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Game Changer and The Crossroads

Updated: Nov 29

From: "You will own nothing and will be unhappy" into "You will own everything again and will be happy."

The only two options for the global collective at this Crossroads in this moment of time:

Option 1

The Masterplan, designed by others as a script of the destruction of all that exists, is written by delusional morons who are completely disconnected from source and heavily involved in the dark game of black magic, deception and manipulation. Black Magic vs White Magic full disclosure in this Manuscript Black Magic

Black Magic is manipulation and manifests destruction by extracting value from something or someone. It deceives both itself and others into believing that it creates, but in reality, it only disintegrates without any regard for the creation or innerstanding of what creation truly entails. White Magic

White Magic is centered around creation. Through inspiration and invitation, it recognizes potential, utilizing the Law of Action and the ability of energy exchange in a respectful manner. It engages with the elements to introduce something new and generate that which does not yet exist.

Black and White Magic may appear similar at a glance, but they stand as opposites to each other.

This distinction is discernible only to individuals who are aware, as they can recognize these two phenomena within the physical reality we collectively inhabit as beings and creators.

As we have the capacity to be and to choose to create, the decision rests with the individual.

Spell | Spelling | Spells  However, the question remains: under what spell are you? What does spelling truly mean? What constitutes a spell? And is a spell a form of hypnosis? If so, who orchestrates this hypnosis? Both the Black and White ways of presenting information induce a form of hypnosis. The crucial inquiry is: which hypnosis do I wish to be under?


Furthermore, when we employ words to create a hologram, what does this hologram look like? Is it conceivable to alter our words and, in doing so, modify the hologram, consequently transforming the reality we collectively inhabit and share on a global scale?

Movie: “Let’s Go Brandon”

Actor: Joe Biden

The Great Conditional Grid and Mindset

"You will own nothing and will be unhappy."

A master plan created by The Hunger Games Designers

to destroy the world and The Great Worldwide Collective. The NWO and The Build Back Better Loophole of The Great Conditional Grid, Mindset and Foolery of Black Magic and The Worldwide Scammers, the worldwide collective of Monkey Minders.

A great Manuscript as an Explanation of the distinction between Black Magic and White Magic is this Manuscript about the great musicians Chris Martin and Coldplay.

Option 2 The Masterplan, designed by the individuals as a script of creation, serves as a crucial role and is an important piece in the grand puzzle, assisting in this transition of everything into the great original state and totally into the grand game of white magic and inspiration. “Let’s Go Gatsby”

The most important thing “Let's Go Gatsby” YOU | ME | US

If the collective knows what Organic Marketing is, they use all the powerful conditional digital information grids, that the Hunger Game Designers of the Pay Pall Mafia created. The collective will then start painting the conditional digital information grid with the solution and stop painting the conditional digital information grid with only showing all the insanity.

Showing insanity without the way out, is helping insanity to grow.

When people say “Let's Go Gatsby” or “Go Gatsby”, they mean that it's time to live life to the fullest. To Go Gatsby is to embrace life and live it up because tomorrow isn't promised to anyone.

The Great Inspiration way of life once again Magically Full Disclosure

A Better Place

Cass Elliot - Make Your Own Kind Of Music

The Great Unconditional Grid and Mindset

"You will own everything again and will be happy."

A master plan, created by the hearts of the great collective, allows you, me, and us to step into our true potential and live life exactly the way we want.

A movement of ownership


Which option will we, as individuals, choose on an individual level and as a worldwide collective?

The choice is yours, but the beauty of these options is that, regardless of your choice, we all return to The Great Source Code anyway. The only difference is you transition and return to the Great Source Code or you Reset yourself to The Great Source Code in this physical reality and become The Great Unconditional Creator again. The illusion of choice; there is no choice. Nothing can stop what’s coming.

This is the End Time and The Great Start of something new

The Great Unconditional Way of Life, once again, and a reset of all that exists, back to the original unconditional settings.

