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Updated: Feb 3

What life do we want to live?
A conditional way of life or an unconditional way of life?

An Apple is an Apple, right? And an Apple will always be an Apple, right?

If we only innerstand the words of the alphabet and try to find the deeper meaning of it all, everything would be way more fun.

A Cult is a Cult and a Cult will always result in a Community and a Community will always result in one way, form or shape into a form of Communism. All these ways of finding solutions for the big problems in life will always result in big epic forms of conditional behaviour. The mind will close itself and as a result, you end up in a state of losing contact with yourself and with that, you can’t be an original creator.

This always results in epic destruction of self and as a result, the destruction of creation.

This is why all Cults want to wear the same clothes, want to be the same and expect others to behave the same. So they can dance together, as one, in this conditional way of living and feel some form of happiness, but they always feel something is missing and basically, they fake their happiness. But fake it till you make it and you will never make it.

This balloon of happiness is so fake that they always try to protect their way of living. And the fakeness of this balloon of happiness is so fake, that you only have to pierce their balloon mind and they totally fall apart. To fall into something new. This Mental Breakdown can start a new mindset. The choice always lies with the individual, to make a new choice to create a new script of life, for life. Enjoy this new experience if it happens, it’s awesome.

The fall is awesome and unavoidable, to fall into something new.

Don't let yourself get in a hypnotic state, again by these community and Communities, yes. Communities create community guidelines, and guidelines are conditions. Conditional are boundaries, and boundaries are rules. Rules don't give you freedom and don't respect the individual state of mind. You will end up in a group state of mind, which is a hive mind and create a mindset so you can't have a mind of your own.

Fuck Culture Fuck Cults Fuck all these morons The Great Unfuck

Who is pulling the strings here?

Ghosts in the machine

Fuck them all, bunch of morons and also all the spiritual morons with their high energy fucking bull shit talk. Fuck it, never again is your new state of mind and the true state of mind, the original state of mind: My way or the fucking highway & Leave Me Alone:

Let me be The Great Original me & let me be The Great Original Entrepreneur and epic Creator. Leave me alone with your Monkey Mindset.

Out Of Shadows | Back in Reality

Reality is stranger than fiction

Government & Parliament The Government is a religion, a Cult.

Parliament is a religion, a Cult.

Both are a belief system of lies. Governments and Parliaments

Both of them are Death Cults, preaching Death.


A Cult creates a Culture and a Culture creates a group of people living the life of lies and the rules of life are written in Law and Community Guidelines. The Rules, Laws and Community Guidelines are their conditional way of thinking and by that, by living the conditional way of life.


Operating in a conditional way of life is a condition, a disease, a mind based on conditions. A mind based on conditions is a mind with boundaries, a locked mind, a mind holding all the potential that can’t believe outside the conditional ways of thinking. It's a mindset, locked and frozen by all the lies.


A Community is a Cult and a Cult creates a Culture and a Culture creates a form of Communism and Communism is living a life that is set by a Dictator and the Dictator dictates to the Community how to live their lives by dictates.

Ment in France: is lying

Parlement | Parle - Ment

France | English

Parle = Speak

Ment = Is lying

In French par Le ment, means: Speaking by lying

Government | Govern - Ment

Govern = To Over Role

Ment = Is lying

Government means: Govern The Lie.

To be the Solution or not to be the Solution, that's the question. The choice is yours:

The Great Collectivetarian for The Great Unconditional Grid.

If we really know who we are as a collective and on an individual level, we only operate on an individual level and our mind is operating in an unconditional way.

Only then do we become the missing piece in the grand puzzle of life and also a big assistant for the collective in general, because we will return to a creator. All creators always create something to share, something to enjoy for the collective and something to experience. Because these creations are an expression of the unconditional mind, the creation is always enjoyable for everyone.

This is the real happiness and the real BBB of the greatest experience here in this physical reality that we all share, as the great collective of beings. The Build Back Better of The Great Unconditional Grid in all that exists, again.

Together we make The Great Apple Whole, again. 🍏 The meaning of manifestation and the correlation with manipulation:

Meaning Manifestation | Google & Online Etymology

Manifestation is manipulation and basically anti-creation. It's a conditional way of creating, but it fools itself that it is a creation. It's basically Black Magic

It’s basically destruction in epic form.

It takes and takes and with that, it foolishly promises something or everything, but everything is a misery and a Hunger Games Design in the form of a conditional game.

It doesn’t matter how big or small the fuckery is, it’s the same phenomenon all over the world.

Manipulation = manifestation = communication = community = community guidelines = communism = cult = Culture = self-denial = self-destruction = destruction in all that exists = as a collective of self-destructors of self and others in epic destruction mode in this end time, all the time = pay attention.

