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Insanity Layers, What I Discovered

Updated: Jan 16

Back in 2020 I started to open all the boxes of Pandora from all the insanity in the world, even the cruelty from what some people do with kids, I saw it all. When I started this journey I would never, in my wildest bad dreams, believe that we were able to do such a thing to kids. It took me months to recover and see the bigger picture, again.

After I opened this ugly box of Pandora, I started to open another box of Pandora, the beautiful box of Unconditional Love, again..

And with this opening, I got my belief in us as an awesome collective of beings back and also see clearly why this is happening. I started to experience the potential and saw that we were playing this game for so long, this conditional mindset game, which created this insanity in really deep layers of insanity. The more you line up with this, the more cruel it gets.

This led to many more box openings till I had opened all the boxes and knew, this is the end time and the start of something new. But it's like cleaning a house, first the shit out and then it's clean, again. Inside & outside.

First I started to look if I could help in getting these evil people, I told Monique many times ''not on my watch'', but then I discovered that there were already people in the military working on this, this is the Q team, to clean everything, but this is something we can't see easily, because this would shock most people so much that they will never recover, that's why the film the Sound of Freedom is playing now, so people can get used to the reality that this is happening. They don't show everything, and that is for this reason.

But we have to face it all, not the deep layers in detail, but saying or believing that this isn't happening is not working anymore. Many spiritual people are trapped by the design of, what I call the ''The Great Spiritual Morons'' belief system, this is a new layer of insanity, because you fool yourself into being happy by not wanting to see everything and saying, this world is perfect like it is. No, this world is almost broken down to every core of existence. We still break it down and do it in epic form.

When we moved to Ibiza back in 2020, I saw what people had done to this beautiful island Ibiza and saw all these crazy deep layers of insanity designs, what we did to the land, plow plow plow, they plough the whole island a few times a year and kill everything.

And all the really ugly architecture. I was depressed for 2 months, till I said to Monique, I will bring it back to its natural state, everything, every square cm of this Island Ibiza and the whole world too. And we will tear down all this ugly architecture and build beautiful farmhouses like The Great Ibicenco Fincas. This is already going on in Ibiza, but still, the government is slowing down this process and terrorizing this beautiful Movements. They approve ugly hotels and won't give any license to build The Great Ibicenco fincas on a massive scale, they even closed one of One The First Movements La Granja. And still, everyone in Ibiza is believing and complies with these crazy building restrictions from these conditional morons. called government. We are so nuts sometimes and make up all kinds of nonsense to justify these evil crazy building restrictions. I had a conversation with the owner of Terra Masia Dino van Es and also Dean Xavier from Can Cristofol Finca Ecologica, about this. And Dino van Es was waiting for 6 years on his building license and justifying this with all kinds of bull crap, like, this is necessary otherwise everyone would do this. Yes, that's the whole fucking point, if we take back our freedom, we will be The Great Creators, again and stop building layers of insanity, because it doesn't make any sense at all. It all stops if we stop complying with insanity, here are some songs, enjoy.

This is The Great Separation where I’m talking about. We have to leave this insane mindset of conditional thinking that we have to get approval of a complete lunatic system that only is in Full Demolition control mode on everything. Stop make sense if nothing make sense and create your own sense and be Unconditional Love, Return To The Great Source Code. Remember this, there will be no BBB, this conditional Paradigm is a done Paradigm, we enter a new one as a Collective. The Great Reset To Source Code


– Claus Sendlinger co-founder of SLOW

Let's create Farmhouses together and pathways of experience, so our senses can be wide open and see, feel and smell the abundance once again. Lebron Foundation A Movement of Farmhouses


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