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Head in the Sand and the great denialism of the worldwide collective

Speak up and find your Call to Action, you fools

If we keep being under the spell of The Great Delusional Conditional Hunger Games designers and don't speak up and be our own Guardians of self again, we get and facilitated destruction all over the globe. This is what these morons already set in motion with their totally lunatic destruction agendas.

The Destruction Agendas of The Conditional Hunger Games Designers of destroying all that exists. It’s all implemented by Black Magic and full of delusions and total Manipulation:

- The Delusional Thinktank:

- The Goals of destructions:

- The Great Conditional Reset:

- A Roadmap to Hell, Lockstep by Lockestep we fool everyone into the delusion of the great fairy tale story and the most epic scam ever, The Covid-Plan. Kill the collective, make a huge profit and implement all these plans at the same time. A one-fits-all manuscript of nonsense, the manuscript of the Rockefeller Foundation, Lockstep 2010: ​​

Murphy's Law: protocols, guidelines, conditions and rules as a recipe for disaster

By the lack of action from our side, Murphy's law is happening everywhere and we allow "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong." To make room for "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong and at the worst possible time."

Trust and Allowing are the same thing

The worldwide collective is totally nuts and we play a lunatic "Cat and Mouse" and "Hide and Seek" game. That is all because of our conditional Delusional Monkey Mindset. Everyone who is still living the conditional way of life is into it all on steroids.

What is What?

An Apple is an Apple, facts are facts, and knowing what is what is stepping in the great knowing of what is what and making the distinction between all these different details.

Paying Attention

To listen to, To watch, or think about something or someone carefully or with interest: If you don't pay attention now, you'll get it all wrong later, again.

Who is who and what is the role and potential of this individual?

Everything is in Plain Sight

Symbolism will be their, and our, downfall because we didn't pay attention to all the details and facts at all.

''It's all in the name''

''Everything is a Numbers Game''

Script, storytelling, image, hologram and Life

Everyone says what he thinks is real, and ‘’walk the talk’’ based on this belief. Everything we do is based on a script. The interesting question is: what is your script?

No individual Script means living a life as a Slave, implementing a script from The Great Hunger Games designers.

Write your own script, play, act, operate in and implement your own life and film. This way you are free from the underworld of Black Magic and the deceiving manipulations of these lunatics of the worldwide Governments.

Hypnosis, Spells and Fooleries of the conditional ways of life

Knowing what is a Cult and see that all Governments are Cults, Death Cults preaching Death, implementing Death on steroids in all their plans:

Ticket Out and Wealth Transfer 2.0

Our Collective way out on an individual level, and please don’t wait on someone else, just start by yourself and feel and know the inner Call to Action on an individual level. Start with it today, you have nothing to lose, because this is your ticket out and the big WinWin for yourself, others and all that exists as well in this physical reality and beyond.

On which operating system are you under?

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