and An Unconditional way of life, again.

In this private ''Remember Movement'' Telegram group you can ask anything. I’m a vessel of information to decode The Great Monkey mind & quickly get to the source code with you, so ask & it is given.

Place yourself in a space that is quiet and has high-speed internet and prepare; research everything that I offer in mind and The Great Unfuck Movement. It’s all in plain sight for the eyes that see, again.

Our vision with The Great Remember Movement

Our vision with this Private Members Only Telegram Group is that we empower each other & pay it forward with what we know so that consciousness can grow in abundance and we work together to build this new paradigm of the unconditional grid, again, in all that exists in this physical reality.

By the way, this is the code of pay it forward in Gematria.

We also explain the importance of Gematria in the Remember movement.

Most of the time we work on our own island and we don’t see each other, so we think we are alone in this Great Awakening Game we find ourselves in, but that’s just an illusion.

With the Remember Movement, we want to offer our knowledge and show you that you know this too. Questions help you to get out of the stuckness and we know that Great Teachers can share information, lived by themselves with years of experience, within a very short amount of time. With all questions and information centred in one place, we are open to Remembering, again, so we grow together into this new Paradigm and learn to speak the same language, again and Dance Together.

The Awakening Song is already ready.

We also see that most beings are stuck in The Great Delusional Monkey Mind and we want to assist in decoding this monkey mind and get the mind back to its original state, again, so that you become who you really are.

Collect all your questions and ask them in the private group, so we can give, as we are a vessel of information and knowledge and we are happy to share so we all can Remember, again, that we are all Great Creators and stop fooling ourselves with the monkey mind full of delusions, nonsense and layers of insanity. This way you learn to decode what needs to remain or be Remembered and say goodbye to all the layers of insanity forever.

Know one fact, ask and it is given. We are givers by design because we are here to implement the Paradigm of Unconditional Love in all that exists, no compromises for us. We know that this is the only paradigm we are moving towards as the great collective, whether you believe it or not. So bring your questions and together as members of the Remember Movement, we know the answers have all been there for a long time. Yes 🫡

How to join the Remember Movement

Transfer a one-time investment of €369 to:

NL82 BUNQ 2291 6371 69

S. Alblas

On request, a live conversation in English is possible every day. You can ask anything and get all the answers, in live form and with links to the source of everything in the chat. So all your questions will be covered.

Eenmalige investering van €369 overmaken op:

NL82 BUNQ 2291 6371 69

S. Alblas

Op aanvraag is er iedere dag een live gesprek in het Nederlands mogelijk. Je kan alles vragen en ik kan op alles antwoorden, aangezien ik van alles iets weet en daarnaast zal ik de linkjes, waarover we het hebben, toevoegen in de chat, zodat je alles gebundeld bij elkaar heb, voor het overzicht en de juiste stappen voor alles.

You can also use the Lobstr app to transfer the payment and send it to our Lobstr account.

Partners can join together as one, so join as a couple for €369

After the transfer, leave a message in the comments of this post If you joined together with your partner, write down their Telegram username too.

Once the payment is received, we add you to the private ''Remember Movement'' Telegram Group within 24 hours.

Please, save all your questions & ask them in the ''Remember Movement'' Questions about how to join or other related questions you can ask in this post and we will get back to you. See you on the other side.

Want to know who you really are in Gematria?