The Build Back Better of The Great Unconditional Grid, once again, in all that exists in this physical reality. As a result, the natural phenomenon of creation is transforming into its original state in all that exists in this physical reality. This transformation is happening on our beautiful Planet Earth, which we all share as a global collective of beings and creators.

By protecting each other we will remain free

Welcome to The Great Awakening

The Crash of the Conditional Way of Life

This reality that we live as a Global collective is built on structures. If everyone decodes these different structures, we all will see that these structures have one thing in common: they are all conditional structures. The fall of all these worldwide conditional structures is inevitable, they are already in a complete downfall and the majority of the global collective isn’t aware of this downfall and doesn’t innerstand what is happening.

The downfall of these structures:

  • The Food System

  • The Education System

  • The Financial System

  • The Medical System

  • The Power System

  • The Energy System

  • The Conditional Infrastructure Systems

  • The Conditional Digital Reality Systems

The Crossroad

The reason for this downfall and the restart of something new is a collective experience we go through, once again, and the question is: what will come after this global downfall?

We experienced many different downfalls as a global collective and the craziest thing is that we restarted the same conditional structures once again and fooled ourselves, once again, that this time it would be different, but it wasn’t. Destructive loophole We are in a sort of loophole of the same problem, restarting and making the same mistake over and over. The majority of the global collective isn’t aware of why this is happening and going along with rebuilding the conditional ways of life, once again.

The End of Countries, Powers and All Political Systems

If we innerstand the conditional mindset and innerstand the mind in a way to comprehend what it is and what it can do, we can see why this loophole of the conditional game of life is a sort of Gladiator madness that fools itself in a way that it creates, but it doesn’t.

It misused its capacity in a complete delusion. This conditional mindset is the root of this crazy loophole of reset after reset and complete destruction of itself and everything it puts its focus on. It’s in a complete scam mode and flips between creation and destruction without knowing when or when it creates or when it destroys.


A conditional mind can’t comprehend the simple fact of creation, it’s completely unaware of it. So it repeats the same condition game of life and fools itself and others that this time it would be different.

An unconditional mind is completely aware of this foolery and isn’t in a delusion. It knows everything and can connect the dots in a way that it completely can comprehend the interconnectedness of everything. It can see and can tap into the knowing of everything within a split second. This mind is completely boundless so it can make simulations within this mind that show a clear innerstanding of life in general in this physical reality, and beyond.

Natural organic DMT all for me to use and create epic simulations within a Bound Less Mind

The Digital Space and Reality

The options of decoding and knowing what is what, once again, with digital technology.

To put it in simple perspective, we create things outside of ourselves, to find the way back within ourselves. So these digital tools we all use on a global scale can and will give us an option to rebuild a physical reality in a way that we don’t recreate the conditional way of life, once again.

How we can fix this by using the digital structures

Sounds bizarre maybe, but all digital structures we use today are mostly designed by a mind that is unaware of the abundance of options the digital world can give us on a global scale. They create all kinds of boundaries and conditional ways to block and control the flow of everything. The reality is, that the digital world can give us a view of the abundance of everything, as a mirror of everything in this physical reality. The only thing we have to do is to create a new digital reality that is completely free from the conditional ways of blocking potential and blocking flow. Starting from scratch The connection between individuals on a global scale can, and already is, happening through technology, but we have to create a new digital infrastructure that gives us as a global collective the option to let flow what we want to let flow, without the delusion of control and someone in between. Water | Air | Soil It has to be built on the knowledge of the natural phenomena and mirror that same principle within this digital reality. This way it is completely unconditional, like the greatest infrastructure we can observe in this physical reality, Water | Air | Soil.


It’s nuts that there is an idea flowing around in the world that decentralized systems will set us free from centralized systems. It doesn’t and makes everything way more complex. It’s an unnecessary action for a problem that can be solved if we only innerstand the natural phenomena, once again. Babylonian madness Are we not entertained? To be continued

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