Every once in a while a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything

Today we're introducing three new products,
PuVida Go, Life and Library

A completely new way of how we use the internet

Why do we need a revolutionary new internet?

The problem with the internet today is with these platforms
- Google
- YouTube
- Facebook
- Instagram

- Airbnb | The Priceline Group | Expedia

They running a business model based on advertisement and commissions

They all have a noisy and fragmented way of presenting the information and they sell our personal data

These are our three new revolutionary products:
- PuVida Go | Find everything without any form of advertisement.
- PuVida Life | a brand and personal identity bank.

- PuVida library | In-depth info about any product

All together in one awesome platform PuVida
And our business model, low-cost subscription


Join us in the revolution of the internet