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Updated: Nov 29

Let's start with one example of how ideas flow within a space designed for ideas:

Maestranza Fund | Investment Investors The investment, facilitated through donations, enabled the construction of a new infrastructure designed to facilitate the flow of wealth and individual values, respecting individual perspectives. This infrastructure ensures that important viewpoints can be conveyed to recipients interested in them. The amalgamation of these diverse original perspectives creates a collective puzzle, allowing us to collectively observe and choose our unique paths in the healing process. This individualized journey is pursued without the imposition of a control system or guidelines dictating right or wrong. Maestranza Fund through donations by investors Global investors involved in the Covid vaccine bioweapons have until December 20th to withdraw their investments, as outlined in Executive Order 13818 by the Trump administration. The Maestranza Fund provides an option for these investors to donate their investment and returns, enabling the fund to develop a solution for the global collective, free from the influences of the conditional system. Maestranza Fund funded by the QFS Following this brief timeframe, the new financial system, the unconditional QFS, becomes available for the collective to facilitate healing and the reconstruction of an unconditional way of life. The decision to utilize this window of opportunity lies with the investors and the assistance of the global collective. It is a critical moment to either contribute to the benefit of the worldwide collective or squander the precious Law of Action in favor of the whole. Crossroads

This crossroad marks a pivotal moment for the global collective, and the unfolding events will reveal the choices we make and how they shape our collective evolution.

What is What?

Meaning Paying Attention

An Apple is an Apple and the not-knowers of What is What have a hard time knowing and acknowledging this simple undeniable fact. So let's start with the fucking facts, so we get out of the great mindfuck and start with The Great Unfuck.

Meaning idea

A thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action.

"The idea of linking pay to performance has caught on"

Any conception existing in the mind as a result of mental innerstanding, awareness, or activity. a thought, conception, or notion: That is an excellent idea. More information about the meaning of a mind and all the options and an idea in the mind, can be found in the meaning of words catalogue Etymonline.

WHO's emblem was chosen by the First World Health Assembly in 1948. The emblem consists of the United Nations symbol surmounted by a staff with a snake coiling round it.

The staff with the snake has long been a symbol of medicine and the medical profession. It originates from the story of Asclepius, who was revered by the ancient Greeks as a god of healing and whose cult involved the use of snakes. Asclepius, incidentally, was so successful at saving lives that, the legend goes, Hades the god of the underworld complained about him to the supreme god Zeus who, fearing that the healer might make humans immortal, killed Asclepius with a thunderbolt.

Trump About the WHO The World Health Organization has become nothing more than a corrupt globalist scam paid for by the United States but OWNED and controlled by China.

When the China Virus reached our shores three years ago, the World Health Organization disgracefully covered the tracks of the Chinese Communist Party every step of the way...

Why the Maestranza Fund?

As presented by the Trump administration in Executive Order 13818—Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption there will be an aftermath because this whole pandemic and vaccine story is already proven to be so dualistic, that it is inevitable that there will be consequences. The consequences will be mainly for the supporters of all of this, who made it possible and were behind it. If the ones involved decide to continue on their current course, according to our calculations they will lose everything. Not by us, but by previously mentioned outside forces.

The choice is theirs, but if they don't make the choice now, eventually someone else will make the choice for them. And we know that that is the reality of Executive Order 13818 On both sides of the spectrum: Nothing can stop what's coming.

Meaning and similarities of Code 56, all News Illusions boxed together Project Looking Glass | Nothing can stop what's coming Trump reads "The Snake" poem

The Plandemic The Plandemic continues, but its origins are still a nefarious mystery. How did the world get sick, how did Covid-19 really spread, did Covid-19 really spread or what it mostly created by the fake PCR tests, and did the total lunatic sick elite tell the world about this bioweapon ahead of time? Dr. Bryan Ardis has unveiled a shocking connection between this Plandemic and the eternal battle of good and evil which began in the Garden of Eden.

Documentary Watch The Water | Snake Venom

Mind In Mind, you can dive into the options of the Mind as well, and discover how many of the great Worldwide Collective lock their great mind options altogether with their delusional mindset and more importantly, how we can break out of it and know clearly what they are doing and know what we are doing. This way we know what we can do to set ourselves free and separate ourselves from these delusional mindsets, so we allow ourselves to be free, own our own mind and let the mind flow in an unconditional way so it can create a simulation within the mind as a design, as in idea, as a way out of the great conditional ways of living, as a script, as a manuscript so this manual can be used as a tool as a solution to implement into this physical reality we all share as a worldwide collective. Then we break with the Cult mindset and let the potential and momentum find its way into all that exists. With the Maestranza Fund Movement, we will overgrow and overcome these lunatic ways of sharing information. How? By living the example: Back to The Great Maestranza Fund Media Center Let's start with the Worldwide problems of information Flow The PayPal Mafia of the great conditional digital information grid, created a digital infrastructure that is capable of flowing information from one place to the other and has epic power in letting it all flow. Still, there is one epic problem, they have two typical business models that are capable of controlling the information flow. One of them is Advertising Marketing as a Business Model and the other is the Subscription-Based Business Model. Both of them pay for the infrastructure we all use today. With their lunatic Community Guidelines, they can Censor, Block or Erase whatever the fuck they want. And they do and they will and they all have no moral compass and don't give a rip about what they do. We all have seen what they did in this lunatic pandemic narrative moment in time where we find ourselves in, since the fake pandemic started back in 2020. They fucked up the whole information flow and created a huge mess in connecting the dots, safe important information or sharing important information with each other so we can discover what's going on in these crazy times as a worldwide collective.

