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Conditional Hunger Games Collapse

Updated: 6 days ago

Lost Dancing is the reality as a worldwide collective, we lost our unconditional way of life,

but we can find it back, because it's who we are.

This Conditional Hunger Games can stop, if we as a Worldwide collective stop it.

These conditional game makers are not creators, don’t be fooled by them again & again. They are creators of insanity and destruction, nothing more.

They can play their games by manipulation and money is their creation and with this creation and manipulation, they can build a new fuckery and a new hunger game of the conditional grid.

They can play these hunger games, till we stop paying taxes and stop paying for all the destruction with our subscriptions at any related government worldwide. Because they are terrorist organizations by design and are basically in full demolition control, all day long 24/7/365, till we withdraw ourselves from their lunatic condition games by simply ending our subscriptions and registrations in these conditional grids.

Yes, we can use all these conditional digital tools, but know, that all digital tools are conditional tools and they don’t support the unconditional ways of expressing ourselves and they delete or censor what they don’t like. They all don’t support individual choice, individual creation and the individual way of life in an unconditional way.

A new and unconditional grid is in perception form already here, but this Puvida Movement needs 'Pay Attention' to get into this physical reality and here you can Pay Attention.

The conditional game makers manifest by manipulation and here is the explanation about it.

Let's flip the ridded game, together as a worldwide collective, yes

The meaning of manifestation and the correlation with manipulation:

Manifestation is manipulation and basically anti-creation. It's a conditional way of creating, but it fools itself that it is a creation.

It’s basically destruction in epic form.

It takes and takes and with that, it foolishly promises something or everything, but everything is a misery and a Hunger Games Design in the form of a conditional game.

It doesn’t matter how big or small the fuckery is, it’s the same phenomenon all over the world. Meaning of words: Manipulation = manifestation = communication = community = community guidelines = communism = cult = self-denial = self-destruction = destruction in all that exists = as a collective of self-destructors of self and others in epic destruction mode in this End Time, all the time = pay attention = please = peace = full circle back = back to source code = pay it forward

Happy Mental Breakdown

Ment = Lying (in French)

Ment All Break-Down =

All Lies Break Down

How to solve this physical phenomenon? Simple, just check out this link and reset your mind. The Blockchain foolery of the Hunger Games Designers explained, just pay attention

How to stop it?

We as a worldwide collective play a role like the Gladiators in the Hunger Games of The Conditional Mindset and this is playing out, globally. Winners & Losers only play in the conditional game, they play a lunatic game.

The opposite mindset is loving and caring, but brutally honest:

The Unconditional mindset is always looking for a great win-win.

Everything is a choice.

We can choose from two options:

- The Conditional Mindset

- The Unconditional Mindset

Are You Not Entertained? | Gladiator (2000)

Hunger Games documentary about the worldwide events, Pay Attention

The End of All Evil


The Solution as a New Unconditional Grid: QFS ''Watch The Water'' All roads lead to Puvida

Insanity Appreciators | Cuba and the Cameraman | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix The insane collective is so insane, that they even enjoy being robbed and being destroyed. This Documentary shows you the story of Cuba and the great destroyer Fidel Castro and his team of The Hunger Game Designers. If you think this is only happening in Cuba, you are mistaken. This design is everywhere on Planet Earth, that we share as a worldwide collective of beings, it’s called the conditional insanity game and everyone is playing a role in the worldwide movie we call life.

Are you not entertained? But do we like this Gladiator game to play out any longer?

Maybe we like a new way of life and live this new way of life.

We can make a choice on an individual level, if we make a new choice in the now, and choose where we want to add value in and to.

The best Manuscript about paying attention to the process on, where you want to add value to is written down in this, easy to innerstand, piece of text. Just read it and ask yourself, where am I in this puzzle we call life?

Wealth Transfer 2.0

Let's start today in the present to give a present to ourselves and each other, yes. Playlist

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