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Let’s start an email bombardment together, on a global scale

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

When money becomes the creation, the creation itself will be the victim

First, let's start with the disclosure of the global lunatic problem makers on an Epic Worldwide scale with their Delusional Mindset: The Covid-Plan / Rockefeller Lockstep 2010 | A Roadmap to Hell

The Destroyers and Hunger Games Designers. Statement of the WHO | "A healthy return"

"A healthy return" Investment case for a sustainably financed WHO

Executive summary of the WHO

The disruptive shock of the COVID-19 pandemic has sharpened global awareness of the value of health and the need for investment in it. Investment in the World Health Organization is catalytic by nature, meaning that funds invested in WHO are used to support Member States in taking action on health issues. This is done through the three key functions of WHO – leadership, development of technical products and country support.

According to a new analysis contained here, the quantifiable return on investment in WHO is very substantial. The cost of WHO in net present value terms over the coming 10-year period, 2022–2031, is US$ 33 billion and the public value created as a result of this investment, in the most conservative estimation possible, is likely to be between US$ 1.155 trillion and US$ 1.46 trillion. The resulting return on investment is at least US$ 35 for every US$ 1 invested in WHO.

There has never been a more critical moment to invest in WHO and strengthen the unique role it plays in global health. Now is the time to sustainably finance WHO and invest in a healthy return for all.

Governments have spent at least €93 billion on COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics globally since the beginning of the pandemic, a new study has found.

US public investment in development of mRNA covid-19 vaccines: retrospective cohort study. Private funding key to decades of mRNA vaccine development pre-pande The headline that the US government invested $31.9 billion to develop, produce, and purchase mRNA COVID-19 vaccines conflates support for R&D and financing for procurement and it runs the risk of eclipsing the private funding involved in developing mRNA COVID-19 vaccines.

In the decade preceding COVID-19, the Moderna and BioNTech mRNA platforms were bankrolled by investors, high net worth individuals and big pharma, with very limited public money on the books. Moderna secured $3.8 bn at risk to develop its mRNA platform. To give a sense of proportion, in 2013, it made an agreement with AstraZeneca for $240 mm, with the US Department of Defense providing $25 mm [1]. BioNTech had raised in two years between 2017 and 2019 around $720 mm from private finance and had accumulated more than $400m of debts [2]. These companies had been burning money for years, and still, they decided to risk it all on developing a vaccine.

Once the pandemic struck, private investors were first in line to support the companies’ mRNA COVID-19 vaccine ambitions. Moderna secured $1.3 bn to prepare for supplying its new vaccine [3]. The Strüngmann brothers (Secretive German billionaire twins cut Covid vaccine bet after banking 550% gain) were a lifeline for BioNTech investing $14.3 mm [4]. Pfizer later advanced to BioNTech a 50% share of development costs from its $2 bn COVID-19 war chest, all at risk.

We might have all the facts already. This game is rigged, and these players are only in it for the money. It is a fact, the headlines are full of it and they don't even hide it.

So what about we change this game together? What if we make it loud and clear: ''WE SEE YOU''

The only question is: Are the destroyers aware of Trump and the Q Team? Let's make a different wave of Wealth Transfer.

Let's Make Waves

The meaning of Let's Make Waves To disturb a situation by changing things or by challenging the way things are done, often in a way that improves the situation.

Let's email these investors, inviting them to contribute by donating to a solution rather than celebrating profits that cause destruction. Here is our invitation for you: Dear Digital Soldiers 🌐🚀 Let’s start an email bombardment together, on a global scale. Play a key role in the Flip movement, Let's make waves together!

A heads-up:

Executive Order 13818, Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption, initiated by President Trump, ends on 12/20/2023.

Link to Executive Order 13818:

It's crucial for Covid-19 vaccine investors to be aware of Executive Order 13818, because it states that if they don't transfer their investments (and return of investments) to a solution, as a donation, immediately, but certainly before 12/20/2023, their value will all be confiscated by the end of this year.

Now they have the chance to do something good with their money for the global collective, as true givers. 💡

We've prepared an email -feel free to copy this email or create your own version. Take action by sharing your thoughts with them too. Every action matters.

As you can read in the email, this is our solution for healing the global collective:

"Please Share this message and send it out to like-minded individuals. Let's begin a collective email bombardment." Here in these pdf's are two examples of an email that everyone can sent to an investor:

1th Option, Dear Investor Covid-19 Vaccinations
Download PDF • 110KB

2th Option, Dear Investor Covid-19 Vaccinations
Download PDF • 41KB

This is our transparent and bold email to the Covid-19 vaccination investors. This email is available for everyone to use. Feel free to modify and send it to these investors, find their names below.

Dear Investor in the Covid-19 Vaccinations,

I hope this letter finds you in good health. I am writing to you today with a matter of great significance that pertains to the ongoing efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

As you are well aware, the global collective has rallied together to develop and implement vaccination programs to curb the spread of the virus. While these initiatives have undeniably played a crucial role in protecting public health, as the assumption presented by the COVID-19 vaccine producers, we cannot ignore the emerging concerns and reports of adverse side effects experienced by a portion of the vaccinated population.

The big question is: Is it worth it and did the vaccines work?

Two sides of the story in this dualistic reality

There is something really strange going on in the world, and it all has to do with the two opinions about the pandemic phenomenon because there is a big split in the views on this worldwide pandemic phenomenon. It looks like everyone has their own point of view on it, based on the data that every individual takes in and the science behind this data.

The Flipside

But there is another side to the story, and that’s what I want you to focus on as well, so you can observe it and reconsider if your investment is the right choice in this timeline we find ourselves in a Worldwide collective.

