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Maestranza Fund | Healing Centers

Updated: Nov 18

‘’Music is liquid architecture: Architecture is frozen music’’

This manuscript of the worldwide Maestranza Fund | Healing Centers is still in the making and will be updated daily, with an explanation in detail, till it's clear and completely done.

Maestranza Fund | Healing Centers A Healing Center is basically a center where all health specialists work together to assist the collective that wants to heal and discover the big why of their disease. Diseases are a complex individual story because it’s a combination of the choices the individual previously made. The mind and body are basically one. We can serve the individual way better in this complex healing process if everything related to solving the disease is at this healing center, offering a solution together and sharing the different outcomes. Designed Infrastructure This data of all solutions will flow as an information layer within our digital infrastructure and within the healing centers around the world, in this physical reality we all share. Healers Healers work on an individual level and own their ways of healing themselves. They are operating on the knowledge they themselves have proven to be successful, in their journey as a healer. This knowledge is basically a design, a script of the way this healer is operating. This script, this way of healing, is known by the healer, practised by the healer and will be respected within our Maestranza Fund Movement. They can use our infrastructure as a tool to offer their knowledge and assistance based on their knowledge and based on their own learning curve. Within our Maestranza Fund Movement, we make the connection possible and offer the building blocks to make this happen in the easiest way possible. We do this by sharing the tools and offering an infrastructure that provides an epic flow into all these beautiful ways of healing, for the collective that needs it the most and is willing to heal themselves, by allowing the healer to share the knowledge about the healing process who has the knowledge and will to assist, based on their own individual chosen ways of healing.

Healing Centers We will create and build these Healing Centers all over the globe, and offer these Healing Centers, as a place for healing to all the great worldwide healers and the worldwide collective that needs assistance. Our own digital infrastructure can be used for making the connection between each other because we have everything in-house, and we offer everything within the Maestranza Fund. Review system

Both the main website and the branches have a review system. All reviews must have the ability to have a conversation (through comments) with the option to add data, such as files, films, photos and links. These reviews are public, viewable by the collective, and linked to the user of these branching sites and the main website of the fund.

The text option in the reviews should be unlimited, allowing a proper explanation of the review. In addition, writing a review is only possible if all personal information is entered (with a login system), as well as a phone number and email address. However, this personal information is only visible to the administrators of the main website, only the full name of the review writer is publicly visible. Reclaim of the Mainstream

Remember; An Apple is an Apple and will always be an Apple. We reclaimed The Great Apple, again. Nothing can change who we are, we are The Great Creators and we Remember this all, again.

We will reclaim The Great Mainstream, again and turn everything around, again. Together we will own, again and see clearly, again. We will see What is What, again, so we can move to this new paradigm together as The Great Collective beings, again. We are in The Beautiful End Game, again and we can make a choice, again. This Great Vision in this film is what we are doing, again and clearly, Apple doesn't want it anymore, it's gone from their YouTube channel and maybe it's gone for a reason, because we are doing it again, together. YOU | ME | US This Great Vision from The Great Broken Apple has a new owner and that is our PUVIDA Movement, so we can make The Great Apple Whole, again. Let's build a whole new world of unconditional love in all that exists, again, because we see that dualism is the force of creation, again. And we can make a choice, again & again, over & over in which field we want to add value to, The Great Conditional field or The Great Unconditional field. How? By this Wealth Transfer 2.0

If we work on our own state of mind and trust our own intuition again, we can dance like these birds and work together as one, on a personal level, but possibly also as one. Until we separate again and go our own way.

Make Space for Your Creativity to Flow, Maestranza Fund | Healing Centers

The Great Reclaim of Existing Hijacked Grand Architecture by Governments and the Catholic Church The Reclaim of these incredible infrastructures that are all over the Globe and are hijacked by Governments and the Catholic Church to play their lunatic brainwashing Hunger Games of total destruction.

These illegal hijacking by these criminals of these worldwide incredible grand architecture has to stop and we will make this happen all together to create a total recall and reclaim the mainstream, again so this architecture can be restored and heal the landscape and heal the worldwide collective, what was and still is the purpose of these incredible worldwide grand architecture.

