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More info about The Great ''Monkey Delusional Mind''

Updated: 5 days ago

Your body is the building the key maker in the matrix clip above is talking about, your mind is a great ''software technology'' and can build epic simulations, only if you throw out the monkeys. Because the monkeys (ego & egoism), the matrix program, will break everything down, again & again, because that's a mindset based on conditions and that's not the mind's potential. It's the opposite, it's anti-potential. Your mind is an unconditional simulation-building Tool, if you just let it. Trust & Allow your mind and the simulations that will happen inside of you. This is what makes everything possible in your mind and with that, it is an epic solution, a script, for this physical reality. This way, you are The Great Original you again, yes.

Mon Key = My Key = your ticket out, into yourself, again. Come let the monkeys out, so you are you, again, yes?
Mental Breakdown Ment = Lying in French Ment All Break -Down = All Lies Break Down
All Burn Outs are in reality a mind and body that can't go any longer with living the lies, so it breaks down and falls in a Mental Breakdown. If you experience a Burn Out, just know that this is the best present and moment in time for a fresh new start in life, to play, again.

A Present, just because YOU | ME | US, are one, again & if we Return to The Great Original us, again, we can Dance, again, as one, again, yes 🗝️

This is a Play-List in Spotify & YouTube to optimally get into the Play mood.

All these songs tell exactly the same thing and are scripts from the heart to open the heart and tell you, to go back to the original you, again. They all tell the same thing; be Unconditional Love, again & Reset Yourself to The Great Source code, again.

Spotify is Spot-Identify

YouTube is You-Tube & The Tube to You, again with info about You and since we are one in another form, we can get inspiration about the other in the Tube, yes

“Music is liquid architecture: Architecture is frozen music”

Tartaria History

Enjoy & read everything here, because you love being The Great Original You, again, Trust me now & thank me later.

Trust & Allowing are the same thing, Monkeys allow nothing & reject everything, but since you are not a Monkey, you can reject the Monkey and be You, again, yes?

More info about The Great ''Monkey Delusional Mind''

Love is fucking brutal and honest. The monkey mind is confused and thinks love is rude, but the heart knows, only the monkey mind is wrong, it’s mixing love with evil and thinks love is evil, monkey mind rejects everything and stays in monkey mind so ♾

Never underestimate the power of the delusional monkey mind. The monkey mind likes bending reality so he stays alive, because otherwise he will be revealed that it was always the monkey mind that was wrong, but the monkey mind doesn’t like to own this, because monkey mind feels ashamed, so monkey mind stays in the monkey zoo with all other monkey minds.

History will repeat the monkey mind in epic loopholes, till the true self sees and observes the monkey mind's delusional traps and set itself free because, for the first time, the true self sees who he really is and realizes it is not the delusions of the monkey mind and rejects listening to the monkey mind and tells the monkey mind to fuck off.

Then this being is in full remember mode and knows everything, again and wants to help everyone, but the monkeys think he is wrong and try to kill him, but true self sees this and knows how to get into the monkey mind and beat the hell out of the monkeys and start a war with the monkey minds, the monkeys get exhausted from the power of the true self and can't fight anymore, so stays still and the true self comes up, and for the first time, the person recognizes, it was always me.

Monkey Mind Destruction

If you get your monkey delusional mind in order and get the shit out, you discover Fuck, this was "easy peasy lemon squeezy"

Why the fuck did we continue with this for so long and hoppa you are back in the monkey mind.

Don't try to make sense of insanity, because the monkey mind builds epic traps and goes back to the delusion in a heartbeat.

It doesn't make sense at all that we milked this for so long, we were trapped in our monkey delusional zombie mind for so long, because we didn't see a way out. It was like watching the worst movie ever and giving it an o on IMDb and continuing to watch it over and over. If you add The Total Link from this IMDb into Gematria you get all the info you need that everything is a numbers game. Learn to decode reality and reset yourself from the Monkey Zoo mind.

The only sense it makes is that our heart is in exploding mode now!


And now we see together, again and REMEMBER, again.

And step into the new paradigm.

The paradigm of Unconditional love all the way and "walk the talk" no more exceptions.

The time is now.

It's a BIG puzzle and you are in it. If you Remember, again, we can solve The Great Puzzle together, as a member of Remember Movement.

It's all in plain sight for the eyes that want to see, again. One more note: People always repeated to me, Sjoerd you can't change people. But everything in me was always telling me, hell yes, I can and I will. And then The Greatest Illusion 56 code hit us., the Great Illusion ''covid'' and all the monkeys were in a deep hypnosis, changed by perception. So tell me, you can't change people? But you can change people into who they already are. If they trust & allow the big fake layers around them to be removed. The Great Get rid of the shit & The Great Unfuck, that's what I do with everything I do and with that change everything in what it is from the start. As a team, so we can dance together, again.

