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Infrastructure Maestranza Fund

Updated: Nov 21

Maestranza Fund A new unconditional infrastructure, in both digital and physical forms, is needed to facilitate the flow of abundant options for healing ourselves as a worldwide collective.

We offer a space, and we know that everything is possible if you allow it to happen unconditionally and organically.

Meaning Maestranza in Spanish: people who are around you, helping.

Maestranza means both mastership and employee.

Maestranza Fund | Unconditional Infrastructure

The New Digital & Physical Infrastructure of the Maestranza Fund will help us discover what we already have and bit by bit we will leave this Digital & Physical Infrastructure of the Maestranza Fund, to refind our inner world and with that heal what is broken and flip this in the advantage of the whole, to serve the worldwide collective as a whole.

– Architects of The Maestranza Fund: Sjoerd Alblas and The Greatest Team of Individual Legends A brief explanation:

The digital and physical infrastructure below, made available by the Maestranza Fund through donations, enables the flow to provide a solution to the global vaccine crisis and beyond. Investors The investment, facilitated through donations, enabled the construction of a new infrastructure designed to facilitate the flow of wealth and individual values, respecting individual perspectives. This infrastructure ensures that important viewpoints can be conveyed to recipients interested in them. The amalgamation of these diverse original perspectives creates a collective puzzle, allowing us to collectively observe and choose our unique paths in the healing process. This individualized journey is pursued without the imposition of a control system or guidelines dictating right or wrong. Maestranza Fund through donations by investors Global investors involved in the Covid vaccine bioweapons have until December 20th to withdraw their investments, as outlined in Executive Order 13818 by the Trump administration. The Maestranza Fund provides an option for these investors to donate their investment and returns, enabling the fund to develop a solution for the global collective, free from the influences of the conditional system. Maestranza Fund funded by the QFS Following this brief timeframe, the new financial system, the unconditional QFS, becomes available for the collective to facilitate healing and the reconstruction of an unconditional way of life. The decision to utilize this window of opportunity lies with the investors and the assistance of the global collective. It is a critical moment to either contribute to the benefit of the worldwide collective or squander the precious Law of Action in favor of the whole.


This crossroad marks a pivotal moment for the global collective, and the unfolding events will reveal the choices we make and how they shape our collective evolution. This is the process to make this happen in digital form and physical form:

Digital Infrastructure The digital infrastructure is designed to facilitate the flow of the Maestranza Fund and will happen within this digital infrastructure, so it can find its way to this worldwide physical reality, as a solution to the problems.

The facilitators

The health specialists who have this knowledge and want to facilitate can use this fund and can specify how many individuals with vaccine-related problems they want to treat monthly. This infrastructure, which is prepared to be used on an individual basis, will facilitate this. Through this infrastructure, we can pre-map the intention of the entire flow, by screening the facilitators who want to use this fund.


Additionally, there will be a review system for reliability testing. This creates a reliable, self-designed infrastructure, based exactly on the principles of this fund.

More information about the Principles of the Maestranza Fund can be found in the Principles Maestranza Fund


This infrastructure must enable transparency in detail, allowing both the users of this fund and the collective to observe whether everything is done according to the principles, explained in the Principles Maestranza Fund

This infrastructure should enable transparency of the vaccination damage, which is defined in De-Code Covid.

Stellar as a financial infrastructure enables transparency in the total flow of the Maestranza Fund Stellar

This possible transaction structure can run within Stellar, making every transaction transparent and public and therefore observable by the collective for reliability. Given that Stellar makes everything publicly visible, both transactions and assets.

Steller interacts with transactions that have XLM as the currency and this infrastructure is completely transparent. It can be used through a Lobstr account and the transactions are virtually free. All transactions can also be sent through Lobstr and StellarX using the tools they provide online.

Moreover, endless worldwide transactions can be made simultaneously by the user of the Stellar ecosystem. This makes it possible to do a lot of transactions at once quickly and it all takes place in the moment, without delays.

In addition, it is possible to make transactions to a FIAT system, allowing it to be used in the physical reality if needed. Unfortunately, there are limitations to this in terms of height and speed, but it does work.

Maestranza Fund website & infrastructure

The fund should have its own website to which all individual identities worldwide link their own website and this should be made available in advance by the fund and also have an established setup, ready to use for every individual.

Link Tree Maestranza Fund website

The fund has a main website and individuals can use this fund if they complete a pre-made individual website that is linked to the main website. They fill in their individual information and link their other digital tools to it, such as social media and/or their own website. Whereby the history of that individual within this structure of the fund becomes visible. This way we can see if this individual is a ''walk the talker'' or a foolery and scammer.