After this documentary, it’s impossible to say this: Wir haben es nicht gewußt.

De-Code Covid

This documentary shows the flip side, the other side of the story. The Maestranza Fund created this documentary for your advantage so you see the other side of the spectrum as well, to observe and maybe absorb as well as the reality, as a fact, as a scenario that is taking place and will take place more and more, if we keep allowing it to happen.

Mathematically Impossible

It looks like it’s written in everything, and it’s mathematically impossible to leave it up to chance. We have to see the real meaning of it all and find the key in it all, so we can set ourselves free again and the collective as well. The Great Code 56 of all the News Illusions are decoded by designers of the Maestranza Fund.

The Vital Role of the Flip Maestranza Fund and Why It Matters

As presented by the Trump administration in Executive Order 13818—Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption, there will be an aftermath because this whole pandemic and vaccine story has already been proven to be so dualistic, that it’s inevitable that there will be consequences and it will be the supporters who made it all possible and those behind it who will experience them.

The offer to avoid the general blocking of property happening to you

I know it is Trump and the Q team's plan, to give everyone a chance in this crazy Hunger Games. Some will be excluded, like those who have abused children. There will be no mercy for them. But for the others, there will be a small moment in time, to reconsider and move to the unconditional side of the way of life and serve humanity as a true giver, not a taker, and flip its behavior in a good way. For those, there is this solution. Just be the solution and make it happen by choice and be The Great Law of Action and go all in.

"The New Digital & Physical Infrastructure of the Maestranza Fund will help us discover what we already have, and bit by bit, we will leave this Digital & Physical Infrastructure of the Maestranza Fund, to refind our inner world and with that, heal what is broken and flip this in the advantage of the whole, to serve the worldwide collective as a whole."

~ Architects of the Maestranza Fund: Sjoerd Alblas and The Greatest Team of Individual Legends

The Maestranza Fund

In light of these challenges, I would like to extend an invitation to reconsider your investment in COVID-19 vaccination programs and redirect your support towards alternative solutions. Our proposal is centered on channeling investments into research and initiatives aimed at mitigating the potential damages caused by these vaccination programs.

Rather than viewing this as a withdrawal of support, I see it as an opportunity to pivot towards a solution-focused approach, by directing funds towards research, and medical assistance by true healers (that are now outside of the present system of destruction; present medical system, governments), and support for those affected by vaccine-related complications.

You can collectively contribute to a more comprehensive and compassionate response to the ongoing health crisis that is caused by the combination of the Covid-19 measures and foremost the Covid-19 injections. It is the goal of the Maestranza Fund, to break the chain of destruction and start the healing process by creating a totally new approach, by offering a digital and physical infrastructure for this process and separating itself from these destructive structures like governments and fake science from the medical system, that destroyed the lives of so many on a global scale.

I innerstand the complexities surrounding such decisions, and the designers of the Maestranza Fund are open to engaging in further discussions to address any questions or concerns you may have.

The goal of the Maestranza Fund is to foster a collaborative environment where investors like yourself can play a pivotal role in shaping a more holistic and effective response to the challenges posed by the pandemic by donating all your investments and their return on investment to the Maestranza Fund, so that there can be a start, a total recall, of all the epic havoc and mayhem that was caused by the COVID-19 vaccines on the worldwide collective.

Your support in this endeavor would not only demonstrate a commitment to the well-being of the global population but also showcase a dedication to adaptive and responsible investment practices. This donation to the Maestranza Fund will give you some Notice of default and an opportunity to cure liability, but in what order is up to your behavior now and your behavior in the past. I look forward to the possibility of your will towards a solution-oriented approach to the current health crisis. Please feel free to reach out to the designers of the Maestranza Fund if you would like to schedule a meeting or if you require additional information.

My advice would be to forward this email to all other investors that you know who have invested in these bioweapons (COVID-19 vaccines) to act in the same emergency.

No time to waste

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely, Team Maestranza Fund Architects of The Maestranza Fund: Sjoerd Alblas and The Greatest Team of Individual Legends. Email | Maestranza Fund: #MaestranzaFund The known investors behind the Covid-19 vaccines: Know more names? Write them down in this Twitter post and we will add them here. Bill Ackman An article about Bill Ackman and his investments in the Covid-19 vaccines: - Billionaire Bill Ackman Made 100-Fold Return On Coronavirus Hedge That Yielded $2.6 Billion Contact details Bill Ackman:

An article about Steve Diggle and his investment in Oxford Biomedica for the Covid-19 vaccines: - Steve Diggle to launch £1b biotech fund An article about Oxford Biomedica investing in AstraZeneca for the Covid-19 vaccines: - AstraZeneca Contact details Steve Diggle: Vulpes Investment Management

Thomas and Andreas Struengmann The brothers Thomas and Andreas Struengmann are known for their involvement in the pharmaceutical industry. They co-founded Hexal AG, a German generic pharmaceutical company, and were also involved in the biotech industry, particularly with their investment company, Athos Service GmbH. Articles about Thomas and Andreas Struengmann's Covid-19 vaccine investments: - Secretive German billionaire twins cut Covid vaccine bet after banking 550% gain Meet Twin Brother Billionaires Behind BioNTech’s Success | Assuming the Strüngmann brothers held on to their stake, it should be valued right now at 13.82 bn US$ or 11.68 bn Euros. - Jeggle and also owns a stake worth around $350 million in BioNTech SE, the company that developed a Covid-19 vaccine, where he is also the chairman. Contact details Thomas and Andreas Struengmann: Athos Group | Direct email address:


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