Then start with the solution: Maestranza Fund Media Center

Maestranza Fund | Unconditional Infrastructure The New Digital Infrastructure of the Maestranza Fund will help us discover what we already have and bit by bit we will leave this digital Infrastructure Maestranza, to refind our inner world and with that heal what is broken and flip this in the advantage of the whole, to serve the worldwide collective as a whole.

– Sjoerd Alblas Founder and CEO Maestranza FundInformation flow Information Flow | Potential Flow

We make visible what needs to be seen

We reveal what was hidden

We give space to what may be revealed

We connect what was fragmented

We let everything flow so it finds its place

We provide freedom so things fall into place

We make connecting the dots easy peasy lemon squeezy WORDS THAT FLOW ORGANICALLY, ARE THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF THE NEW PARADIGM Maestranza Fund | Media Center As seen above, advertisement Marketing is the killer of information and by definition, colours everything and discolours the message. Therefore it is by definition a form of manipulation that should not take place under any circumstances and will not take place in the Media Center of the Maestranza Fund. Because this is the root of all these enormous mindfucks all around the globe. Here is a disclosure about this Black Magic and the epic destructive result of it. Black Magic vs White Magic in this Manuscript Explained in the Song Magic by Chris Martin of Coldplay Black Magic

Black Magic is manipulation and manifests destruction by extracting value from something or someone. It deceives both itself and others into believing that it creates, but in reality, it only disintegrates without any regard for the creation or innerstanding of what creation truly entails. White Magic

White Magic is centered around creation. Through inspiration and invitation, it recognizes potential, utilizing the Law of Action and the ability of energy exchange in a respectful manner. It engages with the elements to introduce something new and generate that which does not yet exist.

Black and White Magic may appear similar at a glance, but they stand as opposites to each other.

This distinction is discernible only to individuals who are aware, as they can recognize these two phenomena within the physical reality we collectively inhabit as beings and creators.

As we have the capacity to be and to choose to create, the decision rests with the individual.

Spell | Spelling | Spells  However, the question remains: under what spell are you? What does spelling truly mean? What constitutes a spell? And is a spell a form of hypnosis? If so, who orchestrates this hypnosis? Both the Black and White ways of presenting information induce a form of hypnosis. The crucial inquiry is: which hypnosis do I wish to be under?


Furthermore, when we employ words to create a hologram, what does this hologram look like? Is it conceivable to alter our words and, in doing so, modify the hologram, consequently transforming the reality we collectively inhabit and share on a global scale? Organic Marketing | White Magic

Organic Marketing is the inspiration game and is a way to take what someone has discovered as a solution and give it to someone else, free of charge and without any financial interest, because they personally think it's valuable and has personally experienced that it is valuable. Maestranza Fund | Let’s Go Gatsby

The most important thing “Let's Go Gatsby


If the collective knows what Organic Marketing is, they use all the powerful conditional digital information grids that the Hunger Game Designers of the PayPal Mafia created. The collective will then start painting the conditional digital information grid with the solution and stop painting the conditional digital information grid by only showing all the insanity.

Showing insanity without the way out, is helping insanity to grow.

If the collective figures this out and is aware of this insanity, we use insanity in combination with the way out, and with that, everything can flip with this epic combination.

When people say “Let's Go GatsbyorGo Gatsby”, they mean that it's time to live life to the fullest. To Go Gatsby is to embrace life and live it up because tomorrow isn't promised to anyone. The digital options The digital world is a world without any boundaries and full of potential and if we have all the ingredients right at our fingertips, we can build any reality.

The digital unconditional reality options to infinity | Endless Expansion The digital unconditional reality we create within the infrastructure of the Maestranza Fund, will give the individual the option to play with the elements that are presented and play the role that this individual wants to play in this physical reality that we all share as a worldwide collective. They will take full responsibility for this self-chosen role and make their role publicly known, own it completely and this script of life, as a self-chosen role in life, is possible within the Maestranza Fund infrastructure. This way these individuals can do what they focus on in this self-chosen role and take full responsibility for this self-chosen role. OUR PRINCIPLES

We know who we are and with this knowledge we build a digital world together, so that we can create in the physical world what we laid down in the digital world, as our state of mind and as our present, to serve the whole, to serve the worldwide collective.


Peace of Mind This way we can have our own state of mind, own our state of mind and create what this mind wants to give the collective, as an expression of this unconditional mindset.

The Natural Phenomenon of Creation The Natural Creation process applies to every creation process. When we observe the organic Natural phenomenon in nature, we innerstand the normal way of Life and The Cosmos, again. This way we can Separate Ourselves from The Great Delusional Conditional Mindsets out there, that know nothing anymore and are in complete denial of everything.

An Apple is an Apple and the not-knowers of What is What have a hard time knowing and acknowledging this simple undeniable fact.

We make The Great Apple Great Again and Whole, again.

What is What? The Monkey Mindset and its delusional thinking explained in this Manuscript

It's an act of violence to Censor, Block or Erase.

More information about the Movement | Maestranza Fund:



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