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Black Magic vs White Magic, the choice is yours

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Understand or innerstand? I’m done with the under-game. You are either in or out, but "under" is a done thing for me. If we want to get out of this worldwide madness, I hope everyone innerstands that inner is the only way to go. "Under" is the spell, "under" is a slave, living the script from The Matrix and is a conditional way of life from The Hunger Games Designers with the lunatic Conditional Games of nonsense and complete destruction.

Back to Black and White, what the fuck is the difference? The Masterplan, designed by others as a script of the destruction of all that exists, is written by delusional morons who are completely disconnected from source and heavily involved in the dark game of black magic, deception and manipulation.

Black Magic vs White Magic full disclosure in this Manuscript

Black Magic

Black Magic is manipulation and manifests destruction by extracting value from something or someone. It deceives both itself and others into believing that it creates, but in reality, it only disintegrates without any regard for the creation or innerstanding of what creation truly entails.

White Magic

White Magic is centered around creation. Through inspiration and invitation, it recognizes potential, utilizing the Call to Action and the ability of energy exchange in a respectful manner. It engages with the elements to introduce something new and generate that which does not yet exist.

Black and White Magic may appear similar at a glance, but they stand as opposites to each other.

This distinction is discernible only to individuals who are aware, as they can recognize these two phenomena within the physical reality we collectively inhabit as beings and creators.

As we have the capacity to be and to choose to create, the decision rests with the individual.

Spell | Spelling | Spells

However, the question remains: under what spell are you? What does spelling truly mean? What constitutes a spell? And is a spell a form of hypnosis? If so, who orchestrates this hypnosis? Both the Black and White ways of presenting information induce a form of hypnosis. The crucial inquiry is: which hypnosis do I wish to be under?


Furthermore, when we employ words to create a hologram, what does this hologram look like? Is it conceivable to alter our words and, in doing so, modify the hologram, consequently transforming the reality we collectively inhabit and share on a global scale? Potential | Bloom | Creation | Life | Flow

Meaning Potential

‘’Having or showing the capacity to develop into something in the future’’

What is the full meaning of potential?

Existing in possibility

: existing in possibility : capable of development into actuality. potential benefits. 2. : expressing possibility. specifically : of, relating to, or constituting a verb phrase expressing possibility, liberty, or power by the use of an auxiliary with the infinitive of the verb (as in "it may rain")

Potential (adj.) in Etymonline

late 14c., "possible" (as opposed to actual), "capable of being or becoming," from Old French potenciel and directly from Medieval Latin potentialis "potential," from Latin potentia "power, might, force;" figuratively "political power, authority, influence," from potens "powerful," from potis "powerful, able, capable; possible;" of persons, "better, preferable; chief, principal; strongest, foremost," from PIE root *poti- "powerful; lord."

The noun, meaning "that which is possible, anything that may be" is attested by 1817 (Coleridge), from the adjective. Middle English had potencies (plural) "a caustic medicine" (early 15c.).

These words all have the same value and are similar with the same intention:



The Archons


Lets Roll










Gematria Codes


Decode Titanic

Hold The Line


You are a God


Next Phase

Scare Event


Your Name

The Last Dance


I am The Light

Eternal Flame

Hakuna Matata

Olive Garden









Angel Number

Beloved of God

Pure Heart


Were Coming

It’s true



The God of Life







Meaning I Am God #Gematria

What is an Hologram


Victimhood is a choice Everything in life starts with these two elements: trust and allowing, the only question everyone should ask themselves, is: what is deception and what is reality? Here comes the kicker: Trust and Allowing are the same thing. There are no victims, this whole fucking mindfuck was a choice and we can only choose a different reality if we step out of this lunatic conditional way of life and know we allow this nonsense, we allow these Mindfucks on ourselves and still, everyone is choosing the system, too scared to step out of it. Everyone in the system is a coward, a Judas and accomplice to terrorism, it's a fucking fact.

The Matrix is a holographic construct that is built on control & slavery projecting illusions of freedom to hijack organic consciousness inducing mass states of hypnosis that can be categorized as Collective Stockholm Syndrome.

It creates false implantations of the Self that engage the reptilian brain, which seeks dominance ensuring an entire civilization dependent on false authority and false security. It doesn’t represent the authentic state of the collective consciousness that is sovereign and whole. It is the very reason for poverty, chronic & mental illness, war, division, child trafficking, and ALL of the suffering in this world. It’s not a sustainable system by any stretch of the imagination. It’s a self-destructing system that aims to disconnect the soul from the collective no matter how much false positivity and false spirituality it bombards you with. It’s a swindle on the grandest scale. It will NEVER allow any of its inhabitants to live freely, only in hyperbole fashion. But what does it want? Simple, Your Eternal Divinity. Your God-given birthright for abundance and prosperity. We are powerful creators and we’ve been duped into directing our creative power to serve the Matrix as our master rather than our Supreme Creator. The conditional matrix grid requires a rigid linear 3D timeline for its enslavement system, which like anything that limits true growth inevitably comes to an end. Many have accepted their ascension (natural evolution of the soul) embodying the sacred principles for conscious living in harmony with nature and all forms of life as an embodiment of New Earth. Many are still trapped in the hivemind where their consciousness has been hijacked by the matrix and they are waiting for the false authorities to direct them further into misery and death because they’ve lost their free will. We are watching The Matrix Movie Resurrection End in real-time. (Movies are more real than any news.) Although it can seemingly take years for its completion, but it all can start today, if we choose so. As the matrix conditional grid continues to collapse (at accelerated speed now) divisions of it are being phased out while higher dimensions are being anchored in. The controllers (Agent Smith’s | Monkey delusional conditional mindset) that serve the Matrix are ramping things up to once again hijack consciousness and deliver it to Artificial Intelligence because that is their true master god. This piece of art is WRITTEN BY Melissa LaReyna Full disclosure in this Manuscript The Destruction of The Great Conditional Matrix Grid

Guardians of self & Individual Right
Having the right, using the right, and deploying the right to correct what is wrong


Having the right, using the right, and deploying the right to correct what is wrong:

Individual Right

This is how we should approach it, and this right is ours, and will continue be ours, and we determine this right to ourself. We do not let someone else determine our individual right, especially not by a conditional system that claims to be about rights or thinks it is a legal system, which it is not, and in fact, it does not even respect this individual right.