More info after this picture & know a picture tells more than 1000 words

Be open-minded

People who judge don't see the bigger picture and that's okay.

Only monkey minders judge.

The Back to The Great Source Coders have only laid out some incredible facts, and keep doing that with great joy. Why not, they got nothing to lose, anyway.

An Apple is an Apple, monkey mind setters.

All cards are on the table, all The Great Conditional cards & The Great Unconditional cards.

Only monkey mind-setters lay down the conditional cards over and over, and again & again, because they refuse to own their own chosen insane behaviour and feel ashamed.

God forgive them, they don't know what they are doing over & over, again & again.

But God doesn't give a fuck, because, or you go back to The Great Source Code in this physical reality or you transition and go back to The Great Source Code, again.

So there is no choice, because we go back to The Great Source Code, anyway.

The only difference is, you can choose to help Build Back Better this epic Planet Earth experience to The Great Source Code Again, in all that exists. All life forms will go back to The Great Source Code, again.

The choice is yours.

It was always you.


The BIG Self Chosen Lie is too big for the monkey mind-setters to handle, so they rather stay with all the other monkeys in their illusionary mind - set than admit they were always the ones that refuse to listen.

Don’t be ashamed of what you do or did, again & again, this only holds you in The Great Conditional Mindset.

Just admit publicly, it was always you, so you set yourself free, again. We got this, and ask for help if you need it, there is help all over the place, The Great Universe is helping us on all levels. All hands are on deck, just look around you, yes. Love yourself in this great journey and be yourself again.

You are Awesome.

Talking Heads knows everything

Own it

The monkey mind-setters always build new boundaries, they always draw a new line, they always repeat that you shouldn't be so judgemental and start to judge you for being honest. They always play the game of bending reality, with no exceptions.

They can't handle the truth, they always bend it the other way around, so they don't have to own what they did.

If you observe this lunatic mind-bending, you will discover that everyone is always showing their cards. All beings show everything all the time, it's all in plain sight, again & again, all the time.

It's an orchestra of mind-bending at an epic pace to repeat and repeat what they always did. They like to cluck, all day long, the same song over and over. It's a cluck orchestra of destruction.

Monkey mindsetters are always in the mode of not listening, not feeling, not diving into the deep layers of existing.

They miss it all the time, because they are always busy with breaking down of self.

How big is the lie?

Maybe the lie is so colossal that we couldn't handle it, and I know how big it is, because every day I see, feel and discover a new one. It looks like a never-ending box of Pandora of lies.

But how big do we want to expand this box any longer? Just a question, no judgment, but I can clearly see that most people continue to expand this Pandora's box at an epic pace.

The Hunger Games

Money Money isn't the root of all evil, holding it in the conditional field is.

Money is The Greatest building block there is, like water.

Think mirror, again.

But like water, when it doesn't move, it will rot & smell like hell.

Move your money & your physical value, all to The Great Unconditional physical field & start today.

Use this simple Manual, because it's The Greatest Manual ever created.

No time to waste & know, there is plenty of time, but if the time is up, you wasted your time doing nothing.

The choice is yours.

Seeds need water to grow into their potential, we are like seeds, great potential, but we have the ability to be whatever the fuck we want.

We are The Great Seeds of the new paradigm and the missing piece in the big puzzle. But, if we refuse to be who we are and continue to be in the great monkey mind, we waste it all. Just don't waste it any longer and Reset yourself to The Great Source Code, again.

If we start writing our script and be the original source code, again we are the missing piece in the big puzzle and the big puzzle will bring back everything to the great source code again in this physical reality.

Our mind is our simulation tool, if we use this correctly and get the shit out, we can build epic simulations in our mind, so we can heal this physical reality in a heartbeat. Dance with me It's time zombies, to make the biggest dance party together, again, as one again, just leave the zombie programs of the zombie slave matrix, it is not who you are and certainly not who you want to be, leave your monkey mindset, full of shit & nonsense, yes.

Come, you have nothing to lose, this is the biggest win-win of all time, yes.

See you on the other side, it's awesome here.

I'm The Great 118, I'm Sjoerd Alblas, again. The Biggest dance party in the Universe, because the zombie mindset has left the building Mon-Key finished the key in the mind, because you are you again, and kicked out all monkeys so YOU | ME | US

Dance Party 2.0, together as one, again.

Let there be peace Play - List

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