Knowing is a choice and denying what is there is also a choice

A brief explanation is down below, if this is new to you, just dive into it, because this information and this worldwide architecture is still visible and the history the conditional hunger game designers taught us is one big made-up fairytale story of complete nonsense.


Tartaria Grand Architecture | Source and just look around you in this physical reality Once upon a time, there was a highly advanced civilization known today as Great Tartaria. She disappeared from our history books less than a century ago. However, its vestiges are still everywhere. This civilization dominated technologies more advanced than the present ones. Its geopolymer concrete was eternal and grew stronger over time. Its gigantic iron and glass structures, surmounted by domes and metal needles, were present on every continent. Associated with mercury, they distributed free atmospheric energy to everyone. Its towers and railway stations are still in operation. Unfortunately, the technology of free energy from the Aether was destroyed and “imprisoned” and old technology reintroduced, like cables and wires to distribute energy and make handsome profits. You could travel by boat, car or plane for free by simply accessing Nature's magnetrical energy that is omnipresent and we have not been ‘allowed’ this free energy for all due to our capitalist capitalizing system of greed and domination by those in power even to this day. So, for over 100 hundred years we have been denied a benevolent system of free energy to all.

Fake History

The Fake History has called the ancient architecture as ”Moorish revival” or “Mauresque” and “Islamic”. Also “Colonial”, “Medieval”, “Neoclassical”, “Baroque”, “Romanesque”, “Gothic”, “Beaux Arts”, “Eclectic”, “Tudor”, “Renaissance”, “Palladian”, “Richardsonian Romanesque”, “Chicago School” or “Victorian”, and are labelled as fashionable styles, to hide the old and true function of its columns, arched openings, pinnacles, rose windows, naves ornamented with iron columns, towers, and domes. In addition to having cut the ends of the pinnacles in the photographs or added crosses that did not exist before.

His-story tells us that the first power stations were first established in Cairo, Egypt in 876, according to Wikipedia. It is the largest and oldest in Egypt, in its original form. All Tartaria power stations, small and large, had pipe organs to harmonize and heal the population through sound waves, what is now known as “cymatics”. The churches and cathedrals we see throughout the world all share similar design patterns that were designed with sacred acoustic geometry to maximize vibration, tone and resonance to heal and help download higher consciousness. After the Great Purge of the Tartarians, the religious orders, spearheaded by the Romanovs, reconstituted these amazing structures into Presbyterian, Catholic, Anglican and Mormon synagogues, mosque temples et cetera. World Order Reset

The United States is defined as a federal corporation under US Code 3002 section 15. The Virginia Company was turned into the United States during the Revolutionary War by the Freemasonic Founding Fathers who were serving the Grand Lodge of England. The Virginia Company was issued by the British royal family from the City of London Corporation for North American settlements. In 1213 King John surrendered the Kingdom of England to the Holy See under the Golden Bull. In 1215 under direct papal authority, King John issued the Magna Carta (Latin for Great Charter) which established the one-mile square block called the City of London Corporation as a sovereign entity from England and London. The Holy See uses Latin for official documents and the Vatican uses Latin as its official language. Novus Ordo Seclorum is Latin and translates to New Order of the Ages and is on the United States Great Seal and United States one dollar bill. Washington DC is located in both Virginia and Maryland. That is Virgin Mary Land. DC was originally called Rome in 1669 which is stated in the Catholic Encyclopedia. DC is Roman architecture and Capitol Hill is named after Capitoline Hill in Rome. The ancient Roman fasces symbol is all over federal buildings and federal seals. The federal government is based on the Roman Republic which was a fascist empire. Roman fasces is where the word “fascist” comes from. They had bundled caning rods and an axe for anyone who disagreed with Roman Laws. The Colonna family ceremonially rules over Capitoline Hill which represents political power of Rome’s corporate empire. The column symbolizes the political support that maintains their claim to governmental land ownership. Fascism means a centralization of power.

