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BBB Blockchain

Updated: Nov 27

Blockchain: The Blackhole of The Hunger Game Designers

The Conditional Grid of Blockchain of The Hunger Game Designers

Blockchain is Block the Chain, again. The old guard from the old financial world, created a new Build Back Better from The Conditional Grid, again.

It’s basically the old in a new fashion, with the same Babylonian separation that needs to be connected in the first place.

The Rigged Game

The Whole Rigged Hunger Games is a criminal gang with suits, playing the game of manipulating, Black Magic and destroying and disrupting the whole fabric of existence itself. They are the sickest bastards in the whole world and can get away with it by the whole sick matrix system.

The Madmen Agustín Carstens who has eaten all the worldwide wealth

Who is the owner of the BIS?

About BIS - overview worldwide central banks

Established in 1930, the BIS is owned by 63 central banks, representing countries from around the world that together account for about 95% of world GDP.

Their mission

Our mission is to support central banks' pursuit of monetary and financial stability through international cooperation, and to act as a bank for central banks.

The technology that this madmen is talking about is Blockchain, crazy crypto.

Project Icebreaker concludes experiment for a new architecture for cross-border retail CBDCs

Built by the Hunger Game Designers of the PayPal Mafia. They are responsible for the whole digital conditional grid and playing a disruptive game from day one of the www

PayPal Mafia

We are basically at a Crossroads, again and a few of the collective innerstand what's happening in plain sight. Know that X and all other digital tools we use, are all conditional tools and not identity-based. You are nothing more than an Email or Telephone number for them. And if they don't like it, they Censor it and you are bye bye in these lunatic crazy tech worlds.

There is only one new financial system, in perception form and that’s The Great QFS and it’s the same principle as water, soil and air. And an unconditional infrastructure. 🍏

That’s the real Build Back Better, and it’s the Unconditional Grid, again.

That’s why YOU | ME | US, as a worldwide collective, should “Watch The Water

But more impotently innerstand the infrastructure, water, soil and air, so everyone knows how nature works. And how seeds grow within these natural organic unconditional infrastructures, and then everything starts to make sense, again.🌱

How to Crash Everything at One's is a design of the Hunger Games Designers who have lost contact with reality and know nothing anymore. They are basically completely in La La Land.

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