Main tree with branches

By doing this, we create our own infrastructure, which is linked to each other with those branches and therefore connected to the main website.

Overview of branches

The main website has an overview of these branching individual websites. The structure and individual websites are pre-made and only need to be filled in with each individual's identity data, their own online presence and the pre-made boxes, so everything is clear.

Review system

Both the main website and the branches have a review system. All reviews must have the ability to have a conversation (through comments) with the option to add data, such as files, films, photos and links. These reviews are public, viewable by the collective, and linked to the user of these branching sites and the main website of the fund. The text option in the reviews should be unlimited, allowing a proper explanation of the review. In addition, writing a review is only possible if all identity information is entered (with a login system), as well as a phone number and email address. However, this private identity information is only visible to the administrators of the main website, only the full name of the review writer is publicly visible. Own your review With real names and identity-based we eliminate fake reviews or deliberate attacks on our members by using these inlogs and presets to fill in as a quality guarantee of the details of the review.

Review system of the Maestranza Fund team members

The team of the main website also has a review system with each individual's identity, so the quality of the interactions is always publicly visible. The administrators are publicly associated with the fund within the main website and their duties.

The data should also be clear within the main website and presented to the administrator team in a clear overview so that the data can be clearly stated and answered within the main website.

Chat Function

In addition, there should be a built-in chat function, which allows looking at the review, for the identities that are inside the tree. Thereby the connection is always visible within the entire structure, in the administrator area and in a private area of the individual who is logged in. Whether this is the review writer or the user of the branches, the connection via chat is private, but within our own infrastructure, making all information flow visible to the administrator team and therefore transparent within the total Maestranza Fund infrastructure. This way the information flow can't be censored or erased and be used, if necessary, as an example or as a reality check. Censor the the biggest problem that each individual uses to illuminate free speech and is always used to block the facts and erase those facts because on some level this individual feels that his view is wrong and in order to stay alive in this wrongness because otherwise his wrongness is revealed this individual is in censor mode, so it can stay alive in his own foolery. If we know what this crazy Monkey Mind is doing, we know who has set itself free and who is still in the delusional monkey mindset of the conditional mind full of nonsense and observe the distinction. This manuscript is an explanation of the worldwide craziness of censor.

Login system

A login system must be created for all 3 parties, namely:

  • The Main website has administrators who individually have their own login and can view everything on the main website. The team of the main website is therefore also visible and through the login system they can interact within the main website with the branches.

  • The branches, who fill in their own identity on the pre-made website linked to the main website.

  • The users of the review system, to write a review.

Infrastructure and connections as well as total transpiration

Linked to Stellar or another financial infrastructure, in combination with the created in-house digital infrastructure, it is possible to make everything clear, insightful and transparent. To observe what, when, how much and by whom.

This is how we have created a reliable system, which can be managed without too much effort. In addition, it is transparent and can be observed by the collective, so that there is some kind of guarantee of success, with a track record, built through the review system within this infrastructure and the identification of the users.

Overview of the costs of construction, maintenance and supervision

To create this infrastructure, we need a team that will either use an existing digital infrastructure or create a new one that will enable this global flow of information and knowledge, based on the principles of the Maestranza Fund, without having to make concessions. Everything will be in-house, without being able to infringe on it from outside. More information about the principles of the Maestranza Fund in the Principles Maestranza Fund


The purpose of this digital infrastructure is firstly to make this possible and secondly to serve as an example for the global collective, so they can experience how to create their own structure, outside of the system and the conditions of ‘’The Hunger Games Designers and controllers’’, as a solution to a collective problem. By simply stepping out of the problem and no longer cooperating with the system and also enforcing that this should be respected by the system, without letting their laws or rules ‘’factory nonsense’’ hinder us. Because so far they are standing in the way of any kind of solution and in fact, all global governments are sabotaging this solution so far. Every possible way is being sabotaged or made impossible through legislation and that’s also why we place ourselves outside of this lunatic insane behaviour and provide the solution. Because it’s way more fun to offer the solution than to stay in the problem or try to work with lunatics, in our humble opinion as knowers of the worldwide problems.

Disabling and revealing terrorist organizations

In short, the terrorist side of the government and the linked organizations have no way to stop this, nor to infiltrate, since this is immediately seen as an act of terrorism and we will make this known within our own digital infrastructure, with the name and surname of those responsible for this act of terrorism, regardless of which organization, personality, absurd laws or regulations they think they can draw on.


