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Updated: Nov 25

Cold — Play

Coldplay by Chris Martin on Spotify & YouTube is presenting Manuscripts with all these songs his band is playing worldwide.

These Manuscripts tell a story about our potential as a Worldwide collective of creators.

Coldplay — Magic is showing how the game of life is playing out on a global scale.

So we can stop this Lunatic Gladiator Hunger Games we all played and are still playing as a worldwide collective.

Where we go one we go all

Nothing can stop what's coming

Military is the only way

We can’t go back and we won’t

The end will not be for everyone

All Must Be Seen The Truth Must Be Known

Search Yourself And See What Is True

Your Friends From The Other Side

The Storm is upon us

The choice is yours

Behind the curtain of reality, we can be aware of what the conditioned mind is doing and flip this violence into something constructive. Coldplay, in the song Magic already show us an example in Plain Sight. Coldplay — Politik is telling how The End Game of The Hunger Games of politics is played. The End of All Evil

Coldplay — Politik

Coldplay ⭕️ | Fly on️ | Fly on, is telling how we can trust our intuition so we as a collective can dance together, as one again Like a Flog of Birds 🕊️, but on an individual level and on an unconditional level.

Coldplay ⭕️ | Fly on️ | Fly on

Coldplay — A Sky Full Of Stars we are like stars, and The Cosmos is visible in our eyes. And when we Reset ourselves back to the great source code, again, we give everything we have and become a vessel for the most epic Unconditional Love story in the Universe, because we innerstand who we really are and assist the collective in this beautiful End Game: The Great Awakening we are in right now as a worldwide collective.

Coldplay — A Sky Full Of Stars

Coldplay X Selena Gomez — Let Somebody Go, tells a story about the end & that ‘’the end will not be for everyone’’. But if we innerstand that all Death is, in reality, a transition, we can avoid trauma, because we innerstand that all Death is, in reality, all self-chosen and we can prepare for this Separation that is playing out and will play out more and more in the coming days, weeks and years ahead and that this separation game is necessary for the transition we are in, as a worldwide collective, so we can start a New Fresh Game of Life, The Unconditional Game here in the physical reality we all share as a Worldwide Collective of Gods and Goddess and The Great Creators.

Coldplay X Selena Gomez — Let Somebody Go We can’t go back & we won’t.

The choice is yours.

The Greatest Reclaiming of Abundance Together we will reclaim the stream of wealth in an epic form, so we can build The Great New World in an epic form, again.

End Time & New Start: Are You Ready?

Coldplay — People Of The Pride

End Time | Coldplay — Coloratura | New Paradigm

Let There Be Peace Play List
The only choice we as a collective have to make is giving up our conditional mindset, and all our conditional contracts, that’s it.

Let’s break this thing down, this terrorist organisation called: Crazy Lunatic Governments.

It’s Time, we got this and we can do this together, yes.

Max Cooper - Small Window On The Cosmos &

Max Richter - Richter: On The Nature Of Daylight Arriving ⭕️

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