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Maestranza Fund Media Center Principles

Updated: Nov 18

1. Maestranza Fund Media Center

It is of great importance that both the digital and physical infrastructure be financed by the Maestranza Fund (MF), and that the necessary resources for the Maestranza Fund Media Center are also owned by the MF.

This ensures the purpose of the MF, as described in the MF Principles.

The individual producers working with the MF share the same goal as the MF, but the way they implement it is based on their individual script.

In a way, the individual, self-written script forms the common goal we cherish in this collaboration, allowing us to achieve our collective objective.

Minimal Compensation Structure Maestranza Fund

Individuals working at or hired by the MF have the freedom to determine their own compensation, but there is a minimum rate of €50 per hour, regardless of the role.

This compensation is tax-exempt, and we actively encourage everyone working with or for us to choose this option. We will even assist in facilitating it, so that individuals can retain their right to compensation without the tax authorities' fraud or robbery, allowing the money to be spent as desired.

Use of Resources

The MF provides resources that can be freely deployed. Individuals have the choice to use these resources for both the MF itself and their own individual channels. This choice is based on the individually chosen script that each individual creates.

Individual producers, who work for both the MF and manage their own individual channels, have complete freedom to use the resources financed by the MF without limitations.

2. Separation of Content

Within the MF there is a strict separation between two types of content:

  • Content that is in line with the principles of the MF.

  • Content that belongs to producers' own individual channels.

This separation is based on both the individual principles of the producers and the principles of the MF. The Maestranza Fund has one all-encompassing focus: healing all that exists.

The fundamental principle of freedom of action and the opportunity for an individual to make their own voice heard is at all times central to the structure of the MF.

3. Advertising Marketing

Within MF Originals it is excluded to provide advertising marketing to content that is shared within MF Originals (and corresponds to the principles of the MF).

However, individual producers have complete freedom to apply advertising marketing to their own individual channels. The MF bears no responsibility for this choice and has no influence on it.

A special area will be created in MF's digital infrastructure in which this information is clearly displayed. This offers consumers complete transparency about the extent to which the information flow has been influenced by advertising marketing.

Whether or not this area is filled is the responsibility of both the individual producer and speaker of the information. The MF does not check this. However, consumers have the opportunity to write reviews that provide insight into this advertising marketing, revealing the reliability of the information flow within the entire MF infrastructure.

4. The Digital Infrastructure

The MF digital platform offers two types of content: content that is in line with the principles of the MF which we call MF Originals, and content for their own individual channel of the individual producer who uses the MF platform.

For the individual channel, use can be made of the digital and physical infrastructure and resources that the MF makes available free of charge. Within the individual channel, there is complete freedom of action and choice of content, without any form of censorship. However, there is respect for each other's different principles and freedom of action.

In summary, MF's digital platform has a content structure within which the MF has its own content, the so-called MF Originals, produced and financed by the MF Team. In addition, individual producers use their own channels, where they create and share content in an individual way, while using the resources made available by the MF.

This situation applies to both the physical spaces that serve as creative workplaces and the digital infrastructure of the MF. Both the physical and digital elements together form the MF's digital platform, which provides space for the production and distribution of content, both by the MF and by individual producers.

5. Maestranza Fund Originals

The productions produced with the MF resources, as well as purchased content from other producers that support the mission and vision of the MF, contribute to the global effort to empower individuals, based on information, to rediscover themselves and to follow their own path in their individual healing process.

Maestranza Fund Originals extensive range of content provides a comprehensive overview of the possibilities for healing, in the broadest possible context. This gives individuals around the world the freedom to explore different healing paths. This enables them to find their own way to the various healing possibilities, which become visible as an invitation in both the digital and physical world.

6. Copyright Maestranza Fund

There is no copyright within the Maestranza Fund. In other words, the (purchased) content that the MF offers to the collective, within Maestranza Fund Originals, can be used freely, including by the producer. The producer can of course also determine his own financial earnings from this content. This freedom to use all content of the MF applies at all times, both within and outside the MF Movement.

Even if the MF has borne the full production costs of the content and the producer has contributed to its creation, the independent producer always retains the freedom to use the content at his own discretion and for different purposes. They can host or even sell this content on their own channel, without financial restrictions.

The content that the MF owns within MF Originals, due to its financing, is always exempt from copyright and is considered the property of the MF but is a public domain and can be used freely by anyone.