Within our infrastructure, we will set up a separate area, that we call revelations, in which we reveal the outside attacks on our Movement of the Maestranza Fund, and make known and disclose those responsible for what they have done and when. We will issue an ultimatum to reverse this to stop the attack, disclose the possible damage and demand that they compensate for it of their own accord.

Total Recall

In short, with this self-managed and self-created digital and physical infrastructure, we are reclaiming the mainstream again and we place it in the only right direction, which is towards the solution. We allow the potential and the possibilities and thereby also serve and enable the momentum, for the individual and the global collective.

The Tech Team

The elements within the infrastructure:

  • Inventory of the costs of building this digital infrastructure as defined, as well as any unexpected costs outside of the bid that may need to be incurred to create a robust and reliable system.

  • An overview of the maintenance costs per element, making it clear exactly what the costs will be as it grows.

  • An estimate of the costs per element, when a user will use a branch.

  • In addition, the users of the main website, the administrators. These should also have a back office line.

Tech specialists who create and find out which infrastructure we need to create for the flow and transparency of the entire process We already figured out how we can avoid all censorship, but more importantly, we must build a digital and physical infrastructure which is protected from everything. The attacks that will take place by all worldwide governments, who are in on these Serious Human Rights Abuse and Corruption, will come after us and they will use the power structures to do so. That’s why this infrastructure, that we create, needs to be bulletproof and everything needs to be on our own hard drives, servers and physical spaces, but more importantly: we warn them, inform them and show them openly, in a transparent way: let us do our word, leave us alone and don’t try to attack us or any of our members. If they attack us in any way or form, we will come after them and make them accountable, including the leaders behind this attack. We will do this by revealing them within our infrastructure, all open and transparent with names, where they live and what they did. So we can flip the whole corrupt game they've been playing for so long, sooner than expected and we can say: we did it. We will hire awesome tech geeks, who can do it and have the balls to do this worldwide.

Data Recovery Center All Worldwide data is public domain and should be visible within this self-created digital and physical unconditional infrastructure of the Maestranza Fund, based on the principles of the Maestranza Fund. All data has a track record; where does it come from, who provided it and when. It’s all in detail visible by the collective and, more importantly, within one infrastructure, which is protected and offers a brought view of everything and should be free from any Censor. Our biggest problem is the fragmentation of all data, the Babylonian speech confusion about how to interpret data and the fragility of public domain-related data.

It is all proven to be corrupted by all corrupt Government Organizations and all related branches that are protected by these professional criminals. Even the so-called judge system is proven to be totally in favour of these criminals of the pharmaceutical mafia organizations. It’s a big club of criminals, working together to protect their inhumane crimes against the worldwide collective and it looks like they are all in on it. Money is their drive and Stockholm Syndrome is their tool, to deny everything and hide behind their lunatic backs in this hide-and-seek game in the lunatic hunger games they are all playing. Total Recall With the data recovery centre of the Maestranza Fund, we will create a total Recall in data disclosure so we can see what’s there. Everything in Quantum Language and based on the principles of the Maestranza Fund What is Quantum Language?

Quantum-Language-Parse-Syntax-Grammar QLPSG is a method of Connecting The Dots. It is based on the principles of quantum mechanics, which means that the language is based on facts and cannot be misinterpreted. It is designed to eliminate the ambiguities of language and clarify the meaning of words. Mathematically Impossible

It looks like it’s written all over the place, in plain sight, undeniable. It is mathematically impossible to leave it to chance. We have to see the real meaning of all this and find the key in it all, so we can set ourselves free again and the collective as well. Own your way and Pay Attention We can only find our way back if we allow finding where we went wrong because moving on is the best way to go, but if we move on without knowing if the direction is the way to go, we didn’t pay any attention to where we went wrong in the first place and we repeat the same bull shit over and over, again and again.

The only way to move on is to let go of control and to be unconditional in all forms, as an individual and as an organization. The tools you use as an individual or organization should be unconditional as well, based on identity and on principles that the individual uses and takes responsibility for. Every individual can receive a public review so the individual creates a track record of success or total failure and then it’s up to the collective what to do with it. Not a system, not the laws or crazy community guidelines full of Censor. No, it’s up to the collective to work with the individual that they can review and that they trust. Here lies the responsibility, by individual choice with the knowledge that they get themselves into when the connection is made and also later when they know the quality of this connection and the results out of this connection between these individuals.

