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Eveline Melcherts | Forest Freedom

Updated: Jan 11

Eveline Melcherts | Forest Freedom This manuscript here is a concept of the Movement Eveline, Forest Freedom wants to bring into this physical reality that we all share. This here is the canvas, and when we have all the inspiration together, we create a website and social media connected to Eveline's vision and goal. All these building blocks will share the same message. This way, we create a digital mirror of Eveline's vision and goal and offer for the collective, showcasing the role she wants to play in this Movement, Forest Freedom and offer for the World.

Let’s start with the problem, so we can deliver the solution:

A Monarchy is originally a form of government in which power rests with one person, the monarch.

In essence, this form of existence is a conditional Cult that, through Black Magic, which is manipulation, harms and eliminates any form of freedom.

And we have seen the consequences of this and the effects it brings about on and within the collective.

The Problem of Mind Control | This film is Created by Reese Report

The Wanderer - Aren't You Meant To Fly

Now, let's move on to the solution

Problems exist because we allowed them, and if we dislike them, we can overcome and outgrow them with solutions. This requires individuals who stand in their power, rediscover themselves, and initiate a movement to perceive these problems at their core and transform them into solutions.

Eveline Melcherts | Forest Freedom A place where the principles of spirituality, balance, and interconnectedness intertwine like the roots of ancient trees.

Eveline has a vision to create a space that celebrates the interconnectedness of all things.

An environment where individuals discover the profound beauty of living in harmony with nature and each other, an oasis where the roots of wisdom delve deep, and the branches of possibilities stretch towards the stars.

A place to share the joy and connection of raising children. Here, parents find their collective strength and realize that the journey of parenthood, like the growth of a tree, requires patience, nurturing, and a profound innerstanding of the interconnected web of life.

Let them hear your voice Eveline!

Awesome message, but forget about the understanding part, that wasn't innerstand yet here:

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The Meaning of Life

Story about the monarch butterfly Once upon a time, in a secluded garden nestled between the mountains and the sea, there lived a wise old philosopher butterfly named Monarchius. Monarchius was not an ordinary butterfly; he possessed the ability to contemplate the mysteries of life and share his profound insights with the creatures of the garden.

The garden was a haven of vibrant colors and fragrant blossoms, and Monarchius spent his days flitting from flower to flower, engaging in thoughtful conversations with the inhabitants of the garden. His wings were adorned with patterns that seemed to tell the story of the universe, a tapestry of wisdom woven by the cosmic loom.

One day, as the sun painted the sky in hues of gold and crimson, a young caterpillar named Luna approached Monarchius. Luna was filled with curiosity and a burning desire to understand the purpose of her existence.

"Great Monarchius," Luna began, "why do we flutter about from flower to flower? What is the meaning of our brief and beautiful existence?"

Monarchius gently landed on a fragrant petal and began to share his timeless wisdom. He spoke of transformation, the metamorphosis that awaited every caterpillar. He explained that life was a journey of self-discovery, a continuous cycle of change and growth.

"Dear Luna," Monarchius said, "just as I once crawled on the ground as a humble caterpillar, you too will undergo a magnificent transformation. Embrace the changes that come your way, for they are the threads that weave the fabric of your destiny."

Luna listened intently, absorbing the essence of Monarchius's words like nectar from a flower. She felt a sense of purpose and a newfound appreciation for the journey that lay ahead.

As the days passed, Luna spun herself into a chrysalis, guided by the wisdom bestowed upon her by Monarchius. The garden, filled with anticipation, awaited her emergence. Finally, the day arrived when Luna unfurled her wings, revealing a stunning pattern of orange and black—a monarch butterfly.

In her newfound form, Luna soared through the garden, dancing on the gentle breeze. Monarchius, watching from a blossom, nodded approvingly. "You see, dear Luna, life is a grand tapestry, and each of us plays a unique role in its creation. Embrace the beauty of your existence and let your wings carry you to new heights."

In the quiet moments between the fluttering of wings and the gentle rustle of leaves, the tale of Monarchius and Luna resonated as a profound reminder in the garden. The butterflies, perched on blossoms and leaves, gathered in a circle as Monarchius continued to share his wisdom.

"Dear companions," Monarchius began, his voice a melodious hum, "within the delicate dance of existence, lies a hidden truth—that each of us possesses a unique essence, a core that defines our being. To unravel this essence is to embark on a journey of self-discovery, a pilgrimage that transcends the ephemeral nature of our lives."

As the butterflies listened intently, Monarchius painted a vivid picture of the garden as a tapestry woven from threads of experience and growth. "To know one's true essence is to unlock the secrets of the soul, to innerstand the purpose that propels us forward in the grand symphony of life. It is a quest that transcends the mere pursuit of pleasure or survival; it is a quest for meaning, connection, and a deeper innerstanding of the Universe."

Luna, now adorned in the vibrant hues of a monarch butterfly, flapped her wings with newfound grace. Monarchius continued, "When we discover our true essence, we become aligned with the rhythm of the Cosmos. We contribute a unique note to the Universal melody, enriching the World with the beauty of our authentic selves. In embracing our essence, we find harmony within and weave a harmonious thread into the fabric of existence."

The butterflies, inspired by Monarchius's words, took to the air in a synchronized dance, their wings creating patterns that mirrored the interconnectedness of all life. "It is not merely a journey of self," Monarchius concluded, "but a pilgrimage towards a collective Awakening. As we each find our true essence, we contribute to the blossoming of consciousness in the garden and beyond."

And so, the tale of Monarchius and Luna became more than just a story; it became a guiding light for the butterflies in the garden—a testament to the transformative power of self-discovery and the profound impact it could have on the shared tapestry of existence. "Work in process, to be continued, but the start is here."

Stay tuned for the End Result of this starting point in time of The Movement of: Eveline Melcherts | on the website And some Let's Go Gatsby from Sjoerd Alblas This is the drawing table here, so later everything will be online @ www.ForestFreedom.World It's never Too Much if you like what you do:

Live 11 jan 2024

Walk the Talk

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