This mutual agreement creates numerous possibilities, allowing financial flows to be used independently and autonomously in multiple chosen ways. This creates an abundance of content and financial opportunities because we consciously do not allow any restrictions within the MF Movement on copyright.

7. How does the Maestranza Fund pay for this infrastructure?

The MF will initially finance this infrastructure through donations from investors in the Covid-19 vaccinations. The donations have been transferred by these investors to the MF to facilitate this infrastructure. In the future, when the QFS financial system is implemented worldwide, as a new financial system for the global collective, financial resources will also be available to the MF through donations from the QFS. This allows the MF to continue to facilitate its digital platform based on our principles, which means that the MF can always facilitate unconditional flow.

8. Principles set in Stone Maestranza Fund

These principles will remain unchanged at all times and are core to the mission and vision of the MF. Failure to uphold these principles would result in the loss of the MF's right to exist and the entire mission and vision that the MF has set itself.

9. Pay Attention options within the Maestranza Fund unconditional digital infrastructure

Within the MF's unconditional digital infrastructure. there are opportunities for individuals to earn money. The MF's digital infrastructure has its own message and pays for or uses existing content for content creation or purchases existing created content from a producer. This content is then displayed within Maestranza Fund Originals.

An individual channel of a producer who has his own individual media and follows his own path based on his own individual way of working, can use the MF platform.

The use of the MF platform is free for individual producers, and they have complete freedom of what they want to broadcast, without any form of Censor. They are also free to determine how they want to manage their financial flows. Within the principles of the MF as described in point 1.

As producers, they have the option to offer content free or via donations or paid content via a one-off payment by the consumer or via a subscription. This subscription could even be a subscription model linked to other producers.

For example, all producers can have one subscription model together and we facilitate the distribution key based on viewing figures within MF's digital infrastructure, within which they offer their own content, but retain their own individual channels.

Financial flow can be set up at an individual level within the producer's channel settings on the MF platform, which is made available free of charge by the MF to those producers.

100% of the potential income goes directly to the producer.

The MF platform enables automatic financial transactions based on the producer's chosen business model. Producers can freely share these financial flows without any fees or restrictions imposed by the MF.

The MF automatically facilitates these financial transfers to the producer's individual bank account, ensuring seamless peer-to-peer financial interactions within the MF digital infrastructure. Producers have the flexibility to configure these settings as per their preferences without any fees or restrictions from the MF, provided their objectives align with those outlined in point 1.

Maestranza Fund Originals

The MF provides all its content for free within Maestranza Fund Originals but welcomes user donations and will create a subscription model if consumers want to pay attention because they feel the value and want to offer an exchange to the Maestranza Fund Originals Movement so more organic marketing as the great inspiration game of the worldwide healing process can be documented in documentaries. In the future, the MF may potentially charge for curated videos.

10. Commitment and individual Script

Individuals must provide a detailed description of the role they intend to play within the MF and the value they aim to contribute. This should be documented in their own written script.

The script includes:

  • The specific role the individual will undertake within the MF.

  • The division of their efforts between MF-related tasks and their personal activities (in percentages).

  • The desired monthly compensation for their contributions within the MF.

  • An overview of the content already created in alignment with the MF's principles, with detailed explanations for each film, documentary, video, or photo, including durations.

  • The desired financial compensation for the previously created content.

  • Stored data (what and how much).

  • The desired compensation for the stored data and the transfer of this value to the MF, as determined by the producer.

11. The MF infrastructure as an unconditional flowing tool

This digital and physical infrastructure serves as an unconditional flowing tool for facilitating and enabling information and financial flows. By offering this digital and physical infrastructure within the MF platform, there is space created where every producer or individual can create and consume their own flows free of charge. The MF provides a complete pathway to steer the mainstream in the only correct direction, which is the direction determined by the individual. The MF facilitates this without limitations and in every conceivable way based on the principles of the Maestranza Fund so we can heal the landscape and heal all that exists in this physical reality we all share as a worldwide collective.

This is to ensure and enable the flow unconditionally, allowing individuals to make their own choices regarding interactions between producers and consumers.

Disregard rules and instead, embrace the principles of an unconditionally liberated way of life, again.

At Maestranza Fund, we honor the freedom to follow one's own individual path, and this principle remains our unwavering goal.

We are committed to eliminating the monkey mind - eradicating its deceptive thought patterns - and we will steadfastly protect the MF Movement from its infiltration.

We will own everything and be happy, both as individuals and together as members of the Maestranza Fund Movement.


#SemperSupra 💫

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