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Sjoerd Alblas


PuVida Masterplan

From my birth till today I make my own decisions, so for more than 44 years I've been an entrepreneur and had almost the same number of different companies, because why not, anything is possible. My whole life I feel like an outsider and during my life, a lot of people repeated that I was riding the wrong way against the current. But for me the other way was against my own current so I kept going my way, because it felt natural to me.


In 2006 I wrote my first book ''End of Powers, Countries, and Political Systems" It turned out that this book was for my own process, but this new fresh mindset has never left me. Because all the nonsense in the world was already solved in my mind with this new fresh idea.

In 2015 we moved to Belize to start a new village on a property from 750 hectares. I wanted to start all over and Belize is still a country where everything is possible and my mindset is: I have to think anyway, so why don't think BIG. The plan was to start a village where everyone holds at least 1 hectare of land, grow their own food, and plant more than 300 hundred verities of plants, so we would have biodiversity like wildfire. After one year we left this beautiful project because I lost my trust in the project and Belize is one big banana republic. Nevertheless, this dream never left me and is still fresh in my mind, because going forward is doing what works.

With my soul under my arm for many years, I almost gave up on life, till I made the decision to go all-in on only the things I like. So at the end of 2018, I started this PUVIDA Movement and this whole movement, a new digital reality, grew and grew and everything felt so natural to me, like I was born for this shit. And then this fake pandemic hit us and from day one I was full-throttle all-in to getting to know all the players in this total lunatic game and the more I saw the design of this game, the more my faith grew in us as humanity and everything came together for me: my first book, my village idea, and this PUVIDA Movement. And now I know the time is here for the LEGENDS.

There is a new paradigm here and I am born ready, I'm made for this New Game.

Matrix going down totally worldwide and the time is here already for The Golden Age.

It's all just a matter of perception.

My role:

I see myself as an architect of the new digital world. Not that I'm a coder or by any means a builder, in reality, I'm a perception builder that lays down a concept and let it happen organically. For me, it's a process of trusting and letting go of the control of how this will evolve but knowing it will and having peace with that. In my view, this is a new way of leadership, that holds the potential and keeps it there, so it can happen. 

Every Product within the PUVIDA GROUP will have its own CEO, if you want to help build the new digital world, now is the time.  

For all the coders out there watching this crazy website, I know it's horrible but that's why you are here because I'm not a coder, I'm a silent runner in the new paradigm that inspires you to build this New Digital Reality.


Come coders come,

Leave the old lunatic tech world full of AI zombies.


What was 2020??


2020 has shown us a lot and when we started this new PUVIDA Movement back in late 2018, we didn't know what we know now, but more than ever we feel the desire to create a new digital world for humanity, where we can meet and where we are free to create the things we believe in.

PUVIDA is a place where we build a new digital world and we need your help, we need investments to make this dream a reality. We believe we need investments unconditionally so we can move in the direction we want and are free to go in this direction. Also, we want to be free, because we believe in unconditional love and this needs to be the fundamental start for PUVIDA, so we are free to move in the best direction for the whole PUVIDA Movement.

If you feel what we have envisioned with this PUVIDA Movement, please help spread the word and invest in us, so we can build a new digital world that helps us as humans in a new fresh direction full of love, abundance, and freedom.

Your investment will be a prepayment on your subscription, this way you help build the new world. It can also be only an investment because you believe in this movement.

Thank you and we hope to see you soon in reality or online in the new digital world.

You can make your prepayment or investment (anything is possible) at:


IBAN: NL07 BUNQ 2041 6020 07


Also sent us an email, with your name and a copy of your payment so we can add your prepayment to your account later on or pay back your investment.


Note: No, you don't get a contract or a notification, you have trust in this or go to the old, with all the contracts. How's that working out for humanity? Let your intuition make the contract for you if you need one.

And for the big VC guys out there reading this, you all fucked up BIG time in the whole BIG fake zombie tech industry, now is the time to invest in the new. The only contract that I will sign is that you give this movement all the money it needs, unconditional because you want to help build a new reality. No one can sit on the board and hijack this movement, you all can advise as a true leader, not a dictator.

You all should change your mindset in prosperity-driven and leave the mindset of money-driven because this is all cabal mindset of scarcity and created this total insanity world.


Let's fire up the entrepreneurial spirit in everyone

Discover the world

Embrace the new

Get inspired

Life is about growing and changing but most of all

Having Fun

The New Digital Reality will help us discover what we already have and bit by bit we will leave the digital world to refind our own inner world.

– Sjoerd Alblas Founder of PUVIDA