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How to be The Great Entrepreneur, again?

Updated: Oct 12

Here we go:

Being an entrepreneur is the simplest thing to do in life and yet, most of the collective choose the role of a slave and basically does what the dictator (the boss) tells them to do. This also applies if you work as an entrepreneur and you let your clients tell you what to do, you become a bitch to your client

Operating in this mindset as a slave and how is it created? It’s the state of mind created by your parents, friends, brainwashed school system and society as a whole and you allowed it, but you can flip it as well and be the great entrepreneur, again.

Take back your power and own it, again and basically tell them to fuck off: My way or the fucking highway. But how? Simple be like The Great Sailor, again.

The Great Sailor Skills

It’s way easier and simpler being a Great Entrepreneur than being a slave, but here comes the kicker, it’s a self-chosen role in life and most creators have forgotten that they are creators in the first place. Everyone, no exception, is an Entrepreneur, it's our natural state of mind and this is a fact and will always be a fact, no matter how many bull grab you convince yourself with: you are and everyone is The Great Creator and come here in this physical reality to create and be a creator and with this simple fact you can say, everyone is an Entrepreneur, basta. The ones who did it:

Pay Attention and know one thing, do it the way you like, it's your life and your creation. Write The Script of your movie and play it the way you like.

The great writer, The Script of Life, who is the writer of your script?

Never Settle for Less in an Abundant physical reality we all share, there are no boundaries there are only possibilities and potential and momentum and no one can stop you, if you have this state of mind you always act like: Nothing can stop what's coming, yes. The Masters

Chefs Table | Netflix

The ones who did it are an inspiration for everyone because this series on Netflix all basically tell the same story and they all have the same common problem-solution approach, but in the end, they all succeed.

The Big Question What did they do and what did they do differently than all the slaves out there?

The kicker

They all created something new and left the fake world, but all of them were left alone and almost killed, because that's what the fake slaves with their boring lives will do: attack the original ones and try to break them down. Just screw them all and focus on the creation as an Entrepreneur and prove them all wrong.

Just check it out on Netflix, Chefs Table and learn from the Masters who did it.

Do it the way you like, don't give a fuck what others think and never compromise on your creating, just do it the way you like and show it in this physical reality and know one thing: This physical reality is painted in beauty by original creators, original Entrepreneurs who create because they like what they do and they do it because they like it and this is always something to enjoy for the collective. The only thing that can happen is that the collective sees how fake they are, if you show them your original creation, and they try to break you down with their lunatic state of mind, learn from them and box the reviews in one of these two options: Fuck of, has nothing to do with me you dumb ass and Okay, Good Point there I will improve my creation next time or edit it, because being a creator is a never-ending grow and learning curve and that the whole point, be open en always learn and be eager to learn from everything and everyone, but, only learn from the potential givers, fuck the potential blockers with their judgemental crazy fucking mindsets they only try to bring you down, yes.

Our eyes are the Cosmos, so basically we are a mirror of the Cosmos. All that creation power is within us. The question is, what creation do we want to bring into this physical reality?

A Beautifull Mind knows how infinity works and is operating from its original state of mind which is unconditional and within this unconditional state of mind it can create anything where it points its focus on.

To assist in this discovery of self again and break open the minds potentials, everyone should first rediscover who and what they are, so we know and remember who we really are, but more importently have a Total Recall experience of what was there and is still there waiting for YOU | ME | US to take it and use it, again.
These Manuscripts are created for this process and will all result in epic Mental Breakdowns what society misconcepted as Burn-Outs, because that's a lie. All Burn-Outs are Mental Breakdowns, no expeptions

Max Cooper - Small Window On The Cosmos This is me, Sjoerd Alblas:

Personal one-on-one assistance If you need assistance on how to become an Entrepreneur again or you already are an Entrepreneur but you want to break the great potentials open and need assistance? Just drop me a line and I will be there on the other side with assistance in everything you want or need. You can ask me anything you like and together we will experience the great potentials that are basically all over the place. Together we will find out what you want and also create an infrastructure, like a road, so you know how to get what you want and more importantly, how to bring it out in a clear and structured message.

I had many different kinds of Entrepreneurial experiences, so I know pretty much about everything and I know how to assist you in everything, so you feel prepared and see that it's there to use and take it. I will assist you with the epic potentials of the great digital reality that we can basically use for free and we can create a website in WIX, and connect these different digital tools together. I also created a Private Remember Channel, for members only, on Telegram, for all the questions. You can choose to chat or ask for a Live Talk which will be recorded, so you can Recall the Live when needed. There is no limit on anything, so basically you get assistance in abundance for just a fixed price. Everything you need or want is there to take it. It will be there and stay there and when you need assistance it's there too. Manuscript In this Manuscript is the information about how to make this possible and also how to drop a line and ask for assistance. It's in the manuscript Pay Attention

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