With great fun, I will show you how epic you are and how many options you have to infinity. And all the options are hidden in your name. And your name is an inspirational dance that you played with your parents before you came here in this physical reality. Type in your First and Last name in Gematria and you get all the conditional options and unconditional options. The trick is to flip the conditional options and live a life based on your unconditional options. So you live a life in Peace and harmony and love for yourself and everything that exists. Let me know if you need assistance in showing you how epic and awesome you are, yes. Personal one-on-one assistance: If you need personal one-on-one assistance, just send me a DM on Instagram or in This Telegram post in the comments. I will send you my telephone number and get back to you as soon as possible, to make the connection with you real quick, so you are prepared and know yourself, again. But before this can happen just offer a pre-payment of €50 on my ⬆️ bank account and the connection can occur. The first half hour is covered with this prepayment of €50 and after half an hour, the investment in yourself is €2 a minute. This way you and I create a win-win for the both of us. That’s the real win-win. You get what you need, to get into your great potential, again, with the connection with me, that shows you that it’s all there within you. But like a seed, the whole potential that is there needs water to unlock this potential. This is my water to unlock your potential, because I’m a great potential creator in all that exists, and with Unconditional Love and focus on you, I will give all I have to you, so you can be the original you, again. Yes.

Your Teacher

The Master 118 In Gematria:

Sjoerd Alblas An explanation of The Great Gematria:

Gematria is The Most Epic Decode Tool you can use for the great epic Decoding of reality. You can use it for words, names, links from The World Wide Web or whatever you want to decode. An awesome code is: News Illusions, The Great Revealing Code 56

Michael Jackson made the song ABC, about this Gematria tool

The beauty about the Gematria tool is that you can find similarities in words with the same value and with these similarities you know that reality is simpler than you can imagine, you just get to know what is what, and we are in The Great What is What Show in the first place, so just use this Awesome Tool Gematria for everything, whatever you want to decode, but start with decoding yourself with your full name.

It’s all in The Name

Because we as creators can choose what we do, are and where we focus on. We have basically two options: Line up with The Conditional Mindset, and you will get a lunatic illogical life or line up with The Unconditional Mindset and you will find logic and yourself, again and you Remember who you really are. The options in both choices you can make are captured in your code in Gematria and your name is your code, whether you believe it or not.

Proof of Sjoerd Alblas in Gematria:

All 118 in Gematria Ordinal

Numbers Game 118:

The Script

The Matrix | I've flipped this rigged conditional game with Puvida










Separation | I separate the things that I don't like and connect the things I do like And many more, because I'm an infinite creator, like you. Just check out your associated code words in The Great Numbers Game Gematria and find all your options. It's all in Your Full Name.

How they turned Unconditional Love into a contract: That's why a woman needs to get the man's surname, so she becomes a slave from the man, It's designed by the church (the conditional grid builders) and then the system (govemrments) repeat that same lunatic contract. Now Unconditional Love becomes a contract, how bizarre. The proof of this lunatic contract is a failure rate of 42% -53% worldwide. It's a Cult

Okay, I'm digressing a bit, depending on how you look at it.

Be The God & Goddes with me.

Because You Are Unconditional Love, You just have to Remember it, again.

Who is Sjoerd Alblas: The world’s first “walk the talk” CEO at the PUVIDA Movement. Because all the other CEOs are proven to be professional Pinocchio’s and basically only build a new mindfuck of the great conditional hunger games, again & again.

Reality is created by perceptions & we create perceptions with our minds, but who owns our thoughts? Who can play an entire simulation in their mind to experience what it will look like when created in reality?

And if you own your mind, what words do you use?

Together we will see that this new game is only possible if we stop manipulating and playing the game of the conditional mind that destroys everything, again & again.

We will help each other because being a member of knowing who you really are, takes an immense responsibility for your own life, again. You can never go back if you find the keys to your mind and unlock the great potential, again & you only want to help all the slaves & zombies that are still stuck in The Conditional Matrix grid.

This Remember Movement will Grow immensely because we know what is at stake here.


It can't go wrong, so just do it and believe in yourself, again & again, You are AWESOME.

Believe it or not, we are in The Great Beautiful End Game, again.

Things are ramping up faster and faster, again, so you have to make a choice, again & again in the great now. Stop making sense and wasting time and join the awakening.

It's time and know: you are not alone, just go for it, alone or make the connection with a knower.

With Unconditional Love,

Sjoerd Alblas Let there be Peace, again Play List

Just take it, that's what's inside of you and get the shit out.

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