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Code 56, all News Illusions

Updated: Sep 17

An explanation of The Great Gematria:

Gematria is The Most Epic Decode Tool you can use for the great epic Decoding of reality. You can use it for words, names, links from The World Wide Web or whatever you want to decode. An awesome code is: News Illusions, The Great Revealing Code 56

Michael Jackson made the song ABC, about this Gematria tool

The beauty about the Gematria tool is that you can find similarities in words with the same value and with these similarities you know that reality is simpler than you can imagine, you just get to know what is what, and we are in The Great What is What Show in the first place, so just use this Awesome Tool Gematria for everything, whatever you want to decode, but start with decoding yourself with your full name.

It’s all in The Name

Because we as creators can choose what we do, are and where we focus on. We have basically two options: Line up with The Conditional Mindset, and you will get a lunatic illogical life or line up with The Unconditional Mindset and you will find logic and yourself, again and you Remember who you really are. The options in both choices you can make are captured in your code in Gematria and your name is your code, whether you believe it or not. Death is an illusion, it is by definition a transition. Basically, you leave your vessel and go back to source and can make a new choice of experiencing a new form of reality. The choices are infinite.

Have you found out yet what 56 stands for? Try it out for yourself.

News Illusions = 56 in Gematria Calculator | Full Reduction

Just know one thing, this is all mathematically impossible, it can't be all just a coincidence, right Here is the list of the Code 56 & Gematria Calculator | Full Reduction:

News Illusions 56

Get Booster Now 56

Toilet Paper 56

Coronavirus 56

COVID Outbreak 56

Virus Outbreak 56

Rebranded Flu 56

Planned Virus 56

RFID Chips 56

Anthony Fauci 56

6 Foot Distance 56

Put On Your Mask 56

Mask Propaganda 56

Fear Controls 56

Global Lockdown 56

Anto-Freedom 56

Bill Gates Agenda 56

Bubonic Plague 56

Black Lives Matter 56

Let’s Go Brandon 56

Sexual Harassment 56

Kidnapping 56

Fake Reality TV 56

Staged Reality 56

Breaking News 56

Manipulation 56

Mind Control 56

Programmed 56

Right vs Left 56

Washington, DC 56

US Government 56

Faked Election 56

Unemployment 56

Minimum Wage 56

Nine to Five 56

Staff Shortages 56

Money Collapse 56

Cashless Society 56

Climate Change 56

Fuel Shortage 56

Natural Disaster 56

National Guard 56

Nine one one 56

911 Hijacking 56

2001 Terrorists 56

2001 Islamic Taliban 56

2001 George Bush 56

Boeing Planes 56

Serial Bomber 56

The Islamic State 56

Adolf Hitler 56

Royal Family 56

Rockefeller 56

Walter Disney 56

The Economist 56

Gematria Code 56

Computer Game 56

Letters Numbers 56

Singularity 56

All Seeing Eye 56

Playing God 56

The Exorcist 56

Eye of Horus 56

Tree of Life 56

Manifestation 56

King James Bible 56

Ten Commandments 56

Church of Satan 56

Return of Jesus 56

Society of Jesus 56

Masonic Ritual 56

Fake History 56

Climate Change 56

Golden Gate 911 56

Climate Agenda 2022 56

Event Two-0-One 56

Let's Go Gatsby together as the Worldwide Collective of knowers and let's paint the conditional digital grid with the Solution and share it on our Social Media as an inspiration for everyone, yes. Nothing can stop what's coming

Let's paint the conditional digital grid and use our personal Social Media, with the epic truth, so the fall of the conditional mindset, will all result in an Epic Collective Mental Breakdown of the great Monkey Mind

The Q Movement is The Great 17 letter in the alphabet. Q is the first letter of Question and if you research everything you take great responsibility for your own life, again. Q always asks Questions and the QAnon Movement is doing its best to solve these Questions.

The digital soldiers of The Great QAnon Movement researched everything to solve these questions and by reclaiming the mainstream, again, we saw the ugly reality that was hidden for a long time. This is still going on ‘’as we speak’’.

Out of this Movement, the citizen journalism Movement was born. They don’t have an agenda other than laying down the truth.

The Great Reclaim movement of the mainstream resulted in The Epic Awakening Movement and billions are aware of what is reality, but there are endless waves of growth and when the Trump team stepped aside in 2020 (they didn’t by the way), it was our job to research ourselves and discover who we really are, so we can step into this new paradigm together as a collective.

So the invitation here is to make a choice, as a collective. The Media is always telling a script of the scripted reality and because most people are programmed by the system into a mindset of conditions and with their completely delusional mindset, they can't see the bigger picture. Full story about Trump and the epic Q Team Here are some numbers about The Great Awakening phenomenon that is happening worldwide:

It's all a Joke 666

Play - List Matrix explained on YouTube For The Great Collective Unfuck

Remember Movement 369

All these things are happening or will happen, soon:

Where we go one we go all

Nothing can stop what's coming

Military is the only way

We can’t go back and we won’t

The end will not be for everyone

All Must Be Seen The Truth Must Be Known

Search Yourself And See What Is True

Your Friends From The Other Side

The Storm is upon us

The choice is yours For more info, check Trump and the Q Team manuscript and then go to Wealth Transfer 2.0 and start preparing yourself and your family

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