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Meaning of Censor

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

It's an act of violence to Censor, Block or Erase. Censor and the awesome facts. The meaning of Censor is explained for the uninformed collective, who deny reality, deny the words they use and deny that everything is in plain sight and deny that they can flip everything themselves. Pay Attention or not and continue with the loophole of problems you create yourself.


An official who examines books, films, news, etc. that are about to be published and suppresses any parts that are considered obscene, politically unacceptable, or a threat to security. "the report was approved by the military censors"



(in ancient Rome) either of two magistrates who held censuses and supervised public morals.


Examine (a book, film, etc.) officially and suppress unacceptable parts of it. "The report had been censored ‘in the national interest’"

delete parts of it

Censor in Gematria ♾ Epic info of all the similarities with other words with the same meaning. Bizar that we don't know what we don't know but use words on a daily matter, without knowing ''what is what''. It's in plain sight.

More bizarre that the majority knows, feels and talks about problems, but doesn't give a fuck about solutions, they rather repeat the problem, than admit that they themselves were the problem and repeat the problem, again & again. The Law of Action is to stop playing the victim card, over and over and again and again, and do something totally different, so you break with insanity. Enjoy the Mental Breakdown, yes. Mental Breakdown = Ment = Lying in French = Ment All Break - Down = All Lies Break Down So a Burn Out is basicly a Mental Breakdown

PO Cencor what Mental Breakdown means or not and stay uninformed. Copy Paste

Do you innerstand the principle that at some point the victim becomes the perpetrator of whom he was previously the victim?

And do you innerstand the problem, that at a certain point the focus on the problem causes you to lose sight of the solution?

It looks like a black hole, which sucks you into the hole you actually want to stay away from.

In short, are you still clear about whether you want to contribute to the solution? Because you certainly had that intention when you started to focus on the problem, otherwise you didn’t focus on the problem in the first place.

The phenomenon of not allowing someone in, is a form of Censor. And the reason for Censor is always not wanting to face the problem that you create or in which you play a role.

This is different from removing yourself from a problem or situation that you do not want to be or find yourself in. There is no Censoring there, that is purely a choice to remove yourself from that situation, but you don't close anything, you are still open to the other.

No Censor is closing, removing yourself or separating yourself from a situation is purely going in a different direction, without closing yourself off. It's a rudder.

What’s your rudder?

All copyrights are an act of violence. Because you have the right to copy anything and it's illegal to lock this potential. We discover and learn and copy what is there in the first place and we start with this phenomenon from the moment we arrive here in this physical reality. The only question is, what do we copy & paste? The conditional phenomenon or the unconditional phenomenon? The choice is yours and it all started from the moment you arrived here in this physical reality. By the way, I have no respect for the status quo, so if you feel judged, it's up to you, I just present facts with great joy and I will keep doing that with great joy and love doing that with great joy.

The only choice we can make to protect our unconditional way of life is to separate us from the conditional mindsetters, who have no respect at all, for our way of life and violently force us to comply with their lunatic ways of living and destroying themselves.

Fine by me, by the way, but leave us alone and live your life the way you want with your crazy laws, rules and all kinds of self-chosen blocks of potential.

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