New World Order | The BBB of the conditional grid | Mindset of destruction

The New World Order (NWO) also rewrote his-story during the revision of history during the epic reset between the mid-1800’s until the 1930’s when Court Hofjuden David Rockefeller, along with the Rothschilds (Red Shield) began the many stories of mainstream materialistic science and the his-story of religious myth and lore. The Court Hofjuden were/are the Akanashi Jewish people who were conscripted by the Vatican to be allowed to make all the money and all the fame, as long as the Vatican, Jesuits and 13 Satanic Bloodlines would be provided with information and power. The Vatican set up confessionals, for the same purpose and runs a worldwide spy spook agency called “The Entity” which owns and controls all major spy agencies including the CIA, NSA, MI6, Mossad, etc. This is all part of their “One World Order” as stated in Latin on the back of US dollar bills.

New World Order | The BBB of the unconditional grid | Mindset of creation

The Old World Order were the benevolent Tartarians. One of their only primary directives was that “What you take from Nature, you give back more!” Their Nature/Nurtures was based on Isis, the Moon Goddess, who created and provided for all. One can only conclude, given the extremely similar structures we see throughout the world, that all lived in common language and were all related in common thought, intention and design. They had healing centers for both man and animals. They had passive relations with all life because they had advanced their consciousness to emanate Love and benevolence to all. Their flag was of a Griffin, which was a real animal! The Griffin is part human, part eagle, part lion, and part androgynous bull. It appears, from their maps and legend, that there also existed Centaurs, flying turtles and Unicorns.

We can only surmise, that the entire Tartarian people were then destroyed when the NWO learned how to use their Tartary technology to destroy their entire culture and erase their existence from all modern his-story books of today. If you look carefully at the photos and images of that era, you will see these massive buildings, which meant there were hundreds of millions, maybe even tens of billions of Tartarians that were “eliminated” when their healing technology was used to destroy them. We find millions of bones buried under cities and massive insane asylums, where they likely imprisoned the adult Tartars after they had separated them from their children (to be sold for slave labor and shipped on “foundling trains”), that had crematories and large graveyards on their sites.

And did the once Great Tartarians enjoy one common language, as the Tower of Babylon suggests? Britain has over 44 dialects alone! So now we ‘languish in our languages’ created by the NWO order and Phoenicians so that now our definitions are to ‘deaf Phoenicians’ and we “babble on and on” with all the varying dialects, idioms and Roman Latin etymologies.

The New World Order we see unfolding today likely genocided the Tartars. Some of these mind-controlled NWO are called “Blue Bloods” due to their blood being of higher copper content than non-RH negative bloodline humans. The Rh-negative bloodline allows genealogical DNA traits to pass on, whereas any “contamination” of positive + bloodlines corrupts the purity of the bloodlines. Most are not even aware that all US Presidents have negative blood and their lineage can be traced back to King Charles II of the 17th century and Vladimir the Impaler aka the original Dracula!

Throughout the world, invading forces that defeated Tartaria appropriated their palaces and mercury power stations and turned them into government buildings, universities, museums, theatres, banks, prefectures, chambers of commerce, stock exchanges, churches, high schools, courts, banks, post offices, libraries, opera theatres, biomedical research institutes, casinos and tourist attractions, as well as cathedrals, synagogues and churches and rewrote their history chronicled in the collective “Wikipedia”.

Tartaria was the whole world: Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania and the Americas were part of a single High Civilization and had the architecture focused on the extraction of magneticritical energy. Great Tartary was then divided into civilizational categories like the Ottoman Empire, Byzantine Empire and Ross Empire. These changes were then ‘archived’ into the likes of throne rooms of the Grand Kremlin Palace in Moscow, the National Archives of Britain and the Library of Congress in Washington.

To be very clear, Tartaria was the Whole World with a unified language and design. How could the many pyramids found all over the world incorporate the same thought and designs, if the Tartars were not all connected somehow?

Where are the Design Plans? We will see over and over again how 1) Fires were said to destroy most of the structures, 2) Architectural drawings and blueprints are never made available, 3) Iron forgery plants were never found, 4) Where did the stones, bricks, copper, iron, etc., come from or 5) How these massive structures and incredible engineering feats were accomplished. Would they not be sharing all their amazing know-how with us all? Yet, you will find very little, if any, available literature on any of the above. Documentaries about these epic grand Architectural pieces of art all around the Globe.

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