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Since 2006, when I wrote my first book, ''The End of Countries, Powers and All Political Systems,'' I've been working on my inner knowledge that this will happen somewhere, somehow, and tried to give purpose to this knowledge as best as I can. I always give all I have to everything, and this has consistently resulted in a financial end time for me because many think I'm totally crazy.

Since June 2023, I created The Great Unfuck as a Roadmap to articulate what is taking place and will increasingly happen on two sides of the dualistic reality we experience in this physical realm. I have written many manuscripts that everyone can read for free so that everyone can see and be aware of what is happening by simply reading and listening to all that is presented in these manuscripts on my website on the page titled Mind.

All these manuscripts will culminate in The Great Awakening, and I give everything I can to assist the global collective in every aspect.

Now, I need something back and ask you to feel in your heart if you can assist me financially by simply making a donation and giving me something in return for all this work that I created and freely present on my website and all social media platforms, basically everywhere.

Because value for value is an exchange transition that needs to take place, so there is harmony in everything. I genuinely want to invite you all to respect this value exchange in a thoughtful manner. This way, I can have a life and continue doing what is my self-chosen role in life. Everyone can read, listen, and be aware of what is there for free and observe what is there for free. If valuable, make a donation by acknowledging what was valuable for them on their individual journey and act to respect this by making a donation to me by free will.

Be there for me so I can be there for everyone in playing my role in showing what is happening on a global scale.

Thanks, and see you all on the other side, the unconditional way of life. All the options to donate are here

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