Censor is the problem, freedom of speech is the solution and separation is the solution. If the individual doesn’t like the information or service, moving on is the way to go, let’s go. There are options to choose from and if everyone can choose their own options, we have great trust in the fact that the individual will find the solution based on their own taste, based on their own mindset and based on their own preferences. In a sense, we are what we think we are and if we can live it and walk the talk based on our own state of mind, we have our own state of mind and mind our own business.

Copyright | Patents | Confidentiality

All these crazy ways to hide public domain information are illegal and the Maestranza Fund we break with all these crazy ways of Babylonian speech craziness. The Maestranza Fund Principles are written in a clear code and are all innerstandable. We do what we say and say what we do. Just pay attention.

Maestranza Fund | Media Center This is basically written down in the Principles Maestranza Fund, but we still working on this 7th Manuscript Maestranza Fund | Media Center To explain in detail what we have in mind specifically with the information flow related to the Maestranza Fund, because there is way more to tell and let the world know. This Media Center will offer a real free speech layer in digital form and a studio in physical form, so we can offer everything in-house and we are not dependent on other parties. Media and free information flow connected in the Infrastructure | Maestranza Fund

This media shows the collective everything we do, regarding the problems and shows the solutions. In-house media and the information flow related to the Maestranza Fund We hire a team that will use the infrastructure and the physical property, designed for high-quality content, as a new media facilitator which makes this information flow possible. This new way of media will also make professional podcasts and interviews possible, without any advertisement marketing, so the information will not be coloured by financial intentions. We will provide in-depth information in high-quality visual content and make this available for the worldwide collective within our own infrastructure, so it’s safe and publicly visible without any paywall, it is free for the global collective to observe and absorb.

This information flow will inform the worldwide collective about everything related to the worldwide COVID-19 vaccine problems and everything related, but more importantly, show the solutions within our own infrastructure. Social media We also use all the existing platforms like YouTube, Twitter and all the other Social Media platforms, but we know we can't trust them on free speech, so we must be prepared and act accordingly. All the social media platforms are complicit in Censoring and this lunatic behavior resulted in this worldwide delusion. That’s why we can’t trust them, they have a track record in Censoring. Maestranza Fund | Healing Centers This manuscript is still in the making and will follow as soon as possible with an explanation in detail, coming later this week. A Healing Center is basically a center where all health specialists work together to assist the collective that wants to heal and discover the big why of their disease. Diseases are a complex individual story, because it’s a combination of the choices the individual previously made. The mind and body are basically one. We can serve the individual way better in this complex healing process, if everything related to solving the disease is at this healing center and together offering a solution and sharing the different outcomes. This data will also flow as an information layer for other healers all over the globe, within our own digital infrastructure because we have everything in-house, and we offer everything from the Maestranza Fund.

Investment Maestranza Fund

The investment for investigating the creation of the digital infrastructure and strategy for this fund and the worldwide flow of Information and liquidity to serve individuals with vaccine-related problems is made possible by health specialists who will use the created infrastructure of this fund. This makes everything possible, related to all the Covid vaccine problems Globally. Investement by donations These Investments give the Maestranza Fund the necessary building blocks for the investigation process in detail. So we can create a new unconditional infrastructure in digital and physical form. And who will be The Big Ones? Basically, All the billionaires and millionaires who invested in This Lunatic Worldwide Hunger Games, because they hold all the potential and break down everything. So if we all find out who they are and say, it's time for the flip, don't you think? No time to waste. But we as a collective also can step out of all the problems and separate ourselves from it all. It's Time for Wealth Transfer 2.0 The choice is ours and we can't go back and we won't. The best is yet to come & we already feel it and live it: Play-List Principles Maestranza Fund for all the details of the way we want it to be and how we want the flow flowing, in which direction and create a new Mainstream, again.

Why the Maestranza Fund?

As presented by the Trump administration in Executive Order 13818—Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption there will be an aftermath because this whole pandemic and vaccine story is already proven to be so dualistic, that it is inevitable that there will be consequences. The consequences will be mainly for the supporters of all of this, who made it possible and were behind it. If the ones involved decide to continue on their current course, according to our calculations they will lose everything. Not by us, but by previously mentioned outside forces.

The choice is theirs, but if they don't make the choice now, eventually someone else will make the choice for them. And we know that that is the reality of Executive Order 13818 On both sides of the spectrum: Nothing can stop what's coming.

Meaning and similarities of Code 56, all News Illusions boxed together.

Project Looking Glass | Nothing can stop what's coming

Pay Attention to THE DOCUMENTARY THE BIG FLIP, for more info. More information about the Movement | Maestranza Fund:



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