Use it

Having, using, and executing rights is everyone's right, and individual rights are the greatest good. Once we start determining and implementing individual rights again on our own individual course, which can no longer be determined by others, we reform the right back into individual rights rather than constitutional law or whatever insane rights one thinks they can invoke.

We Are The Guardians of Self

We can choose and live this individual right throughout our entire life and translate it into action, with great respect for the individual right of others, especially the freedoms and responsibilities that come with it.

In short, having rights, innerstanding rights, and executing rights are always, by definition, individual rights. This individual right is what should matters to us, that's where the key is, and that's where the appreciation and value transition lie.

"The End of Nations, Powers, and all Political Systems" Will all result in:

We are one and we are Family, separated though, but never the less one.

Innerstand rather than Understand

This innerstanding of individual rights, life, and the expression of this right is not innerstood by many.

It has even been abused and paradoxically introduced and interpreted into the lifestyles and practices of many through false pretenses and insane images.

The understanding Community of nonsense

These lies have had significant consequences for the individual and the collective, as well as in this physical reality. This has affected us and still does, as all conditional mind-setters collectively act this way, which has far-reaching consequences for us individually and collectively.

We encounter this daily in this physical reality, which we all use and share if we really pay attention to everything and everyone.

It stops when we trust ourselves and allow ourselves to be our true selves, again

This will only stop when we start claiming and using our rights again and express what we think and observe, and then act based on this individual right.

Guardians similarities in Gematria Maya The Creator Look Right Here Scripts Google Search Engine Urgent Gods Language Turbo Coordinates Read Script Document Please don’t go

Beginning Complete


Light Light Light

Human Beings

Cleared For Takeoff




Third Eye

Click This





Divine Gene

New Earth



The Unconditional way of life and you will own everything and will Be Happy

A Better Place




Value Expression



Value Increase

Value Transition

Value Transport

Value Recognition

Value Inventory


The conditional way of life and you will own nothing and will be unhappy When we don’t trust ourselves:


Bailiff Value Misrecognition

Meaning of conditions:

Conditions = rules = laws = system = control of value = allowing yourself to be placed under conditions by others who then have control over you and can determine your value. In short, you are a slave if you choose a conditional system, whether you realize it or not, it is a fact and a given. Considering yourself worthless to determine this yourself is a denial of yourself.


Guardians of self Truth


Unconditional way of life

Unconditional = Freedom

What is Sovereignty? Individual self-determination is the only form of sovereignty; there is no such thing as constitutional sovereignty. It is always individual self-determination by definition, and anyone who claims otherwise distorts the truth.

The choice of value lies with the one who determines the value, but who determines the value?

Everything is energy, and energy can be measured in value. The expression of value provides specific data that can be expressed in numbers.

Words transformed into numbers Words have a certain value, and words consist of letters. These letters can be expressed in numbers in Gematria, making it easier to appreciate the value of words in terms of numbers, and this, in turn, expresses the value.

Ultimately, everything can be reduced to numbers, allowing the value to be determined and seen. ‘’Everything is a Numbers Game’’

The Naked Truth

Who is pulling the strings here?

Mon - Key
My - Key

Government & Parliament

The Government is a religion, a Cult.

Parliament is a religion, a Cult.

Both are a belief system of lies.

Governments and Parliaments

Both of them are Death Cults, preaching Death.


A Cult creates a Culture and a Culture creates a group of people living the life of lies and the rules of life are written in Laws and Community Guidelines. The Rules, Laws and Community Guidelines are their conditional way of thinking and by that, living the conditional way of life.


Operating in a conditional way of life is a condition, a disease, a mind based on conditions. A mind based on conditions is a mind with boundaries, a locked mind, a mind holding all the potential that can’t believe outside the conditional ways of thinking. It's a mindset, locked and frozen by all the lies.


A Community is a Cult and a Cult creates a Culture and a Culture creates a form of Communism and Communism is living a life that is set by a Dictator and the Dictator dictates to the Community how to live their lives by dictates.

Ment in French means: Lying

Parlement | Parle - Ment

France | English

Parle = Speak

Ment = Lying

In French parle ment, means: Speaking by lying

Government | Govern - Ment

Govern = To Over Rule

Ment = Lying

Government means: Govern The Lie

Full Disclosure Manuscript of the Conditional Nonsense | Pay Attention Be the Guardians of your own life and live your life and say: I did it My Way

One immensely important thing to remember before you even start to read anything here. Everything in life starts with these two elements: trust and allowing, the only question everyone should ask themselves, is: what is deception and what is reality? Here comes the kicker: Trust and Allowing are the same thing. Enjoy the reading and journey here of ''what is what'' what is presented here in this manuscript

The Covid-Plan / Rockefeller Lockstep 2010, is a roadmap to hell and a clear way out if we as a global collective choose so and trust it and allow it to be.

If we are willing to change we can skip The Hunger Games nonsense and see, again.

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