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Ambassy | Maestranza Fund

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Purpose Ambassy | Maestranza Fund The purpose of this digital infrastructure is firstly to make this possible and secondly to serve as an example for the global collective, so they can experience how to create their own structure, outside of the system and the conditions of ‘’The Hunger Games Designers and controllers’’, as a solution to a collective problem. We do this by simply stepping out of the problem and no longer cooperating with the conditional control system and also by enforcing that this should be respected by the system, without letting their laws or "rules factory nonsense’’ hinder us. Because so far they are standing in the way of any kind of solution and in fact, all global governments are sabotaging this solution so far. Every possible way is being sabotaged or made impossible through legislation and that is also why we place ourselves outside this lunatic insane behaviour and provide the solution. We provide an infrastructure in digital and physical form, so everyone who uses this Maestranza Fund in any way, will be protected by our collective effort in the sense that we place ourselves outside the conditional way of life and feel free to express ourselves in any way we like or prefer and feel the freedom to act in this self-chosen role, on an individual level and collective level as the Maestranza Fund Movement. An attack on one is an attack on all The principle of collective defence is at the very heart of Maestranza Fund's founding principles. It remains a unique and enduring principle that binds its members together, committing them to protect each other and setting a spirit of solidarity within the Maestranza Fund Movement, and in this physical reality, we all share as a worldwide collective. Nato | The Conditional way and claim Collective Defence and Article 5 This is how they did it, and if we reclaim this and Flip it and use it in our own advance, we can solve this on a Global scale altogether. The Big Reclaim of Immunity as an Individual and as a Collective | Total Recall of Everything, again | Reclaiming the Mainstream of Everything, again The principles of the Maestranza Fund and we are one, as separated individuals, but operating as one, again. YOU | ME | US

Why? Because of these facts: Government & Parliament

The Government is a religion, a Cult.

Parliament is a religion, a Cult.

Both are a belief system of lies.

Both of them are Death Cults, preaching Death and destruction of all that exists in this physical reality.

Meaning Democide (ˈdɛməʊˌsaɪd ) noun. the killing of members of a country's civilian population as a result of its government's policy, including by direct action, indifference, and neglect.


A Cult creates a Culture and a Culture creates a group of people living the life of lies and the rules of life are written in Laws and Community Guidelines. The Rules, Laws and Community Guidelines are their conditional way of thinking and by that, living the conditional way of life.


Operating in a conditional way of life is a condition, a disease, a mind based on conditions. A mind based on conditions is a mind with boundaries, a locked mind, a mind holding all the potential that can’t believe outside the conditional ways of thinking. It's a mindset, locked and frozen by all the lies.


A Community is a Cult and a Cult creates a Culture and a Culture creates a form of Communism and Communism is living a life that is set by a Dictator and the Dictator dictates to the Community how to live their lives by dictates.

Ment in French means: lying

Parlement | Parle - Ment

France | English

Parle = Speak

Ment = Lying

In French parle ment, means: Speaking by lying

Government | Govern - Ment

Govern = To Over Rule

Ment = Lying

Government means: Govern The Lie So it’s way more fun to offer the solution than to stay in the problem or try to work with these lunatics, in our humble opinion as knowers of the global problems. Paradigm changes by living by example and practising the art of doing something

Disabling and revealing terrorist organizations

In short, the terrorist side of the government and the linked organizations have no way to stop this, nor to infiltrate, since this is immediately seen as an act of terrorism and we will make this known within our own digital infrastructure, with the name and surname of those responsible for this act of terrorism, regardless of which organization, personality, absurd laws or regulations they think they can draw on.


Within our infrastructure, we will set up a separate area, that we call revelations, in which we reveal the outside attacks on our Movement of the Maestranza Fund, and make known and disclose those responsible for what they have done and when they did it. We will issue an ultimatum to reverse this to stop the attack, disclose the possible damage and demand that they compensate for it of their own accord.

Total Recall

In short, with this self-managed and self-created digital infrastructure, we are reclaiming the mainstream again and we place it in the only right direction, which is towards the solution. We allow the potential and the possibilities and thereby also serve and enable the momentum, for the individual and the global collective. More information about the Movement | Maestranza Fund:



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