Our collective way back to self:

pay attention = please = peace = full circle back = back to source code = pay it forward

Happy Mental Breakdown

Ment = Lying (in French)

Ment All Break-Down =

All Lies Break Down

All roads lead to Puvida and the great mind's potential options

Communicate and the correlation with communism

If you communicate, you talk the same language with the sole purpose of repeating the storyline you have in common, you basically have the same idea.

Movement or Community and Culture, again, so Cult, again?

A movement connects, tries to assist and is always in the giving mode. In this connection, there is an energy transition in the form of inspiration, which we call Let’s Go Gatsby and the potential unlocker is per definition going on. It’s an awesome phenomenon to experience, I can tell you from my own point of view and the opposite is an awful experience I can tell you from my own point of view. But the conditional mind setters have flipped this game of inspiration so much, that they will see your inspiration as a manipulation and the art is to flip it back to them and say it as it is: you are in the great conditional delusional monkey mind, your head is up in your ass and you have no clue where you are talking about.

Flip the game and make it exhausting for them to continue Try to make it exhausting for them to continue their delusion, move up the ladder of trying to connect with their true self and try to get in their head and when you are in, start a full-time war with the monkeys inside their nonsense and illogical thinking. Flip it all around, in epic layers of flipping, just for the fun of it and try to enjoy it, but don't hold back, it's the all-in-game, give everything you got. And you will see that they have no change. It's an act of violence to Censor, Block or Erase. That's why they will block or censor you, but just try to reveal that and never give up, never lose focus on this breakdown of the great delusional monkey mindset. Meaning Censor, just read this.

If we all together, as the knowers, start with this process of revealing the great monkey mindset everywhere around us and start a full-time war with them, in a sense that you show them their bull shit and flip it back to them, we can break this delusion in a heartbeat and they have no change.

The Envelope, no one will be left behind in this Worldwide Great Awakening. Nothing can stop what's coming.

This is the envelope process that the Q Team presented at the Bush Senior funeral. They showed them and said: ‘’We Have It All’’. This process is called the House of Cards and if you know how this works you see that everything is in plain sight, always was and always will be. The only question is: what is there, what Cards are there? When you observe everything in the great now, you see what is what and you can flip it all in the great original form, where it belongs.

That’s basically why the Q Team and many truthers say: Nothing can stop what’s coming. This is reality as it is, but without the mind control and in full knowledge about what is what, again.

Good luck and enjoy the breakdown of the great monkey mind-setters out there. Make them exhausted and try to break as many at once as you can.

Connect and unlock the potential in them, Show them how awesome they are and that they are not the fake Monkey mind.

Now you see me | Trailer

Look closely, focus and connect the dots. Expose them and The Great Fall of The Great Delusional Monkey Mind, so The Conditional Rigged Hunger Games will happen all over the globe. The Manuscript for this phenomenon is Wealth Transfer 2.0

Quantum-Language-Parse-Syntax-Grammar (QLPSG)

These Manuscript are a detailed catalogue of everything related to the words we use, or misuse in my view because most of the collective are not aware of what words actually mean and they are also not aware of what they do if they use the words and use them as a guide, and more importantly, create guidelines like the government. So basically they create the same conditional game as where they tried to get out of in the first place.

How to break with this lunatic way of not knowing and how to create something you really want?

In my view, it starts with making sense and it stops with using words that break down the potential, which as a result creates the same mess over and over and again and again.

So we as an aware collective can show IN DETAIL to the unaware collective, how they can use words and create movements, like the natural phenomenon.

The way to speak in detailed information is by knowing and offering everything in QLPSG.

So the Monkey Mind setters have no chance to break it down again.

Game over, Total Recall of Reality and Mainstream, again. We make The Great Apple Whole, again.

Fully Remembering who we really are: Creators and one Family. We are one.
We got this.

What is quantum language?

Quantum-Language-Parse-Syntax-Grammar (QLPSG) is a method of Connecting the dots. It is based on the principles of quantum mechanics, which means that the language is based on facts and cannot be misinterpreted. It is designed to eliminate the ambiguities of language and clarify the meaning of words.

Tools for this are:

Use it and break with the Babylonian speak misinterpretation this way, so we speak the same language together again.

And even more important: create again, because we solved the puzzle and know what is what and with that, have knowledge and share this knowledge to assist the great collective of not-knowers because they have no clue what they are talking about. If you solved the Puzzle, here is the song

Or does The Worldwide Collective of The Great Creators have a better option in mind? And if so, where is it?

Show it to me, if you got one, yes.

This is mine, all for The Great Worldwide Collective and the only question is, when are YOU | ME | US going to take it? And start playing The Great Let's Go Gatsby inspiration Game of Life, again? The End Justifies The Means:


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