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Do what you can’t, just because you can.

Updated: Jan 22

Become who you are in 6 months.

Reset yourself to source code.

Find the Love within you.

Cut out all the monkeys.

Throw yourself in self.

Go all in on yourself.

Train like a warrior.

Work like a robot.

Eat like a king.

Reject vices.







Be a Teacher.

Grow more into Creation.

Expand your simulation for fun.

Create a new reality and add an Original one.

Discover that your power is like the universe, always expanding.

Go out there in the universe and find civilizations that teach The Great Expanding skills.

Build new worlds that have more layers of abundance than ever before, just for the fun of it.

This is The Invitation for us as a collective, as always the choice is yours.

Let The Great Unfuck happen & Return to The Great Source Code, again.

Do what you can’t

So, I can copy this and use this, because I can.

Casey Neistat was one of my biggest inspirations when I was a content creator and many creators have been born out of this powerhouse creator and teacher. Thanks, Casey🫡

Note to all content creators:

Most content creators are stuck within a business model that mainly comes from advertising marketing and with this flowing of money and creation, they can’t be True Unconditional Original Creators, because the people that pay them, are only paying people that are in line with the mindset of the conditional field.

As a result of that, they are stuck to grow into a more conscious field of creation.

Tip for all content creators:

Create because you want to create, again and if people want to pay for your creation, awesome. If your sponsors give you money for your creation, perfect, but never ever let your Original Creation be hijacked, by the conditional mind, fuck them.

Let The Great Separation take place with your sponsors and only choose sponsors that are building The New World and let everything happen in an unconditional way.

All Advertising Marketing is Black Magic which is Manipulation, pure evil

Leave the field of advertising marketing completely, it’s a field of destruction and manipulation, it's the field of the conditional and delusional mindset.

The whole information field is corrupted by this field of manipulation and conditional mindset.

Creation can only happen in an unconditional mind.

Destruction can only happen in a conditional mind.

Be The Great Unconditional Creator, again.

Be The Storyteller of The Great New Paradigm, again.

Words that flow organically, are the building blocks of the new paradigm.

Thanks, to all Storytellers out there, for all your great work.


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